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Opening & Welcome



Introduction to the programme

Nick will set the scene for the day by addresseing the key challenges facing brands in retail today, outlining the new breed of shopper and how they are adapting to a changing world. He will also be looking at the implications for insight teams and importance of continued innovation.

Nick Bonney
Advisor Managing Director, aba Research, United Kingdom (GB)

Using Consumer / Shopper Insights to Drive Retail Growth

What are the trends and challenges facing retail? Changing consumer / shopper needs means that retail needs to understand them in great detail.

Grant Wither
Partner, ShopTing CVBA, United Kingdom (GB)


Shopper Research Trends

Successful strategies for connecting retailers and consumers

With Amazon buying Whole Foods, there is no way back for the retail industry. Disruption is now.

Ludovic Depoortere
CEO, haystack International, Belgium
The Retailer – Fluidity Across Channels


Nick Bonney
Advisor Managing Director, aba Research, United Kingdom (GB)

Translating Online Sensation into the Store - The Carrefour Case

From the ambition of translating online sensation into the store, Carrefour Belgium implemented a complete omnichannel approach whereby every customer should receive a suitable offer at any time, regardless of his point of contact with Carrefour. This requires a lot of change management for a company that, until recently, was mainly focused on mass communication through the folder.

Bart Vandenreijt
Customer Marketing & Insights Director, Carrefour, Belgium

New Retail Models

The days of going to a store to buy goods is long gone. Hear more from the companies that are changing retailing forever!


Networking break

The Client


Nick Bonney
Advisor Managing Director, aba Research, United Kingdom (GB)

Supplying Retailers in 2018 and Beyond

Understand the challenges retail and brand insight teams face when looking for shopping insights to support their internal clients in category, trade or marketing teams.


Omnichannel Shoppers

Growing Your Brand Through Connecting the Dots

Insights and strategies for different channels and touchpoints are usually considered in isolation... But how do these different channels and touchpoints influence and convert an individual shopper in the same Path to Purchase?

Lindsay Cowan
Managing Director, Nepa, United Kingdom (GB)

Reinventing a Win-Win Loyalty Experience

Reinventing an omnichannel shopping experience requires two equally important ingredients:

1. Designing a proposition that is relevant for each shopper individually thanks to AI and CRM automation
2. Adding a layer of gamification to enhance the perception and the emotional bond with the Shoppers

Zyed Jamoussi
President and Co-Founder, UntieNots, France



Exploring Shopper Insights


Danielle Pinnington
Advisor Managing Director, Shoppercentric, United Kingdom (GB)

Measuring Todays Shopper

There are a plethora of techniques available to researchers to understand shopper behavior but what are they and how do they work?

Danielle Pinnington
Managing Director, Shoppercentric, United Kingdom (GB)


Understanding Shoppers

Touch and Feel

Touch and feel a number of tools in a non-commercial environment. Understand what type of applications are on offer. Each demonstration will tell you what the tool is and how it works, demonstrate it, tell you how it can be used and finally give an example of how it has been used.

Interactive session

Workshop on What, Where and When

A break out group discussion to understand what is available to retailers, clients and researchers toolbox to understand shoppers and what can be used for where when!

Understanding Shopper, Retailer and Client Needs

How do researchers help retailers, clients and shoppers? How do clients and retailers help themselves? How do we all meet shopper needs better?

Panel discussion

Closing speaker