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Deadline for speaking proposals: 10 November 2017

The Call for Speakers is closed.

Submit to speak at DRIVE: Data Research Insights Vision Excellence

If you are creating impact through your work in Asia Pacific with consumers, technology and data - we want to hear from you! We are very keen to receive:

  • client-only submissions that show the application of the insights and/or ignite research suppliers to do things differently
  • speaking proposals from rising stars and young professionals who dream of changing the research and analytics world
  • submissions from start-ups, entrepreneurs, analysts, developers, data scientists and all professions using data in interesting and innovative ways to gain a better understanding of people and consumers in Asia

Proposals can cover the following topics - (not exclusive to, but preferred):

1. Data Research Insights

Focusing on the latest innovations and inspiration that will drive the region's research, data and analytics industry forward.

  • Methods and Platforms
    • Innovation | Methodologies inspired by other disciplines (psychology, sociology, anthropology, semiotics) and sectors (journalism, technology). #outofthebox
    • Beyond Rational Thinking | Getting closer to the context within which decisions are made through the integration of data sources, innovative approaches and/or specialist techniques (such as immersive / ethnographic / cognitive neuroscience/behavioral economics/intuition based/passive measurement).
    • Beyond Traditional Research | New innovations or tested classics with fresh twists, new models plus contemporary approaches which have clear marketing and business implications.
    • Mobile | Innovations in mobile as a data collection tool as well as a means of understanding people's lives.
  • Agility
    • Integration | Fusing all data sources in an agile way
    • Speed of Delivery | Successful actions taken to meet clients’ critical need for speed and real-time information
  • Putting the Pieces Together
    • Data Assets | Leveraging non-research data
    • Data Linkage | Data integration & analytics
    • Creating Meaning | Building consumer story and contexts from multiple data sources and expanding the scope of data and technology
  • The Amplification and Expansion of...
    • Communication | Going beyond PPT and dashboards to communicate and inspire stakeholders with insight stories.
    • Business Value | Research that contributes to a wider scope of business issues such as long-term strategy, business model expansion, resource allocation among brands/products, business process innovation. Here we are looking for case studies and ideas where MR is driving decision makers to move their business forward based on insights distilled from consumers/markets.
    • Capabilities | What's needed to deliver the above? How do researchers equip themselves with expertise in areas such as business model development, scenario planning, agile development, politics management among stakeholders.

2. Vision

Inspire us with your vision and the role of research in defining and understanding what the future can - and should - look like.

  • Impact of Technologies | Machine learning, AI, VR, augmented reality, automation... Inspire us with your vision of how technology impacts the current and future insights industry. Not just adaptions in current data collection and analytics but also case studies that show both positive and negative impact, measurable results of automation cost-wise and time-wise, wisdom when (for example) VR research delivers different outcomes than surveys results as well as how you adapt the organisation’s culture, skills, and experience to embrace tech.
  • Thinking Differently | Learnings from other industries that have been applied to MR, Where do we look? New sources to discover patterns of insight.
  • The Future of Quality | Demand for cheaper and faster creates tensions, where the challenge is to balance quality with cost. Is high quality still important or is 'almost high' good enough? We'd like to hear solutions and opinions here.
  • Research Skills of the Future | Coming from a legacy of robust methodologies, to a future that for many seems to be heading to "more digital, more global, more strategic" - it's time to stop and ask "What are the core skills that are needed for the Industry? How will they change?"
  • The Future of... | Advertising? Branding? Customer experience? Democracies? Employee satisfaction? Learning? Polling? Whatever your area of expertise, here’s your chance to ignite our imaginations with your vision.
  • New Visions | Here we are looking for inspiration and ideas from young professionals and members of YES (Young ESOMAR Society) to submit either a speaking proposal or to enter our YES competition.

3. Excellence

In the quest to amplify and elevate the value of what you are doing in Asia Pacific, we are asking for solid examples of insight and action. No discussions on the definition of 'insight' here, just compelling case studies where context and depth of human understanding have led to measureable impact in business or society.

  • Return on Business Impact | All the data collection and integration in the world does not mean anything unless it meets the end game of informing decisions. What have you done with multiple data sources (structured / unstructured / social monitoring / brand tracking, passive monitoring / ad hoc surveys) that has truly delivered business impact?
  • Return on Global / Regional Excellence | Proven excellence in managing regional and global research programs.
  • Return on Loyalty | Is it about engagement? Does ‘like’ mean loyalty? As businesses shift their focus and budgets to the social/digital spheres, how can research advise on the impact spend has on driving brand awareness and sales in these areas?
  • Return on Customer Centricity | Customer perceptions have an intense impact on business, and experience even more so - Are there new research routes to identify, improve and measure customer experiences so that this becomes a true indication of successful investments?
  • Return to the Shopper | There is no doubt that the retail landscape will change dramatically with the movement from offline to online. What changes can we expect in retail and how will this affect the way in which we are collecting data and analysing it?
  • Return on Investment | Risk-sharing between MR firms and clients on new methodological experiments. Where has it worked well? Is there a model approach to making this more successful?