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Sunday, 8 September

15:00 - 21:00

17:00 - 19:00
Let’s CLlCK! (Clients Learning & Inspiring Clients with Knowledge)

19:00 - 21:00

19:00 - 21:00
Welcome reception

Monday, 9 September

08:00 - 19:30
Registration & Exhibition

09:00 - 18:00
Presentation sessions

12:45 - 14:00
Lunch and CLICK Lunch

18:00 - 19:00
ESOMAR Annual General Meeting (AGM)

19:00 - 19:30
Networking drinks

Tuesday, 10 September

08:00 - 19:30
Registration & Exhibition

09:00 - 18:00
Presentation sessions

12:45 - 14:00
Lunch and WIRe Luncheon

19:30 - 00:30

Wednesday, 11 September

08:00 - 14:30

09:00 - 14:00
Presentation sessions

14:00 - 14:30
Farewell drinks

Programme features

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15:00 - 21:00
15:00 21:00


17:00 - 19:00
17:00 19:00

Let’s CLlCK! (Clients Learning & Inspiring Clients with Knowledge)

A meet-up for research buyers (only) to network and share best practice in an informal private setting.

19:00 - 21:00
19:00 21:00


19:00 - 21:00
19:00 21:00

Welcome reception

The Data & Analytics Studio

Semiotics Fused with Digital Media Analytics, Why Wouldn’t You?
The new age of Qual and Quant

Preriit Souda, PSA Consultants, UK
William Landell Mills, Amaranth Insight, UK

Digital media offers oceans of 'real data’ but cannot of itself identify the human meanings. Semiotics enables us to identify the structures which define meaning but is entirely qualitative. We combined both to create 21st-century qual & quant.

Presentation: Methodological innovation

Brands Whispering Emotions
“The EmotionMeter” powered by artificial intelligence

Nihan Sahan Eren, Unilever, Turkey
Serkan Ceran, Ipsos, Turkey
Pelin Halacoglu, Ipsos, Turkey

Our breakthrough study reveals quantitatively the impact of social mood on category purchase behavior and measures mood changes via social media as an early indicator for brand communication management.

Presentation: Methodological innovation

Discovering New Data with AI
Machine Learning meets real world data to redefine market research

Sunita Venkataraman, Intel Corporation, USA
Manish Mittal, Course5 Intelligence, USA

Tap New Data with AI-Based Technologies to Increase Revenue per Insight.

Presentation: Methodological innovation

Young ESOMAR Society (YES!) Award finalists

11 young researchers take centre stage at the Congress to WOW us with their big ideas! Each has only 60 seconds to pitch their idea. Delegate voting (via the ESOMAR app) determines the top three, who will then be invited back on stage Tuesday to share their thinking in a longer presentation.


How To Catch Liars Before They Lie
Kristen Ball, KANTAR, USA

Hunting for Cultural Insight to Unlock Deep Consumer Understanding
David Deeley, Bord Bia - Irish Food Board, Ireland

How To Catch Liars Before They Lie
Manish Mittal, Course5 Intelligence, USA

Jana Proboštová, STEM/MARK, Inc., Czech Republic

Getting the Feels
Debby Ling, SKIM, Singapore

NeuroChat for Marketing Research
Alesya Chichinkina, NeuroTrend, Russian Federation

Live Lens: Getting Closer to Consumers
Ellie Inman, British Sky Broadcasting Group, United Kingdom
Emma Bennett, British Sky Broadcasting Group, United Kingdom

Oh No! Not You Again
Devraj Bharati, ITC Limited - FOODs Division, India

Send Me a Voice Note!
Marguerite Steyn, KANTAR, South Africa

Defining the True Value of Social Media Customer Feedback
Marin Mrša, Peekator, Croatia

The Future of Behaviour Changes
Alice Arnould, System1 Research, Singapore

Fast track

The Data Experiments Lab - Round 1

Making Sound Decisions
How the strategic use of sound is the next frontier in effective marketing

Lauren McGuire, Man Made Music, USA
Joe Sauer, Sentient Decision Science, USA

No More Sonic Trash! From phones to hospitals to cars, sound has the potential to vastly enhance our lives. Learn how to solve creative, human and business challenges with music and sound, from the de-facto thought leaders in sonic insight.

Presentation: Methodological inspiration

Measuring Potential Virality of Content
Understanding neuroscience of virality

Mahesh Agarwal, Neurosensum Indonesia, Indonesia

How Neuroscience is helping us to Predict Virality Potential of Content.

Presentation: Methodological inspiration

The Data Experiments Lab - Round 2

Hello, I'm Alexa. I'm conducting a survey.
If you want to proceed, please say Yes.

Ennio Armato, IFF International Institute For Fieldservices, Italy

Not wanting to accept that the evolution of the market is strongly oriented to the Personal Assistants means you're missing a great opportunity. We will chat with a PA to talk about the future of market research.

Presentation: Methodological inspiration

The World After CAWI. Are We at the Threshold of a New Era of Research?
Bots as a tool for data collecting

Anna Martenka, Play, Poland
Salomea Świerkowska, Play, Poland
Tomasz Dulinicz, Smartscope, Poland

How can the new technologies, which are winning the world today, be utilized by market researchers?

