Registration will open both days at 08.30, with the programme kicking off Thursday at 09.00 for all delegates and sponsors, and on Friday at 09.00 for delegates / 11.00 for sponsors. The programme will end both days around 17.30, followed by Networking drinks.




Good morning coffee & Connection
A meet and greet for everyone to network before kicking off the content

Opening & Welcome

Welcome to everyone


Introduction to the programme
Welcome from MetLife & CommitteeNisha Yadav [MetLife]

Nisha Yadav
Advisor AVP Head of Global Brand Research, MetLife, United States
Digital Innovation & Transformation Embracing digital technologies for speed, efficiency and effectiveness to drive more impact in your organisation

Changing the Subject
From Qualitative Research to Digital TransformationKevin Cowan [BBC World Service]

Learn how research that has grown from qualitative roots has led to a digital transformation and revolutionised the way we do journalism at the BBC.

Insight Manager, BBC World Service, United States

Revolutionizing PepsiCo Insights Through Digital Transformation PART 2
Kate Schardt [PepsiCo]

Learn how PepsiCo is augmenting human creativity with advanced technology to change the power and speed of insights and drive consumer centricity into the heart of the organization to accelerate growth.

Kate Schardt
Senior Director - Global Insights Digitisation, PepsiCo, United States


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Building BlockchainsDuring this hands-on blockchain workshop, get in-depth perspective on the ins and outs of this major tech trend and how you might use it to your advantage

Blockchain: Integrating new technologies into your strategic decisions
Chris Cable [Diageo]

Blockchain is a nascent and complex technology that is widely misunderstood. In this presentation you'll learn how it works, its growing importance across many verticals and be provoked about whether you should incorporate it into your strategy.

Chris Cable
Director - Data, Analytics & Strategy, Diageo, United States



The Brand & Consumer ExperienceLearn how thinking outside the box and adapting to niche markets can bring deeper insight, new innovation and change global narrative

State of the Cannabis Industry: Developments, Data & Trends
A Deep Dive Into the Realities of Modern Cannabis CultureDerek Riedle [Civilized]

Cannabis consumers aren't who you think they are - join Derek Riedle, Publisher of Civilized, to learn about the realities of cannabis culture, and how you can tap into it.

Derek Riedle
Publisher, Founder and CEO, Civilized, United States

Measuring the Impact of Connectivity on Unconnected Users in Rural Kenya
Loon and Telkom Kenya partnering to expand connectivity through novel technologiesEsra Ozkan [Loon]; Stellah Nyagah [Telekom Kenya]

Moving beyond generalisations: New research approaches to understand the impact of Internet on user lives and experiences.

Esra Ozkan
User Experience Research Lead, Loon, United States
Stellah Nyagah
Consumer Insights and Market Intelligence Lead, Telekom Kenya, Kenya

Accessible Design
Kirstin Hamlyn [Microsoft]; Marcy Chartier [Microsoft]

Disability affects 1 billion people worldwide. Through accessible surveys, our goal is to ensure all voices are represented in research findings.

Kirstin Hamlyn
Senior Manager - Research Excellence, Microsoft, United States
Marcy Chartier
Senior Manager - Market Research, Microsoft, United States


Networking break

Better Business ImpactTwo prime examples of how innovative research strategies propelled business insights

Embracing Agility
Derick Davidson [Anheuser-Busch InBev]

In the push to evolve innovation processes and speed to market, hear how AB InBev is disrupting the traditional stage gate model of yes/no decisions and changing to one that is focused on iterative learning in both development and in-market launch, significantly shortening timelines.

Derick Davidson
Senior Insights Manager - Innovation Insights, Anheuser-Busch InBev, United States

MR Contribution To #1 Sales Spot First-Time-Ever For Nissan Japan
A historical success driven by the leadership of MR team collaborating with engineers and marketers centred around the customer insightAsuka Torii [Nissan Motor Co.]; Raphael Meillat [Nissan Motor Co.]

Against lots of opposition from executives and stakeholders in the company, MR team led the collaboration of functions by proposing the winning scenario for white space all supported by in-depth understanding of customer insight and market science.

Asuka Torii
Senior Manager, Nissan Motor Co., Japan
Raphael Meillat
Expert Leader, Nissan Motor Co., France


Networking drinks


Opening & Welcome

Client Coffee & CLICK
Clients Leaning and Inspiring Clients with Knowledge or CLICK, is a meet-up for the client-side (only) to network and share best practice in an informal and private setting

Networking break

Digital EvolutionDiscover how to leverage digitalisation for improved sponsorship marketing, stakeholder influence and brand content

Measuring Brand/Business Impact of Partnership Marketing at MetLife
Understanding the Value of MetLife's Partnership Marketing ProgramsDan Pincus [MetLife]; Stefan Kerekes [MetLife]

Sponsorships Marketing is just all fun and games, right? Join us and find out how we know it's driving impact for MetLife.

Dan Pincus
Assistant Vice President - Sponsorships & Promotions, MetLife, United States
Stefan Kerekes
Senior Analyst - Global Marketing Science & Strategy, MetLife, United States

Main Drivers
Claudia Galindo [TV Azteca]

Connecting dots! How to provoke the audience, increase viewers and home integration through a sports reality show! The vivid Exatlon México experience!

Claudia Galindo
Research Director, TV Azteca, Mexico

Implementing The New Generation Of Customer Experience (CX) Analytics
Microsoft's experience with implementing a system that gains AI-enabled insights about CX drivers from detailed text feedbackJeff Mercer [Microsoft]; Rajul Jain [Microsoft]


Jeff Mercer
Senior Director, Microsoft, United States
Rajul Jain
Senior Market Researcher, Microsoft, United States



The Consumer ConnectionHear what happens when consumers are put at the heart of business strategy and how it affects brand equity and innovation

Insights Informing Content & Creative
Ash Ali [BuzzFeed]; Jackie Lundblad [BuzzFeed]

How a global media owner uses research and insights to direct content, creative and brand decisions, including creation of e-commerce and in-store products.

Senior Director - Market & Brand Research, BuzzFeed, United States
Jackie Lundblad
Head of International Insights, BuzzFeed, United Kingdom (GB)

We Weren't Us? Because We Were Hungry
Raising the Bar with SNICKERSChristina Mickow [Mars Wrigley]

Follow SNICKERS on our journey to brand self-discovery, leveraging techniques like neuroscience, AI-based text analytics, and online communities to go beyond consumer claims to (literally) get inside consumers' heads and uncover brand truths.

Christina Mickow
CMI Lead on US Chocolate Bars, Mars Wrigley, United States


Networking break

Better Business ImpactTwo prime examples of how innovative research strategies propelled business insights

Digital RenAIssance: Welcome to the New!
Driving and strengthening a brand's content play using AI based social + search analysisAchint Setia [Myntra Designs]; Archana Pai [Myntra Designs]

The world beyond traditional data collection - Using AI based methods to strengthen a brand's content strategy and differentiate the brand.

Achint Setia
Vice President - Marketing Strategy & Digital Marketing, Myntra Designs, India
Archana Pai
Deputy Director - Research & Insights, Myntra Designs, India

Intercept Research in the Era of Streaming TV
Dan Robbins [Roku]

Intercept surveys have long provided in-situ user feedback. Take a deep dive into how Roku developed an on-screen survey vehicle for the TV screen, and what comes next.

Dan Robbins
Head of Ad & Programming Research, Roku, United States


Closing & Awards

Programme summary & Closing


Farewell drinks