08:30 - 19:00
08:30 19:00


09:00 - 11:00
09:00 11:00

Ray Poynter [The Future Place]; Sami Wong [concept m research + consulting]

This session provides a wealth of hands-on advice for presenting in Asia, and key tips on how to engage your audience. It will be led by Ray Poynter of The Future Place, who speaks English, and Sami Wong of Concept M, who speaks Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese and English. This is invaluable advice that will undoubtedly contribute to an excellent presentation!

* Full delegates can sign up for this complimentary session as they register for the conference. Note that space is limited and places for this complimentary session are given on a first come, first served basis.

“The masterclass was a great session for presenters at ESOMAR to brush up on how to make their presentation impactful. The tips on managing different audiences (native English speakers vs. non-native English speakers) were very useful for people like me who use English as a second language. It definitely helped me as a presenter to join the stage with confidence.”
- Noriko Nakano, Nihon L’Oreal, Japan

Ray Poynter
Managing Director, The Future Place, United Kingdom (GB)
Sami Wong
Research Director Asia, concept m research + consulting, China


13:30 - 16:30
13:30 16:30

COMPLIMENTARY* AFTERNOON MASTERCLASS | How Online Communities Will Reshape Business
Jennifer Liu [Answer Global]; Tom Deruyck [InSites Consulting]

In this brand new presentation, Belgium based Tom De Ruyck of InSites Consulting, and Jen Liu, of Answer Global Taiwan, elaborate on what’s next for ‘Online Research Communities’ in terms of new tools and new possibilities.

They place specific emphasis on how to really engage with consumers, how to report results in an impactful way, and how to embed the voice of the customer within all departments of the organization.  In other words - how to give consumers a seat on the board of your company.

Tom & Jen also argue that there are marketing leverage effects to running consumer communities, as is illustrated by a multitude of new client cases.

* Full delegates can sign up for this complimentary session as they register for the conference. Note that space is limited and places for this complimentary session are given on a first come, first served basis.

Jennifer Liu
Managing Partner, Answer Global, Taiwan
Tom Deruyck
Managing Partner, InSites Consulting, Belgium


17:00 - 19:00
17:00 19:00

Let’s CLlCK! (Clients Learning & Inspiring Clients with Knowledge)

A discussion meet-up for research buyers (only) to network and share best practice in an informal, private setting.

Clients can indicate that they wish to attend this complimentary CLICK session by contacting the team at

19:00 - 20:00
19:00 20:00

20th Anniversary Welcome Reception

There’s no better way for you to maximise your business connections than by joining the networking get-togethers! Join over 300 participants from more than 30 countries as we connect you with business partners and ESOMAR friends at this special 20th anniversary edition!

YES! It's Pitch Time!
Hear BIG ideas, shared in only 60 seconds, from this year’s Young ESOMAR Society (YES!) Award finalists. There can only be one winner, so don't forget to vote!

Be a part of the ESOMAR YES Award and seize the opportunity to pitch your most innovative and brilliant idea(s) in just 60 seconds to a global audience.

You have until 25 February to send us a 60 second video of your pitch here.
For full details of Young ESOMAR Society, the Award and the process, visit this page.

Celebrating Impact

WINNING CASE STUDY | Driving Business Growth Through a Deep Understanding of the Merchant DNA
Shaun Fitzgibbon [TRA]

Award-winning presentationGold Winner of the 2018 ESOMAR Research Effectiveness Awards 2018

Paymark was under threat from disruption and needed to future-proof. Together with their research partner TRA, they set out to build a data-driven customer segmentation based on Paymark's underutilised giant data set. They blended advanced big data analytics, third party data enrichment, and quantitative and qualitative research to produce the final segmentation of New Zealand's merchants.

Paymark's "Merchant DNA" has enabled the business to build tangible customer relationships and achieve a wide range of commercial objectives including an uplift in Net Promotor Scores and churn reduction. Paymark is now a truly 'customer obsessed' organisation, better equipped to face a new future.

Shaun Fitzgibbon
Partner, TRA, New Zealand

Presentation: Case study

WINNING CASE STUDY | Inspiring Action Through Storytelling
Empowering digital storytelling for good in AsiaJustine Lukas [Kantar]; Rebecca Lim [Singapore International Foundation]

Award-winning presentationWinner of the Best International Case Study at ESOMAR Foundation’s 2018 ‘Making a Difference’

Competition which the jury awarded with the motivation, “This simple and impactful case study is set for making a tremendous difference across all Not-For-Profits globally.”

Our Better World (OBW) is the digital storytelling initiative of the Singapore International Foundation. It aims to inspire online audiences into action via stories of good. Given a lack of primary research in digital storytelling for social impact in Asia upon which to call for guidance, primary research was needed. Following a collaboration with Kantar, a dual approach combining personal and digital interactions in each of five Asian markets was developed. This enabled the presenters to fuse exploratory, evaluative, and projective perspectives to not only understand current realties and their contexts, but ladder insights up into action.

Justine Lukas
Director, Kantar, Singapore
Rebecca Lim
Head, Singapore International Foundation, Singapore

Presentation: Case study

Advertising | Machines Boost Human Engagement

The Unspeakable Truths about Love, Time and Death
Can neuroscience and AI make emotional engagement better in advertising?Michael Underhill [Kantar Millward Brown]; Rupam Borthakur [Kantar Insights]; Whitney Xi [VF Asia Pacific]

Ads which trigger ANY emotion work better than those that don't. Ads which trigger the RIGHT emotion work even better. A problem, however, has always been detecting unspoken feelings; the real kinds of emotion that an ad generates. The aim of this study is to enable VF to know which emotions do their brands elicit, decide if these emotions are aligned with the brands, and to determine if emotional targeting was used earlier in the creative process – how much better would Ad performance be?

Founder & CEO, Kantar Millward Brown, Hong Kong
CEO, Kantar Insights, Hong Kong
Senior Manager - Consumer & Shopper Insights, VF Asia Pacific, China

Presentation: Case study

Optimising ROI in Social Media
How AI tools can align social media posts with emotive brand positioningColin Ingram [NeedScope International]

Up to 85% of brand generated social media posts are wasted.
With digital advertising approaching 50% of all advertising expenditure, we need to go beyond clicks and likes as a measure of ROI on social media expenditure. Through machine learning, a brand can now see how many posts support their intended position, how many are off target, and how many are simply ambiguous.   This presentation demonstrates how the AI tool works, highlights the role of archetypal alignment across touchpoints, delivers a practical framework where brands can specifically identify the nature of their optimal social media imagery, and concludes that understanding archetypal codes is the key to optimising ROI in Social Media.

Colin Ingram
Director, NeedScope International, New Zealand

Presentation: Methodological innovation

Voice & AI | Technologies To Fuel Hyperqual

Redefining Active Listening
Integrating consumers' verbal and non-verbal cues with machine learningMannon Wong [Ocean Park Corporation]; Mary Li [Datality Lab Ltd]; Roland Leung [Datality Lab Ltd]

We know that 70% of our communication is non-verbal, while verbal communication adds another 7%. Yet, interpreting non-verbal communication by humans is a time-consuming and highly subjective process.  For this presentation, we show how machine learning is making qualitative concept testing more efficient, more scalable, and more objective. We demonstrate how the latest cloud computing and machine learning technologies of emotion analytics and text mining were applied in the process of qualitative in-depth interviewing. The combination of the two methods help observe nuanced consumer responses that never before were capable of being observed and compared by humans.

Senior Business Intelligence & Analytics Manager, Ocean Park Corporation, Hong Kong
Data Scientist, Datality Lab Ltd, Hong Kong
Roland Leung
Managing Director, Datality Lab Ltd, Hong Kong

Presentation: Methodological innovation

Let Them Speak
A trial of voice technology for big little qualAnne-Marie Moir [Consumer Behaviour]

In qualitative research, much can be gained by starting with broad questions which allow the respondents to express an attitude, behaviour, or thought rather than leading them with more pointed questions. But groups and depths are limited by time and budget. So can the process of qualitative exploration be applied at scale using AI and voice technology? Find out what happened when we tried.

Anne-Marie Moir
Principal Consultant, Consumer Behaviour, Australia

Presentation: Methodological innovation

Celebrating Humanity

The Real Story Ends in Landfill
Using behavioural insights to reduce the amount of unrequested goods sent during humanitarian crisesCrawford Hollingworth [The Behavioural Architects]

Unrequested and often unsuitable goods sent to humanitarian disaster zones, often classified as Unsolicited Bilateral Donations (UBDs), cause disruption.  In June 2017, a project was launched to reduce the number of UBDs from Australia.  At the time, there was no existing research on motivations for this phenomenon, and so the crucial first step was to gain an in-depth understanding of the behaviour.

The unique and impactful findings from this study now offer new foundations for public messaging to effectively reduce the number of UBDs sent from Australia. Next steps are to raise global awareness of the findings and translate into communications to reduce the disruptive impact of UBDs sent to humanitarian crises zones.

Crawford Hollingworth
Founding Partner, The Behavioural Architects, United Kingdom (GB)

Presentation: Case study

Shrugging Off Gender Inequality
The cost of ambivalence in JapanDeanna Elstrom [Ipsos K.K.]; Emi Nishiyama [Unilever]

We aim to help shift Japan's course towards a brighter future -- economically, as a society and as individuals -- by illuminating the true cost of gender inequality. To tackle the issue Unilever has partnered with Ipsos to conduct quantitative research to try and identify the issues that Japanese women deem most relevant to themselves and seek support for. This understanding is felt to be key to providing meaningful support to women, as well as enabling brands to connect with consumers with messaging that resonates.

