Past participants

New Orleans 2016


Tim Kappel
ECHO is a mobile app that lets users rediscover, share, and connect with their musical past and the musical past of others. ECHO brings some of the best concepts from other verticals, like Timehop, Ancestry, and Instagram to the music streaming experience. And best of all, we're redefining what it means to have a music collection in the streaming era.


Sheena Allen
Literacy of banking system Current InstaFunds (New Name "Bloom")
InstaFunds helps you to become more financially organized and disciplined, while also increasing your financial literacy. Our goal is to not only be a simple money tracking app, but a budgeting and educational tool. InstaFunds Free is a simple way to keep track and organize your money. Use our app to keep track of all of your transactions and also to access the resources provided tol help you in making financial decisions.


Harry Boileau
Pupular: Make Dogs Happy + Bring People Together
Pupular is a community of dogs and their human meeting up to socialize. Through the company's mobile app, dog parents invite other dogs to join their pup's Pack and receive notifications when those Pack members are out and want to play (Wagging). Members can track the location of dogs within their Pack who have activated their Wagging, send in app messages to one another, and discover new potential Pack members by playing Flip Pup. The app is currently for iPhone and in beta testing in the New Orleans market.

The Sweat Social

Rupa Mohan
Sweat Social is tapping into the Wellness Tourism and offers work-out classes for different disciplines and at different locations in NOLA. They started as an app targeting individual travellers coming to NOLA (B2C model), but realized that a B2B model is more efficient and lucrative.
They partner with hotels, convention center etc. in the city and also offer health/sport sessions for large events such as ESOMAR Congress. They launched in June 2015 and have a small team plus freelancers as sport instructors running the classes.

London 2017

International Research Force

Hana Mahmood
International Research Force (IRF) is a market research firm based in Islamabad, Pakistan. Working with a number of other leading market research firms based in Pakistan in the past, IRF realised that none of them housed a fully equipped CATI centre nor did they have a service team with strong healthcare background even though services for this sector were provided. Therefore, IRF decided to pick up these gaps and established a CATI centre with current capacity of 30 seats and developed a strong health based team to cater to pharmaceutical and health based organizations.

Adapt Ready

Shruti Rao
Adapt Ready is a New York based tech startup providing a risk intelligence platform for insurers. The platform uses big data analytics & machine learning to identify interconnected risks from geopolitical, weather extremes, natural hazard and other external threats which can affect insured clients (both commercial and individual customers such as homeowners and high net-worth individuals with multiple assets).
The resulting actionable intelligence enables insurers to mitigate against unforeseen claims and losses, help clients take preventive measures in real time, and optimize claim limits and loss-ratio by making data-driven decisions.

Insure a Thing

Tobias Taupitz
Insure A Thing (IAT), part of accelerator program StartupBootcamp InsurTech 2017, is developing a new business model to offer short-term insurance to retail customers, starting with theft, damage and loss cover for high value bicycles.
Insure a Thing aims to improve the trust relationship with customers by only earning fees when acting in their best interest, settling claims. There are no upfront payments or premiums, aside from a small sign-up fee. Instead, they sum up the cost of all claims successfully settled, add a percentage fee and split this total across the customer group. Customers are organised into groups of like-minded people (weekend warriors, all weather cyclists etc.) and their monthly costs now vary based on claims made, up to a clearly communicated cap. Customers have confidence that the maximum they will ever pay will be the same as a traditional insurance policy, but if claims performance is better than expected, everyone will benefit.

It is 3D

Martin Stevens
Besides selling 3D printing and scanning equipment, It is 3D Ltd sells their expertise by giving talks, workshops and trainings to the education sector, general public and corporate sector (mostly UK). We also sell equipment - 3D printers, 3D scanners and related equipment and materials - to multiple markets, but with a focus on education.
Currently the company is looking for own branded products to bring to market and works on one idea whereby they turn primary school children's 2D drawings into 3D models. They seek to build a successful business around the Indian wedding market, using 3D technology, equipment and expertise. They are currently producing 3D models of the Indian elephant god Ganesha, which are a focal part of the ceremony, and are kept thereafter in a niche at home for prayers.

Paris 2017


Cristian Beza
Insight Global Live Engine - ARTADYS Global Neurosciences cover LIVE VIDEO STREAMING by satellite, drones or terrestrial data collection, the human behavior and the internet of things of brands, manifestations, concerts, sports events, crisis, etc The final idea is to collect and manage data from the sky and terrestrial and make predictions about humans and things.

Better Watt

Georges Ghanem
Better Watt allows its customers to set a limit to their energy bill using a patented technology (connected objects to control HVAC and thermal modeling cloud service). Customers are currently property managers (student, social, worker housing) and commercial buildings less than 10.000 sqm.

Neotrope / Affect-tag

Olivier Janin

Neotrope / Affect-tag
Affect-tag is a smart, mobile and complete solution to monitor and analyse emotional states and reactions. The measurements provide qualitative insights and can be turned into actionable data.


Tiambi Simms
SheFarms empowers female farmers across the developing world to improve their farming capabilities by providing them with access to reliable information through a farm management platform. Moreover, they are providing female farmers with new market opportunities through their network of buyers. All of these services lead to an increase in their production and income, as well as improvement in their quality of life.

Amsterdam 2017

HYKO by CareToSave

Andriy Shmyhelskyy
CareToSave is on the mission to create the future where kids and adults are more conscious about their actions, energy consumption and protective to nature. That is why we created Hyko. Hyko is award-winning innovation technology, where smart metering meets gamification. Light up your customer experience with Hyko's end-user engagement solution.


Lauren Suylekom
Stampwallet is a digital wallet for loyalty card. The physical form of stamp cards is outdated. Therefore Stampwallet is a mobile platform & app which is the perfect marketing tool for your business using real time transactions and unique techniques to deliver a loyalty currency to your customers. We also offer a PRO version using our in house developed hardware, which enables us to connect Stampwallet to every Point of Sale system on the market or even vending machine.


Klaas Jelmer Boskma
KlippaCast is the only plug-and-play digital receipt magician in the world. You store can start being more eco-friendly, increase customer loyalty and gain customer insights today.


Emil Stigsgaard Fuglsang
Pension products tailored to individual risk and return needs, investing exclusively in impact and sustainability projects, all at a low cost for the client.

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