Presentation: Methodological inspiration

Dear {Diary_Name}
A comparative study between Humans vs Chatbots on moderating Online Diaries

Andre Torales, INSITUM, Brazil
Felipe Ferraz, INSITUM, Brazil
Nick Nomm, Facebook, USA

A.I. won't replace workers who does intellectual activities. Is this still true? Check this out in our newest study.

Presentation: Methodological inspiration

Ambassadors Of Change

Four Challenges of a New Leader in an Insights Organisation
Personal journey

Kajoli Tankha, Microsoft Corporation, USA

Leaders need to create clarity, define structures and show vision, even when they don't know what to do and who to ask! Let me share my learnings with you.

Presentation: Business challenge

Research Makeover Masterclass: Science Of Imagination

System 3: Measuring the Consumer's Imagination
How the science of imagination connects new products, social research and branding

Lizzi Seear, Primark, UK
Leigh Caldwell, Irrational Agency, UK

Learn the new science of System 3, the human imagination, in a challenging interactive workshop that will draw on your unconscious mind to build a shared prediction of the future of the research industry. Be part of insight's next chapter!

Interactive session

Research Makeover

The Real Why and the Hidden Who
Fixing the weak links in how we measure personality to make better use of behavioral science in marketing

Christopher Graves, Ogilvy Consulting, USA
Jon Puleston, Kantar, UK

A look at how Ogilvy is better leveraging behavioral science & cognitive segmentation techniques to create more effective marketing communication strategies, founded on a new approach to measuring personality & cognitive thinking styles.

Presentation: Methodological innovation

Conversational Research
Will chat bots make research more human?

Nick Pearson, Nomad Foods, UK
Annelies Verhaeghe, InSites Consulting, Belgium
Patricia van der Hart, InSites Consulting, UK

We need to give a face to research, make it more human... Enter conversational research. Thanks to the rise of bots, research can be cheaper, faster and better. We went on a journey with Nomads Foods and found how bots allow us to humanise research.

Presentation: Methodological innovation

Customer Immersion - The Shopper Experience

The Brick & Mortar Shopping Experience
How Telenet leverages data, to optimise their in-store customer experience, combining quantitative research with IoT-technologies and sensors

Caroline Verkest, Telenet, Liberty Global, Belgium
Alexander Mazurek, Nurama, Belgium
Wim Hamaekers, Haystack, Belgium

It's all about digitizing the physical store and the impact of fusing technology with research data is huge enabling companies to learn with exact data how the conversion funnel is built.

Presentation: Methodological innovation

Micro-Moments That Matter: How to Effectively Target Chinese Travellers
Building a digital strategy that is embedded in the Chinese travellers' journey

Emma Donnellan, Pernod Ricard, Ireland
Komal Roy, Kantar, UK
Yuan Liu, CTR Market Research, China

An obsession to use digital often obscures the true purpose of marketing, In this path-breaking work, we explore how digital is entrenched in Chinese travel-trail to develop a marketing strategy embedded in their journey.

Presentation: Case study

Brand Stories - Product Lift Off!

Test Launch is the New Black
How learning in-market can optimise launch success

Jessica Bolger, Drinkworks, USA
Erin Russeck, AMC Global, USA

...And how Drinkworks did it best.

Presentation: Case study

Rapid Impact
Creating a market leader in a year through machine learning, ethnography and psychology

Alessandra D'Angelo, Shionogi, Italy
Dan Atkins, Shionogi, UK
Genevieve Hall, Insight Dojo, UK
Vivek Banerji, Insight Dojo, UK
Daniel Rayner, Insight Dojo, UK

Making a new product a market leader in one year through machine learning, psychology, and ethnography based differentiating insights.

Presentation: Case study

Brand Stories - Consumers At The Heart

Becoming Customer Obsessed at the Royal Bank of Scotland
Bringing insight to the heart of the organisation to drive customer experience, trust and advocacy

Gavin Wilson, Royal Bank of Scotland Group, UK
Libby Watkinson, Royal Bank of Scotland Group, UK

Presentation: Case study

Giving Control of Your History to Participants
Spontaneity driven experience to transform facts into a meaningful and vivid story

Elisa Romo, AB-InBev, Mexico
Ángeles Rodríguez, De la Riva, Mexico
Daniel Cárdenas, De la Riva, Mexico

Facts are nothing without stories. Instead of a traditional qualitative campaign pre test where participants evaluate stimuli, we created a museum with Corona's (AB inBev) history and focused on how consumers re-built it into stories.

Presentation: Case study

Take Me Home, Country Roads!
How ‘Brand Citizenship’ and not just ‘Brand Purpose’ (or John Denver) could anchor the Millennial

Vipul Sachdeva, PepsiCo, UAE
Arindam Mohanty, Kantar, UAE
Zaneta Sebastian, Kantar, UAE

Presentation: Case study

Creating Brand and Business Transformation
Awakening a sleeping giant

Emiliana Vidali, Diageo, The Netherlands
Sally Smallman, Diageo, The Netherlands

Presentation: Case study

New Data News - You Heard It Here First

The Time Traveller's Guide to Consumer Insights
How to foretell your consumer's destiny accurately with big & small data

Adrian Terron, Tata Group, India

Doctor When will see you now. The time traveler’s guide to consumer insights: How to foretell your consumer’s destiny accurately with big & small data.

