Topics / Submit your speaking proposal

Deadline for submissions: 13 October 2017

The Call for Speakers is closed.

We encourage regional and worldwide submissions with the following profile:

  • Unique interactive multimedia presentations never before presented
  • Corporate case studies (client/brand co-presenting)
  • Collaborative panels, roundtables and stimulating debates
  • Cutting-edge concepts and advanced thinking
  • Exploring the “how to” vs. the “why”
  • “Out of the box” formats; we are flexible to insightful experiments!

Proposals can cover the following topics - (not exclusive to, but preferred):


Exploring the role of the region in the global stage. We encourage speaking proposals on:

  • Multi-country studies: Latin and non-Latin emerging markets
  • Outsourcing in Latin America: advantages vs. disadvantages (examples)
  • Research zoom in: from global to regional, to local market trends
  • New developments in opinion research and political marketing
  • Scenario planning: the role of research under critical circumstances (Ee.g. insecurity, violence, political unrest, social disturbance, narco-traffic, etc.)
  • Social impact: understanding social polarization in Latin America
  • Trumpnomics: tracking the effects of Trump's policies on Latin America
  • "LATINASIA": Asian influence in Latin America (products, processes, culture)
  • Cuba & Venezuela…what’s going on...what's going to happen?


A space dedicated to youth, skills and entrepreneurship in the region:

  • Connecting with millennials and Latin youth studies
  • Examples of gamification and storytelling applied to Latin youngsters
  • Use of PokemonGo, video games, emojis, selfie's obsession, influencers
  • Social networks and their effect on youth (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat)
  • YES Competition (Pitch your idea here)


  • Understanding shopper behaviour and purchasing power in the region
  • Advances in pricing models
  • Research and market intelligence's aid in brand positioning
  • New marketing and tracking trends in (POS) Point of Sale
  • Changes in Go to Market schemes: from retail to app-shopping
  • New approaches of consumer segmentation in the region
  • Consumer-centric solutions for the respondent engagement crisis
  • The connected consumer and opportunities for "in the moment" research


We are looking for case studies featuring clients, or agency and clients focused on:

  • Brand's action (global-local) and multilatinas to the new business landscape
  • Competitive leadership: client-side application of market intelligence developing better business solutions to adapt and thrive in changing times
  • Clients running consumer-centric strategies across its organisations
  • KPI's to measure effectiveness, cooperation and business success
  • Insights ROI: How to estimate the ROI of research/market intelligence
  • Translating insights into action: the research industry receives criticism that many insights are not translated into action, how do we solve this?
  • Shopper research by the client-side, lessons from regional brands


Embracing digital technologies. We encourage "out of the box" ideas on:

  • Big data developments and data-driven strategies for Latin America
  • Latin online communities, brand communities, panels and co-creation
  • Mobile research and geolocation in Latin America: multi-country studies
  • Digital analytics and digital innovations in Latin America: what really works?
  • New developments in cross-media measurement in LATAM
  • Apps, digital devices, IoT and wearable's designed to conduct research
  • Digital research start-ups: new ways of doing research!
  • How is Virtual Reality used in market intelligence?
  • Studies exploring (AI) Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning in LATAM
  • Agile research in Latin America: catching up with automation