Towards a multi-sensory experience future

How often have you tried to open packaging that requires super human strength or simply falls apart in your hands? How often have you sat in a restaurant unable to understand the person 2 places away from you because of the noise bouncing off the walls? How sensorial is your weekly food shopping experience? The consumer experience does not necessarily stop at sight or taste or hearing or touch or smell alone, it is a combination of all the is a multi-sensory experience.

In this Seminar we ask how we can expand our understanding and use of sensations to include all of the senses and how can we measure that experience? The measurement should go well beyond scientific understanding and include Brand, Context, The Intangible and ultimately the impact of a Multi-Sensory Experience.

In this highly experiential event we invite you to touch and feel the future of the Sensory industry and of Sensory Research.




ESOMAR is dedicated to creating a welcoming, respectful, safe experience and environment for everyone: