Steering Data Science Projects for the Insights Managers

by Sjoerd Koornstra

Full day training

Please note that for this training there is no specific software or programming knowledge required, neither you will be working with software during the workshop (working with the software should be left to the data scientists). You will learn the principles of understanding data science.

Data Science is booming! Since we are increasingly confronted with growing databases and text data, the need for data analysis increases. The data often comes from different databases, with different structures and other technical complexities. Companies are struggling with the linking of various data sources. But with a creative and pragmatic mind set and with techniques from the data science discipline this can be solved. The majority of these analyzes are performed with machine learning tools by data scientists. Data scientists are needed to build the analysis models and analyze them but are usually less strong in the interpretation and the link with the business context.

This means that often data scientists' insights must be interpreted by persons who know how to link the business (marketing) cases and data science methods. In order to be able to properly brief a data scientist, it is necessary to understand the methods and activities of the data scientist. This training will provide the tools to help data scientists to be able to interpret and connect data outcomes to the business context.

Content of the course

- Dealing with machine learning methods and for which type of business issues they can be applied.
- Understand how the outcomes of machine learning methods are validated, are the results correct, are they logical?
- Learn how to apply data science in a real marketing case study where consumer understanding is crucial:

  • Drawing up a briefing for the data specialist from a business issue and a combination of multiple, incomplete data sources.
  • Assessing an analysis proposal from the data scientists.
  • Assessing the analysis results of the data scientist.
  • Translating the outcomes to recommendations and applications within the business.

What are the objectives?

Being able to independently formulate a data science briefing for the data scientist and understanding the outcomes of data science and translating them into business / marketing strategy.

Target audience

Insights professionals who deal with / have access to internal and external data sources and want to apply these for business and marketing.

Workshop leader

Sjoerd Koornstra

The House of Insights

Sjoerd Koornstra is partner at The House of Insights, an organization which supports companies to upgrade the level of the insights discipline. Sjoerd has a wealth of international experience in both developed and developing markets and has worked across a broad range of market-research related areas, including more than 30 years with Heineken.

He has held international senior positions in the field of Marketing Research, Knowledge Management and Marketing Information Technology. He is an active speaker at international congresses and has produced several publications. He has been a frontrunner in applying and evaluating new Insights-tools for business purposes and is currently focusing on the implications of AI (machine learning, bots) for Insights departments.

He has a master's degree in applied econometrics in business administration, attended several executive programmes at INSEAD and has gained several data science qualifications.