Deanna Elstrom
Senior Director - Strategic Insights, Ipsos K.K., Japan
Emi Nishiyama
Assistant Manager, CMI - Hair Care, Unilever, Japan

Presentation: Call-to-action

Internet Saathi: Bridging the Online Gender Divide in Rural India
Measuring the impact of digital literacy educationAshley Woods [Google Asia Pacific]; Matthew Beal [Kantar TNS]

The Internet Saathi program has transformed the lives of millions of women across rural India - it has provided inspiration for entrepreneurship, social change and personal growth. Join the presenters to discover the impact of the research insights for shaping the program, inspiring change and informing strategy for Saathi 2.0.

Ashley Woods
Brand Marketing Manager, Google Asia Pacific, Singapore
Senior Consultant, Kantar TNS, Australia

Presentation: Case study

Insight Activation | Increasing the ROI of insights
Tom Deruyck [InSites Consulting]
room2 Expo stage

room2 Expo stage

If you are wondering what you could learn by attending ESOMAR's 2019 Summer Academy, then this masterclass is a must attend. Tom is one of the six trainers you can meet in June. Here he presents a shorter capsule from his Insight Activation Masterclass providing you with the communication tools and inspiration to deliver insights with impact.

Tom Deruyck
Managing Partner, InSites Consulting, Belgium

ESOMAR Academy series

SPONSORED | Business presentation
room2 Expo stage

NETWORKING NIGHT sponsored by Lucid
ESOMAR and sponsor Lucid invites all attendees for an exclusive night of networking

Asian Insights | Consumer Habits, Humour & Homes

Hacking the Silent Subconscious
Unlocking habits, shaping behaviourMaitreyee Patki [Brandscapes Worldwide]; Nirupama Kaushik [Brandscapes Worldwide]

We all dream of a 'tomorrow' when we'll ‘wake up early and go for a run', ‘drink enough water', ‘stop eating junk'. Consumers too.  But can a brand inspire behavioural change?

As researchers, we looked at the principles of ethnography and the Habit Loop framework by Charles Duhigg, and fused this with evolving camera technology to pilot a study on habit formation.  We want to show that by fusing research principles, methods and frameworks, a brand can understand and influence the silent subconscious, shape behaviour, and orchestrate habits.

Maitreyee Patki
Director - Insights, Brandscapes Worldwide, Singapore
Nirupama Kaushik
Consulting Partner, Brandscapes Worldwide, India

Presentation: Methodological innovation

10 Things You Need to Know About Market Research Trends
Ray Poynter [The Future Place]
room2 Expo stage

room2 Expo stage

Ray Poynter draws on ESOMAR's global market research studies to highlight 10 things you need to know about the trends that are shaping market research globally, and with special reference to the Asia Pacific Region.

Ray Poynter
Managing Director, The Future Place, United Kingdom (GB)

ESOMAR Exclusive

Please Don’t Make Me Think about Thinking!
Use of physiological indices reveal deeper insights into the emotional responses of consumersNasrin Shafeghat [Centan (Macromill Group)]; Siew Hoong Chan [Takasago International]

Typically, consumer flavor testing is conducted using a structured questionnaire. In general, Asian consumers tend to be relatively reserved and polite in their responses in some countries. We therefore collaborated in a neuro-physiological study making use of EEG, heart rate, and skin conductance, to evaluate consumers' flavor preferences more objectively for flavor development. The study was conducted among female consumers in Jakarta and physiological measurement has helped to reveal the underlying emotional responses of the consumers for two of the most preferred test flavors. This research demonstrates that we can further sensitively measure how different flavors elicit different emotions, providing further insights on how to optimize flavors to maximize consumer preference.

Nasrin Shafeghat
Senior Researcher, Centan (Macromill Group), Japan
Siew Hoong Chan
CIMR Regional Manager, Takasago International, Singapore

Presentation: Methodological innovation

SPONSORED | Business presentation
room2 Expo stage

Researching a Joke, Are You Kidding Me?
Using humour when crafting communicationPrasunika Priyadarshini [Karvy Insights]; Radhika Venkatarayan [Karvy Insights]

When can a brand benefit from laughter and is it possible to research a joke?
Through a combination of consumer investigation and semiotic decoding, we were able to arrive at a framework that we believe will help brands navigate this complex space.   While humour is very culture and space specific, we believe this approach will help researchers and brand custodians know when to use it, as well as other emotional devices for their brand's storytelling.

Prasunika Priyadarshini
Senior Manager, Karvy Insights, India
Radhika Venkatarayan
Asslciate Vice President, Karvy Insights, India

Presentation: Inspiration

A Feeling Called Home
How homes are evolving in emerging marketsDave Rees [The Sound Exploration Strategy Innovation]; Jimvarghese Mukuzhical [The Sound: Exploration Strategy Innovation]; Sushma Panchawati [The Sound: Exploration Strategy Innovation]

Home isn't a place, it is a feeling. This presentation explores the pathos of home and how it's changing, how it differs across the diverse APAC region, and how the changing nature of ‘HOME’ has wide-ranging business implications for brands and categories (Media and Content, Personal Care and Food). The presenters will also share their knowledge on how they used film to not only gather the data on such an abstract concept, but to also communicate the findings in an engaging and effective way.

Partner, VP + Head of the Sound Films, The Sound Exploration Strategy Innovation, Canada
Manager, The Sound: Exploration Strategy Innovation, India
Sushma Panchawati
Consulting Lead - APAC, The Sound: Exploration Strategy Innovation, India

Presentation: Inspiration

Shopping Insights

Cross Border Shopping Insights
Gang Li [Facebook]

Cross border shopping is common nowadays and it is critical for marketers to understand more about those consumers, and grow the business. This presentation will cover who they are, what impacts their decision, and how to speak to them effectively.

Consumer Researcher, Facebook, Singapore

Presentation: Thought leadership

MASTERCLASS | Driver Analysis as a Gateway to Advanced Analytics
Jeffrey Henning [Market Research Institute International]
room2 Expo stage

room2 Expo stage

This interactive how-to session will start with a simple example of how to do a basic driver analysis and will then introduce advanced analytics that can make it more powerful. This Principles Express Live session is derived from the University of Georgia course, Advanced Analytic Techniques.

Jeffrey Henning
Executive Director, Market Research Institute International, United States

MRII & University of Georgia MASTERCLASS

Overcoming Barriers to Purchase in Online Shopping Environments
Applying Western mobile ready hero image standards to Chinese eCommercePaul Janssen [SKIM]

Over the past decade, eCommerce has grown exponentially, with two massive markets, the US and China, ahead of the curve. Within each market, major CPG companies have tried to optimize their product offer but selling online is different than selling offline, and tactics need to be adjusted to be successful. Sales on E-commerce platforms like Alibaba (T-Mall) and Amazon are affected by product findability and the inability to taste, feel or smell the product. Here we demonstrate how, with the sophisticated use of imagery, these challenges can be overcome.

Vice President, SKIM, Singapore

Presentation: Case study

The Future Of MRX

What Market Research Can Learn from Siri
Exploring the ways innovative consumers have maximised their lives and what we can learn from them in market research practiceYoung Ham [Lightspeed]

As researchers, providing us access to data from new sources like customer data platforms, voice control, and all corners of the internet could be considered the equivalent of sticking a kid in a candy store! But are we leveraging this?

Director - Data Solutions, Lightspeed, Australia

Presentation: Industry opportunity

DEBATE | Six Trends Shaping the Future of MR Technology
Find out where 6 leading Asia based clients and tech experts would invest in research technologies of the futurePeter Harris [Vision Critical]

With research technologies continually expanding, global and local tech and client experts such as Cathay Pacific and HSBC will join forces on stage to discuss the future of MR technologies. Find out where they would invest when looking at the six biggest research technologies of the future. Then, all attendees are invited to be a part of a live prediction market to map out the future!  Join if you want to learn more about Blockchain, AI and the top tech trends for 2019, and uncover the emerging technology trends that will take over the business world in the years beyond.

Peter Harris
Managing Director - Asia Pacific, Vision Critical, Australia

Presentation: Industry opportunity

The Emergence of a Global Verified Consumer Data Ecosystem
How the Blockchain can support existing market research industry stakeholders to add even more value to customersJason Buchanan [Veriglif Inc]

Is it actually possible to connect all data stakeholders into an ecosystem that is truly inclusive and beneficial for all? One where all participants can share in the value created by data whilst also adhering to privacy regulations and preferences? Where the data generated is verified and trustworthy beyond doubt? In the last 12 months, Blockchain has become a hot topic with many promises being made but many are unsure if it is a solution, or merely a solution looking for a real problem. There has been plenty of discussion on what it is and whether it can live up to the hype, but we didn’t want to merely ponder this future, so we have set up a pilot project involving various industry stakeholders (including 10 major brands) to find out more and will transparently detail the experience for delegates at the conference.

Co-Founder, Veriglif Inc, United States

Presentation: Case study

Building Best in Class Insights Capabilities
From Aruni Ghosh [Philip Morris International]; Tony Li [Philip Morris International]

Inspired by Boston Consulting Group's 2016 report on 'Rewiring Customer Insight to Generate Growth', the Philip Morris International team in The Philippines took a journey to amplify the value of the insights function.

Market Research Manager, Philip Morris International, Philippines
Tony Li
Marketing Research Director, Philip Morris International, Philippines

Presentation: Case study

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