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Introduction to the programme
Wim Hamaekers [haystack International]

Wim Hamaekers
Advisor Managing Partner, haystack International, Belgium
09:10 - 09:50
09:10 09:50

Flip It On Its Head
Sam Bompass [Bompas & Parr]

Hear the senses from a unique perspective and how they influence narrative and storytelling with the senses, as well as how brands are using all the senses for their own stories.

Sam Bompass
Keynote speaker Co-Founder, Bompas & Parr, United Kingdom
The Brand
09:50 - 10:45

Wim Hamaekers [haystack International]

Wim Hamaekers
Moderator Managing Partner, haystack International, Belgium

Can Sensory Research bring Value to Brands?
Jonathan Rason [Danone Nutricia]

Unique sensory properties of a product are key to guarantee that product experience is fulfilling the consumer expectation generated by a brand. With two key brands, Danone-Nutricia Advanced Medical Nutrition shows how adjusting the sensory properties of a product can improve the product experience of a brand; and how a product experience improvement can be valued as a new product promise on the market.

Jonathan Rason
Sensory Team Leader, Danone Nutricia, Netherlands

Multi-sensory Experience Design
Creating Tate SensoriumTom Pursey [Flying Object]

Tate Sensorium was a multi-sensory art exhibition, inviting visitors to experience art with all their senses. Tom will talk through how Flying Object created the project, how audiences responded and what's next for multisensory experience design.

Tom Pursey
Co-Founder and Creative Director, Flying Object, United Kingdom


10:45 - 10:55
10:45 10:55

Prove it!

Enter a portable sensory booth and understand why revealing your brand influences your research result. Touch and feel the difference yourself

10:55 - 11:40
10:55 11:40

Networking break

The Context
11:40 - 12:35

Wim Hamaekers [haystack International]

Wim Hamaekers
Moderator Managing Partner, haystack International, Belgium

What Is The Context?
Massimo Cealti

Massimo will explain the theoretical framework and thinking for including context in multi-sensory research.

Massimo Cealti
Insights/Strategy/Analytics expert, France

Contextual Actions Speak Louder than Words
The impact of context on liking of beer using behavioural and implicit measuresSjoerd Koornstra [HEINEKEN International]

Context is everything! The impact of context on human behaviour has been widely demonstrated in numerous experiments, both academic and marketing related. People don't always do what they say because they generally don't have a clue what they are going to do, or because the context changes. Traditional marketing research far too often relies on "acontextual" methods and declarative measures to make statements about current and future attitudes and behaviours. Haystack and Heineken have conducted a study to prove that beer can be best researched in a context similar to the context where the interaction with the stimulus (beer) usually takes place, and that behavioural and implicit measures - as opposed to declarative KPIs - are better predictors of sales success.

Sjoerd Koornstra
Global CMI Manager, HEINEKEN International, Netherlands


12:35 - 12:50
12:35 12:50

Show me!

Using virtual reality understand how a different context creates a different result. Touch and feel for yourself.

12:50 - 14:05
12:50 14:05


The Intangible
14:05 - 15:25

Wim Hamaekers [haystack International]

Wim Hamaekers
Moderator Managing Partner, haystack International, Belgium

Cultural Semiotics and Sensory
Cato Hunt [Space Doctors]

What does Semiotics bring to Sensory research and how can it help to reveal the multi-sensory experience?

Cato Hunt
Director, Space Doctors, United Kingdom

The Underestimated Impact of Colour
It is time to take it seriouslyThierry Lescrauwaet [Color Passport Group]

Colour is driving most of our decisions and has an enormous impact in our daily life well-being. This session is about how a cultural Colour Memory is built using all our senses and how the scientific knowledge and colour psychology are linked.

Thierry Lescrauwaet
Partner and CEO, Color Passport Group, Belgium

Nudging and Behavioural Economics as Persuasive Principles
Tim Smits [Katholieke Universiteit Leuven]

Nudging and behavioural economics are often confined to just the architecture of behavioural choices. However, communicative persuasion principles have since long proven to affect actual behaviour. This framework and two exemplary lines of research will be discussed: how visual cues (like depicted portion size) on packaging influence children's eating; how the simultaneous targeting of ads to the internet multitasker through audio and video increases the ads' impact.

Tim Smits
Associate Professor, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium


15:25 - 16:10
15:25 16:10

Networking break

The Multi-sensory Experience
16:10 - 17:25

Wim Hamaekers [haystack International]

Wim Hamaekers
Moderator Managing Partner, haystack International, Belgium

Measuring the Multi-sensory Experience
Lise Dreyfuss [BIOFORTIS]

What tools and techniques can be used to measure multi-sensory experiences? What works and what doesn't?

Lise Dreyfuss
Global Expert Sensory & Consumer, BIOFORTIS, France

Union of the Senses Toolkit
3 reasons why you should use the senses more in qualitative researchLaure Payen [haystack International]

Feel and experiment the links your brain makes between your different senses and how it matters for the success of a pack, a brand or a product. Learn how to use the senses properly in order to create coherent and sensorial brand assets. There is currently a mismatch between the nonverbal, multisensory languages brands use, and the verbal way we collect insights. Haystack will suggest a toolkit for qualitative research to unlock the potential of our senses.

Laure Payen
Research Director, haystack International, Belgium

Decoding Multisensory Perception to Overcome Sustainable Development Challenges
David Morizet [L'Oréal Research & Innovation]

This talk focuses on how sensory & consumer science can push further development of sustainable solutions for consumers. A case study on the shampoo rinsing process in India is discussed as an example to show how understanding user multisensory perception can help to develop more sustainable beauty innovations and help people to adopt more sustainable behaviours.

David Morizet
International Consumer Science Manager, L'Oréal Research & Innovation, France


17:25 - 17:30
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