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Deadline for speaking proposals: 2 February 2018

The Call for Speakers is closed.

For the 71st edition of the biggest data, research and insights festival, we place the spotlight on transformation, accomplishment, truth and technology, the explosion of new data sources AND celebrate the brilliance of the people responsible for achieving excellence within and beyond our industry.

We're on the hunt for submissions from game changers, navigators, tech creators and thought leaders with an ambition to unite the collective brilliance of a broader insights eco-system.

Five considerations before you submit

  1. We welcome client-only submissions to ignite suppliers to do things differently as well as real stories of how the application of insight created impact.
  2. We wish to unite the collective brilliance of a broader insights eco-system. If you feel your presentation does not warrant a full written paper, we are happy to discuss alternative ways to capture your ideas.
  3. We love receiving proposals from rising stars and young professionals who dream of changing the research and analytics world (either as a full submission here or via our YES (Young ESOMAR Society) Competition).
  4. We encourage alternative presentation formats, explanations and content never shown before so that the audience will want to take a selfie with you, share your story and steal the idea.
  5. We advise you to re-read your content outline and think "So What?" before you submit. With over 200+ submissions expected for 40+/- presentations slots, it's important to be clear on why an international audience of 1200 professionals and 12,000+ livestreamers cannot miss it and what they will learn.

Proposals can cover the following topics - (not exclusive to, but preferred):

1. Transformational Brilliance

"Evidence suggests that clients, not technology, have been the primary engine of change in the industry. Technology is and has been a great enabler of change, but the real impetus for change has been the corporate environments and imperatives within which client-side researchers have to operate these days".

Simon Chadwick, Editor 'Research World' published by ESOMAR 2015

We are on the hunt for thought leadership, debate and evidence (especially from the client-side) on topics such as:

  • Reality check: All the rules are changing. How do we stay relevant and contemporary? How do we lead?
  • Leading change: What changes have you inspired in your organisation to deliver superior results.
  • Digital transformation: What does this means for suppliers, clients, respondents. What have you done that's been worth the investment and made a difference? Which brave decision did you take leaving the old ways of thinking behind?
  • Tech talks: AI, VR, AR, automation tools - all have transformative potential, but have you unleashed it? And how did technology help you in doing better research or mining better insights?
  • Privacy Landscape: Solutions and discussions around the changes in the law (GDPR, ePrivacy) and how to manage the ethical expectations of society.
  • Pure brilliance: Driving transformation through insights. Have you? What did you do differently? What was so brilliant in your approach, use of available data (sources), collection of come to the 'golden insight'.

2. One Version of The Truth

"I need to navigate a new world and understand which of these analysis are robust so that I can make business decisions. I need one version of the truth."

  • Extracting real value: Getting structured and unstructured information integrated and presented in a consistent, meaningful and relevant way.
  • The What versus The Why: The danger of correlation in large data sets and best methods for establishing causal relationships within data lakes.
  • Other specialisms: The power of qualitative, neuroscience, behavioural economics, passive measurement, behavior tracking to reveal the truth.
  • Balance: Integration of multiple methods as well as determining the right balance of each.
  • Which truth: Comparisons and commentary to determine which truth is true when new and emerging approaches give different outcomes than classical methods.
  • Impact: Human truths that have led to real impact in business or society.

3. People in The Spotlight

We're looking for new routes to understanding audiences, consumers, shoppers and citizens as well as actions determined through insights."

  • Consumer Decision Journeys (CDJ): Overlaying contextually rich human insights over digital data streams to enlighten marketers of the moments that most influence consumer decisions. Including navigating non-linear purchasing paths, understanding of impact of touchpoint and fresh insights from (omnichannel) retail.
  • Customer Experience: Leveraging data, analytics and insights to define a consumer centric strategy and design an experience that moves customers and citizens from being simply engaged to euphoric.
  • Audience measurement: Let's lead a conversation around: Unified currencies. Convergence of existing measurement systems with new data streams. Programmatic excellence. Collaborations that lead to truly holistic understanding of multi-media, multi-screen, multi-country audiences.
  • Decisions on decision-making: With the recognition of cognitive biases and the irrational brain - do we need to rethink how we understand decision making.

4. Time for The Visionaries to Shine

"You have shown you are brave and will meet the changes head on.
You have shown that you are not passive recipients of the future - but will lead it.
The future really is now - are you ready?"

Vanessa Oshima, 2017 Committee Chair during the closing of the 70th Congress

  • For our 70th anniversary Congress, we had asked you to inspire us with your vision of what the future can (and should) look like and the role of research in achieving this.
    For our 71st edition in Berlin we now invite all visionaries to return and shed light on what action you've taken to inspire the next 70 years of brilliance in business, society and research. The future really is now, are you ready?

5. Intelligence Reinvented

The pursuit of information and knowledge underlies human progress but distinguishing fact from opinion, truth and belief is becoming increasingly difficult. Here you’re invited to discuss, perhaps even rethink and redefine the many complex dimensions of intelligence and offer bright thinking on whether progress in business, research and society will be inspired by humans or artificial intelligence and if both - how?

  • Society: We rely on the information of others to inform ourselves but this has been exasperated by intelligent systems deciding which information we should be exposed to. In an era of Media Bubbles, Fake News, Post Truth - what evidence-based role can research play to determine and communicate the truth (in areas such as referendums, elections, peace processes, global warming, immigration, diversity...).
  • Technology: We have always invented tools beyond our natural abilities but the sudden rush of attention to AI application, deep learning, machine learning may have propelled us further and faster than we perhaps imagined. What are the implications? Can we stop obsessing on data collection and use AI to mine the information we already have to discover something new? Some industries have made substantial investments in AR (particularly Automotive and Retail) - but what about the insights industry? While it has proven valuable to engage research participants, the tech future application to transform data into the physical world will be a game changer. Thoughts? Projects? Learnings from other industries?
  • From collecting to connecting: When everyone has access to intelligence about the organisation - does this enable everyone to become a CMI specialist? How will those dedicated to delivering Consumer & Marketing Intelligence shine? What is the future balance of human versus artificial intelligence for connecting information for exceptional insight? How to separate the relevant from the irrelevant?
  • Global exchange: Can intelligence and knowledge from emerging, extreme and exciting markets inspire new research thinking? What have you developed/adapted to make it work for your culture or across cultures. From markets to multicultural - we're looking for inspiration and impact.

6. This is sheer brilliance

Have a brilliant story tell but cannot find a topic above? Then submit here!