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For our 20th edition of ESOMAR Asia Pacific we invite you to celebrate the contribution of research in the region. If you can amaze and inspire the audience then… it’s time for you join the centre stage... it’s time for Lights, Camera, Action!

1. Lights! What's New?

Help us to shed new light on different sources of data and research inspiration for IMPACT:

  • Lights on: What inspires you? 
  • Emerging, Extreme, Exciting: Which Asian countries or markets ignite new research thinking and approaches within the region as well as local grown methods that have inspired outside of Asia.
  • New Inspiration: Calling all young research professionals and trend watchers, enlighten us with your views on the future of the industry and your projections for the region.
  • Failure: Is there something that didn’t work for you that you could talk about and say what you learnt.
  • Unusual: Non-traditional research clients that made you think about their unique challenges and respond in a different way.

2. Camera! Where to Focus?

After exploring so many new sources of research inspiration – where should data, research and insight professionals focus for greatest IMPACT?

  • Art & Science: What is the combination of creativity and rigor that adds most value for clients? Can you provide clarity of what you have actually done?
  • The What & The Why: Fusing data sources and connecting the dots. How did you do it?
  • Diversity: What are the most important differences between the main Asia markets when conducting market research?
  • Modern approaches:  New methodological innovations or tested classics with fresh twists. Hybrids, multi-methods and contemporary experiments that show promise.
  • Tech Talks: From voice and touch technology, to AI, drones and robots – what are the tech innovations that show greatest promise to generate and share insights? Can you show a practical application?
  • Silent insights: Passive, biometrics, neuroscience, semiotics, semantics, psychology, trends, text analytics, anthropology, (behavioral) economics
  • Agile demands:  Can MR keep up with the pace?
  • Transformation: From enabling digital transformation to crafting the future of corporate insight professionals. What future proof changes have you made in your team and organisation?
  • Let the sparks fly!: Here we want truly creative engaging formats on any big theme or controversy that you feel should be discussed at the 20th edition of this regional networking event.

3. Action! So What?

All the data, research and insight in the world is pointless if it does not meet the end game of informing good decisions. It’s time for action! Here we are looking for evidence based insight success stories:

  • BUSINESS IMPACT | Research that contributes to long term business strategy (from business model development revenue allocation) or research that makes sense of specific business challenges in areas such as:
    • Branding and brand tracking, NPD, design, innovation
    • Cross cultural, ethnicity and acculturation
    • Consumer engagement, customer experience, consumer decision making journeys
    • Media measurement, advertising effectiveness, digital marketing ROI
  • SOCIAL TRANSFORMATION | We welcome stories of research courage and bravery, insight that has improved lives as well as initiatives that have inspired positive change in the world.

4. Other

Do you have an impressive story that doesn’t fit into the other topics? We’d still like to hear it! Share the what, the why, the how and the results here.

Important notice for those working outside of market research:
If you feel your submission does not warrant a full written paper, then ESOMAR is happy to discuss alternative formats to capture your ideas. Please indicate this in the “presentation format” field of the submission form.