E-STRATOS Geosystems is a company that develops and provides services for field and remote sensing data integration and analysis for the agriculture, environment and civil sectors to help them increase their efficiency and harvest.

The challenge:
E-Stratos started with a B2C approach especially in Latin-America, but is currently entering also the B2B market place. The startup is looking for help defining their best target market and amend their business model accordingly.

A mobile app offering personalized nutrition plans thanks to cutting-edge algorithm designed by healt professionals with more than 20 years of experience. The app facilitates, guides, accompanies and motivates users to integrate new habits easily and to achieve their goals.

The challenge:
GoPure is launching the app in the beginning of October and is aiming to reach millennials – male and female consumers alike, but seeks for validation that this is the best target audience and how to reach and approach them. This might entail a branding review as well as pricing analysis.

Manzaning is a marketplace that delivers fresh food and groceries from local retailers and food markets. Available through an app and a website, customers choose the amongst 150 stores and 9 food markets, browse their product catalogue, add products to the shopping cart, pay and schedule the delivery. There is also a direct chat with each one of the retailers.

The challenge:
Manzaning launched their service approx. 1 year ago and is targeting mainly 30-45 year old working mothers who do not have time to go shopping but seek for high quality, local produce. To grow their customer base, they want to understand the current target audience better, expand to reach additional audience and define their next steps to launch in other European cities.

Foods For Tomorrow
Foods For Tomorrow develops and commercializes innovative plant based protein products with a texture so fibrous than even butchers, when trying it, think that they are eating meat. Their product is called Heura and the start-up has been awarded as the most innovative start-up 2018 for the International Alimentaria Exhibition and the Basque Culinary Center.

The challenge:
Foods For Tomorrow launched their product 18 months ago in Spain focusing mainly on vegetarians. They aim to extend the audience and need validation if they defined the best target group – flexitarians while getting help on their marketing messaging, Furthermore, they plan to scale by entering the international markets France, UK and Germany, but where to begin?

Sharify is a Social Network that makes it easy to discover and share what is happening right now in the city- right from your phone - and for FREE. It is the first platform that allows people to share real life in real time and find out what’s going on around them.

The challenge:
Even though Sharify has a great amount of users already, there is a lack of engagement. Sharify looks for ways to increase the interaction as they aim to build a B2B business model to monetize their services.

Gasport is a mobile platform connecting usual drivers with independent gas stations. With the app they help drivers to save time and money by providing an overview of the cheapest gas stations in their neighborhood. At the same time Gasport helps these gasstations to get more customers and increase their own sales.

The challenge:
In order to grow the customer base and make more deals with independent Gasstations, Gasport needs help to define their best target group and how to address them. Furthermore they want to expand into other European cities in the future and would like to find out what the most potential market is.

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