ESOMAR Bootcamps 2018 overview

What is an ESOMAR Bootcamp?

This format provides 2 days of intense research training for professional researchers working internationally. The concept provides 4 modules of 3.5 hours each over 2 days with delegates moving from one workshop to the next. Each module of this intense training has a specific focus within a larger umbrella topic, designed to give delegates an in-depth look at a topic.

Who should attend

The bootcamp is aimed at practicing data, insights and research professionals internationally. The level of training and discussion is different per session, per day, so take a few moments to investigate both the topics and the level that works for you.

ESOMAR Bootcamp 2018 (Generating Insights) - MENAP
Dubai / 19-20 March

19 March - morning session Day 1
Towards Multi Sensory Brand Experiences
20 March - Day 2
Analysing Data Like the Masters
19 March - afternoon session Day 1
Insight Generation from Media

ESOMAR Bootcamp 2018 (Semiotics) - APAC
Bangkok / 16-17 May

16 May - morning session Day 1
Orientation: What is semiotics and what can it do for me?
17 May - morning session Day 2
Making Semiotics Practical & Actionable
16 May - afternoon session Day 1
Introducing the Key Tools
17 May - afternoon session Day 2
Application in the Asian Context

ESOMAR Summer Academy 2018
Amsterdam / 4-6 June

5 June - Bootcamp Parallel 1
NextGen Methods & Applications
5 June - Bootcamp Parallel 2
Adapting Methods to Consumers Communications
5 June - Bootcamp Parallel 3
Insights into Action

Commercial opportunities

Please contact for more information on commercial opportunities.

NEW! Multiple entry credit system

Are you interested in sending multiple people to various training opportunities across 2018? Please contact us to understand our NEW multiple entrance credit system!

ESOMAR is dedicated to creating a welcoming, respectful, safe experience and environment for everyone: