The Research Rally is a one-day event concept we take around the world. The latest few editions took us to New Orleans, London and Paris - next stop Amsterdam! Get on the train to join us!

This one-day event pairs the skills of data, research and insights professionals with local start-ups who are looking to improve their business models, products or services.

The purpose?
Solving a business problem of a local start-up using data, research and insights while getting to know lean and agile methodologies and making connection to the next generation of research clients. It’s a win-win model!

What is the Research Rally?

A one day initiative during which start-ups and insights professionals form teams, work on a start-up challenge and compete against each other when presenting their findings and recommendations during a 3 minutes pitch to the expert jury at the end of the day!

Winner is the team that develops the most viable business solution and recommendation helping the start-up on their way to success

Showcase your expertise and build a network with potential future clients at ESOMAR’s Research Rally! Join us in Amsterdam!

How does it work?

Start-ups turn up with just their relevant business data; ready to share with their dedicated onsite team of data, research and insights professionals! Our partners provide a research tool or relevant data sets for onsite use to gather, analyse and interpret consumer feedback on the spot!

What’s in it for researchers?

You learn the methodologies start-ups are applying, think lean. You gain access to the rapidly growing start-up economy. You learn to use traditional or new (MR) tools efficiently to succeed in a fast pacing environment.

What’s in it for start-ups?

Pair up with an international data, research and insights expert and have them solve your specific business challenge in one day – completely free! All we ask is that you share your experience with us, in writing or video, afterwards.

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ESOMAR is dedicated to creating a welcoming, respectful, safe experience and environment for everyone: