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Deadline for speaking proposals: 14 December 2017

The Call for Inspiration is closed.

Are you a client-side researcher who’s excited and proud of the work you’ve done? And happy and willing to share your ‘insight to action’ story? Then we want to hear from you!

We are looking for ‘insight to action’ and marketing application stories from clients / research buyers. The following are suggestions, feel free to submit beyond the suggested “ABC” of topics.

A. Agility and Automation

  • Success stories from insight pioneers working in an agile data-driven environment.
  • Demonstrations of ‘classical’ research complementing big data for richer consumer understanding.
  • Comparisons and opinions when different approaches produce different results.
  • (Research) data clutter: Do you believe that you are collecting and analysing more and more information that might not always be useful? Share your experiences and recommendations
  • Innovative and agile approaches to quickly gain access to consumer attitudes, behaviours, motivations and ultimately unique insights.
  • It wasn’t successful - features and analysis on why and what you would do differently next time.

B. Branding and Business

  • Latest in brand tracking and measuring brand equity.
  • Content pollution: Anyone can be a content producer which leads to variable quality, fragmented budgets and the battle for attention (exasperated by multi-screening). What are marketers doing to counter this and how is research inspiring creative content rather than ‘just’ evaluating it.
  • Marketing Mix Modelling / Integrating and measuring the performance of both on-line and off-line activation campaigns for a 360 brand view/ Measuring the impact of advertising efforts on business performance.
  • Tales of effortless collaborations within the organisation. But how?
  • The art of convincing storytelling, ‘selling’ the research story within the business.
  • Rethinking brand engagement in a social networked world and commentary on trust (People can feel passionately about a brand yet they mistrust it. Do perceptions of trust alter across generations? What makes people love and trust a brand more than another)

C. Customers and Consumer Centricity

  • Best practice in understanding the customer decision journey to purchase
  • Evaluating and enhancing customer experience
  • Co-creation with customers for enhanced innovation
  • Beyond the ‘go/no go’ product launch. Amplifying the value of marketing research for the creation of a mid-long business strategy with consumers at the heart.

D. Different, but Dazzling

  • Do you have an impressive story that doesn’t fit into the other topics? We’d still like to hear it!
  • Have you done something spectacular for insights that broke away from the beaten track?
    Share the “what, why, how, and results” of what you did

Important notice for providers and suppliers of research

at WIN we only allow end-clients to present. If you are interested in getting involved with the event in other ways, please contact