ESOMAR Small Data Day

Small Data for the Customer Experience Analysis and the Generation of Insight in Pharma Qualitative Research

After the first Small Data Day in Milan, ESOMAR Italy organizes a second day, in Rome, dedicated to Qualitative Research in the Pharma sector, thanks to the sponsorship of Medi-Pragma.

Five speakers will talk about methodologies that can be applied to pharma qualitative research in order to gain knowledge about the 'patient journey experience' and generate insights in pharma industry.

A workshop, facilitated by two experts in Lego Serious Play and Design Thinking, will take place in the afternoon with the aim to identify the role of the patient experience in developing insights in pharma research.

The agenda of the day:

09.30 - 10.00
10.00 - 10.20
Welcome and Introduction to the Small Data Day by Giulia Fabrizi ESOMAR Representative for Italy
10.20 - 10.50
Design Thinking for Market Research
Paola Santoro, Design Thinker, Trainer, Facilitator (certified LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®), Professor at LUISS
10.50 - 11.20
People are 'Human'. 'Qualitative' researchers, 'Insight experts', consultants...and proud to be!
Clara Origlia, Researcher, Psychologist, Professor, Trainer in Cultures & Strategies, Longevity & Care Cultures, Ethnography, Storytelling, Design Thinking, Sensory Analysis & Sensory Semiotics
11.20 - 11.30
11.30 - 11.45
Coffee break
11.45 - 12.15
From Customer Journey to Patient Journey with Lego Serious Play
How to adapt the methodology used to analyze the customer journey experience in a patient 'diagnostic-treatment' journey experience
Rachele Soliera, Management Consultant, Trainer, Business Designer. LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® and DESIGN THINKING Certified Facilitator
12.15 - 12.45
Netnography for the development of Insights in Pharma Qualitative Research
Stefania Gogna, Semiotician
12.45 - 13.15
A holistic approach to generate Insights in Pharma Research
Emanuele Corsaro, Marketing Research
13.15 - 13.30
13.30 - 14.30
14.30 - 16.30
Workshop: 'Patient Experience': Source of Insights for Qualitative Research
Facilitators: Rachele Soliera and Paola Santoro
16.30 - 17.00
Wrap up & Farewell drinks


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