Showcase your expertise and build a network with potential future clients at ESOMAR’s Research Rally!

Join us in Barcelona and/or Moscow!

The Research Rally is a 1-day event concept we take around the world. After successful events in New Orleans, London, Paris, Amsterdam and Berlin, we are now planning the 2018 series in Barcelona and Moscow! Get on the train to join us!

This 1-day event pairs the skills of professionals from the data, research and insights industry with local start-ups who are looking to improve their business models, products or services.

The purpose?

Solving a business problem of a local start-up using data, research and insights while getting to know lean and agile methodologies and making connection to the next generation of research clients. It’s a win-win model!

What's in it for me?

Data research and insights professionals get the chance to test their methods in a new environment. How do your tools and thinking work when you have just 8 hours to go from an unknown problem to a complete solution….this is the place to test your skills.

For start-up's this is the chance to understand what the insights, data and research industry can bring to your ideas and products. Have the best business minds in the business help to solve your questions. Take a look at our testimonials to find out more!

What is it?

Start-ups, insights professionals as well as research technology specialists form teams (this takes place onsite), work on a start-up challenge and compete against each other when presenting their findings and recommendations during a 3 minutes pitch to the expert jury at the end of the day!

How does it work?

Start-ups pose a business and research challenge, accompanied by, if available, relevant business data.

Our research technology/agency partners then utilize research tools, relevant data or open data sources for onsite use to gather, analyse & interpret consumer feedback on the spot! These insights are the foundation of concrete business recommendation for the start-ups.

Who wins?

Winner is the team that develops the most viable business solution and recommendation helping the start-up on their way to success.

Who should join and why?

Researchers and research technology suppliers

Whether you work in a research agency, within a company’s research department or offer research solutions, you will:

  • Learn the methodologies start-ups are applying, think lean, agile and scrum!
  • Gain access to the rapidly growing start-up economy
  • Use traditional or new (MR) tools effectively in a fast pacing environment
  • Find out how start-ups, your potential future clients, use technology to gather insights
  • Pitch your research recommendation efficiently

Your investment:

  • 1 day away from your business
  • 45 Euro for lunch and beverages during the day – which we even refund if you register to another ESOMAR event within 12 months

Early or mid-stage start-ups

Whether your business is focused on FinTech, Digital Health, Smart Energy, IoT or eCommerce, we are happy to help you!
Pair up with a team of international data, research and insights experts and have them solve your specific business challenge in 1 day – completely free!
All we ask is that you share your experience with us, in writing or video, afterwards.

Your investment:

  • 1 day away from your business
  • A short interview with us beforehand to define your research challenge for the day
  • Your testimonial afterwards

Past highlights

It's really helpful in prioritizing our product roadmap. Getting this amount of results so quickly was really useful.
Harry Boileau, Pupular (2016, New Orleans)
It was an interesting experience to hear about a business I do not experience in my day to day.
Nadine Bailey, Viacom (2017, Amsterdam)
It was a great working atmosphere, very creative, with engaged and open-minded participants. I learned a lot from the point of view of market researchers, which partly confirmed and partly corrected my view of the market. Market research is a powerful tool in the hands of the right people, and it can generate results much quicker than I thought (in our case, one afternoon).
Christoph Janott, audEERING (2018, Berlin)

Upcoming editions

Moscow / November Research Rally 2018 - Moscow

ESOMAR is dedicated to creating a welcoming, respectful, safe experience and environment for everyone: