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Deadline for speaking proposals: 30 April 2018

We're on the hunt for speakers! Think of yourself as a game changer, an innovator or a thought leader in your field of expertise? Then we want you on our stage…

Important notice for those working outside of market research:
If you feel your submission does not warrant a full written paper, then ESOMAR is happy to discuss alternative formats to capture your ideas. Please indicate this in the “presentation format” field of the submission form.

Proposals can cover the following topics - (not exclusive to, but preferred):

1. Smart Data Insights

  • Depicting the role of the Data Scientist within agencies and clients
  • From big data to “smart data” how to get insightful data relevant to your business, both B2B and B2C
  • Maximizing ROI from smart data
  • Agencies and clients co-presenting their success and failures in the road to smart data-driven strategies
  • From macro-data outlook to segmented and targeted approaches
  • Exploring the synergy between the business intelligence teams, marketing teams and data science units
  • Creating a data-driven enterprise from established companies to startups how to manage data science in the enterprise
  • The role of mobile developments fueling big data

2. Fusion Fast-Forward

  • Latest techniques and developments in data fusion
  • Profiling the emerging role of the Machine Learning Engineer
  • Hands on examples on how to merge at least 3 different data sets solving a business problem
  • How to mix data generated by IoT with traditional data sets?
  • What can we expect from artificial intelligence tackling big data?
  • The latest and greatest in predictive data analytics
  • Exploring approaches to machine learning
  • Smart data improving CX across different industries
  • Latest trends in DIY, automation and agile research
  • GDPR and the future of transparency, data privacy and cyber security
  • Qualitative and quantitative are working together more than ever before. What does that look like?

3. Fusion Futures

Here we showcase how collaboration works towards a brighter, more agile future as well as touch on what tech is being developed, (or already causing waves), in helping to capture the best insights.

  • Dreaming big: what are the innovative tools, technologies, disciplines and thinking that will drive future qualitative realities?
  • Data is generated by the millions of touchpoints, thick data is generated by ethnographers, anthropologists and social scientists. If we only see the world through data, do we lose touch with our humanity? How have you managed to combine these worlds?
    • Past Global Qualitative conference have explored the value of tech; (Wo)Man and machine is the way forward but what are your experiences?
    • When virtual fuses two realities: share how AI and VR are influencing and impacting your business. 
    • Have you automated interviewing? analysis? reporting?
    • How is tech accelerating the understanding ‘the human’?
  • When faced with stakeholders who want accelerated, real-time results, how do you keep the depth, rigour and quality of qualitative research?
  • Is it possible to have more (questions, respondents, analysis…) AND be agile? Which is most important?

4. Prophets & Profiting

Learn the language that influences stakeholders, why creativity and risk-taking are important and how this effects the bottom line.

  • What are the main challenges to delivering and embedding insights across your organisation and how are you overcoming them?
  • How have you influenced key stakeholders to make the biggest impact?
  • Teaming up with designers, advertisers, agencies: in what way(s) has collaborating with other professionals super strengthened your results?
  • What out-of-the-box ways have you approached research? And/or delivered the results?
  • Which of your projects have produced the highest ROI? What was the commercial (and/or societal) impact?
  • Do you have a challenge that you haven’t solved yet but want the wisdom of a quantitative/qualitative audience from 40+ countries to solve onsite?

Deadline: 30 April 2018

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