Where Data Science And Human Science Meet

You've got the data…but where's the context?

In a world constantly driven by data, have we forgotten the 'why' and the 'so what?' Get ready for the most innovative, disruptive and hybrid event out there for insights professionals. We're fusing together our Big Data World and Global Qualitative events… Welcome to FUSION.

Want to apply your smart data-driven strategies whilst leveraging human intelligence? Then you've come to the right place. Get ready for four days of predictive analytics mixed with storytelling, anthropology, semiotics, emotional intelligence mashed with machine learning to determine the "WHAT" AND the "WHY". Discover the collaborative approaches driving the future of insights...

We'll take you through two days of data-oriented topics, followed by two days of qualitative angled topics - fusing both sides where possible - to give you one experience that will allow you to translate your data into actionable insights. Attend one day, two days, three days or more.

The Smart Data Award, sponsored by Zappi, will be given during this event, to the paper with the best use of smart data insights, business decisions and overall impact. Do not miss this chance! https://get.zappistore.com/smart-data-award/

The Best Qualitative Paper - Peter Cooper Excellence Award, sponsored by QRi Consulting, will also be given during this event. Now in its 7th year, this award is presented to work representing the best in Qualitative innovation, creativity and business impact.