Building Customer Experience in a World of Discontinuous Loyalty

ESOMAR is pleased to invite you to our market research event in Bucharest, Romania, as part of the "Best of ESOMAR" series. Best of ESOMAR Romania 2019 event is the 7th edition of the already well-known BOE events in our Market Research industry, focusing on the new research trends to better connect products and services with consumers.

BOE 2019 Program will include speakers representing both MR agencies/companies (international and local/boutique ones) and end-clients, to better understand the new world of consumers which is highly digitalised, highly impacted by the technology speed and dynamic. In this world information and consumer pattern become viral; speed, sophisticated offers and demands and value for money coexists and consumers' interest/needs have new dimensions.

The program hosts a dynamic agenda of most important research agencies, as well as two well-seasoned guest speakers:

  • Els Dragt - Independent trend researcher at How to Research Trends
  • Kristin Luck - Managing Partner, ScaleHouse / Vice-President, ESOMAR

PLEASE NOTE: The lectures will be presented in Romanian, with translation services available for English speakers.


Sheraton Bucharest Hotel

Calea Dorobantilor 5-7

010551 Bucharest


Telephone: +40 21 201 5000



This event is free for market research clients (MR buyers).

Sponsors have free spots included in the sponsorship package (without speakers, if the case): MR Agencies have five (5) spots and Media Partners have two (2) spots included. All market research companies can send participants for a symbolic fee (50 EUR/participant), as well as sponsors, beyond the free places.

The academic environment (students, professors) are welcome to the event. There are thirty (30) spots offered for free. Universities can send participants for a symbolic fee (50 EUR/professor participant and 25 EUR/student participant) beyond the free places.

The entrance fee applied to market research companies and universities (beyond the free places offered) will be collected locally, by BOE 2019 Romanian Organiser (additional information will be provided to market research agencies and other participants).

Please note there is limited space, so be sure to register to confirm your place. For queries please contact Olga Byckova at

PLEASE NOTE: the participation fee will not be required/collected via the online registration process, will be collected post online-registration, by the Romanian Organiser.

ESOMAR is dedicated to creating a welcoming, respectful, safe experience and environment for everyone: