The retail sector is undergoing huge change, with significant implications on retailers, brands and service suppliers such as design and marketing agencies:

  • The nature of retailing has changed, with the stellar growth in online shopping, and the opportunities that digital developments are opening up
  • Shopper marketing has now become a recognized part of the marketing mix, and the line that marketing was either above or below has been erased
  • Shoppers themselves are taking advantage of a world of unconstrained 24/7 shopping, and the huge range of choices available to them
  • The once linear path to purchase has become a web of interactions and touchpoints

So we need better insight to be able to understand what to activate, where and when.

Why attend?

All of this has created a real need to deliver insights into shopping that go way beyond what people buy, to the how and why of shopping. This is far from simple when we consider the influence of the store or online environments, the rapidly changing face of retail, the impact of economic uncertainty, and above all, the dynamic between shoppers' conscious and unconscious behaviours. Insight buyers and suppliers in this sector need to be as dynamic as the context in which they work.

Join us in Amsterdam to debate, discuss and 'touch and feel' this new shopping paradigm.

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