Jump Flow

Igor Shkraduk
The start-up manufactures thermos that remains things at liquid nitrogen temperature, where different cells, for example, stem cells, blood and etc. can be stored. This thermos was made on the basis of Russian physicists invention and can be used for transporting and storing cells.


Anna Tarasenko
Online school, that provides courses and lectures on different topics: SMM, the use of social networks (promotion, design, communication strategy).

Lavka Radostey

Nadezhda Polyakova
Charity shop, where people can purchase goods, that do not have fixed price: people exchange them on the amount of money they want to donate on charity. Goods are given by brands and people, who bring their staff to the shop.


Michail Rusetsky
The company WOLNA manufactures and sells smart speakers with Wi-Fi or other Internet radio receivers. The product solves the problem of access to digital audio content from around the world.


Sergey Belan
Wikium is the site with different online-trainings for memory, attention and intellection development.


Vsevolod Vainer
Drova is a platform for gamers, on which the power of one computer can be transferred to computer of the other player. So users with powerful computers can share its power with other users (for some fee).

Psychologist Online

Vadim Holodtsov
Website with professional psychologists and coaches who assist / consult people in difficult life situations via skype or chat. Also robot psychologist "ANNA" is being developed with the prospect of a developed neural network.


Darya Mingalieva
The company developed and manufactured the new category of products - portable SmartTV cinemas. A projector with access to its own content platform helps families with children to spend time together.

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