Presentation: Business challenge

Experience Crash Test
A key methodology to transform the future of healthcare

Nicolas Pochart, GSK Consumer Healthcare, Switzerland
Christophe Rebours, InProcess, France

Healthcare industry is now driven by health tech! What is in the earth of future technology in terms of suitable human experience? That is where XCT Experience Crash Test methodology is answering to oriented our future.

Presentation: Methodological innovation

Can Social Listening Replace Market Research?
Using AI to synthesize INTEL’s brand-tracking outcomes with social listening data

Christiane Reimann, INTEL Inc., USA
Frank Buckler, Success Drivers, Germany

C-Suites around the globe are asking for real-time measures and market research budgets are cut. Can we really substitute costly brand trackers with AI-generated predictions out of social listening data? Intel took it to the test.

Presentation: Case study

From Social Listening to E-seeing
Using social media to understand the beauty evolution through influencers

Estefanía Yaguez, L'Oréal, Spain
Maria Alonso Vecino, Nethodolo.gy, Spain

More and more an image is worth more than a thousand words and therefore the industries have to know how to interpret them and get real insights from them.

Presentation: Methodological innovation

The Media Briefing Room

From Glass Half Full to Glass Overflowing
Understanding the total ROI from advertising

Robert Graves, Microsoft Corporation, USA
Bernard Brenner, Microsoft Corporation, USA

Convince your chief financial officer that a dollar spent on advertising generates more than a dollar worth of return!

Presentation: Business challenge

New Ways of Measuring Success
Tracking the reach and engagement of a TV Talent Show through audio passive measurement

Ignacio Gómez, RTVE, Spain
Ricardo Torres, Netquest, Spain
Ignacio de la Iglesia, The Cocktail Analysis, Spain
Pablo Pérez, Google, Spain

For the first time in the history of the Spanish TV ecosystem, it is possible to measure and understand the holistic viewing behaviour of a TV Show across all platforms with the use of audiomatching technology.

Presentation: Methodological innovation

Boosting Fan Engagement
Combining Biometrics and Machine Learning to monitor and boost fan engagement to sport broadcasts

Nuno Miranda, Eleven Sports, Portugal
Pedro Almeida, MindProber, Portugal

MindProber and Eleven Sports use the first automated biometric media testing platform to offer a new currency of fan engagement to sports, directly measured from fans hearts.

Presentation: Case study

Long-Term Tragedy vs Short-Term Response
The marketer's dilemma

Sam Munderere, SURF Survivors Fund, Rwanda
Will Goodhand, System1 Research, UK

Presentation: Case study

Ambassadors Of Change

Global Insights Transformation the High-Tech Way

Robert Adams, Visa, USA
Elizabeth P. Morgan, Market Logic Software, Germany

A cultural shift from 'knowledge is power' to 'sharing is caring'.

Presentation: Business challenge

How to Unlock Growth and Drive ROI by Introducing New Methodologies
Lessons from leading CMOs and insight leaders

Joseph Chen, Mondelēz International, Canada
Gera Nevolocich, Hotspex, Canada

CMOs have never been under more pressure to deliver growth and ROI. What are you doing to help empower your marketing team and stakeholders to use innovative methodologies that drive growth?

Presentation: Business challenge

Research Makeover Masterclass: Digital Transformation

Navigating the Digital Transformation Journey
Researchers and machines working together to drive companies forward

Patricio Pagani, The Black Puma Ai, Argentina
Vanina Martinez, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina

Digital transformation journeys are misleading. Simple digital customer connections are easy... think chatbots! However, enabling mass personalization requires humans and machines to learn to collaborate. Is our industry ready to lead this challenge?

Interactive session

The Public Superheroes

Social Media and the Disruption of Democracy
The marketer's dilemma

Jennifer Roberton, respondi, UK
Matt Browne, Global Progress, USA

Is democracy broken? And are Twitter and Facebook to blame? And how are their brands suffering as a consequence?

Presentation: Case study

Social Insights for Making Sensitive Connections
How Macmillan is helping people who’ve just been told they have cancer

Peter Gerry, Macmillan Cancer Support, UK
Jeremy Hollow, Listen & Learn Research, UK

This work changed the way Macmillan presents itself to the world. It's helped secure investment and focus for its online community. While helping set their SEO strategy and shaping their Digital Transformation Programme.

Presentation: Case study

Choosing Wisely?
Making optimal use of deliberative research techniques to engage the public in live policy debates and deliver impact

Sara Davidson, Ipsos MORI, (Scotland) UK
Emma Grant McColm, Citizens Advice Scotland, UK

Presentation: Methodological innovation

Reversing Ireland’s HPV vaccination crisis

Larry Ryan, Behaviour & Attitudes, Ireland
Rachael Joyce, Behaviour & Attitudes, Ireland

Winner of the Marketing Society of Ireland Research Excellence Award

Presentation: Methodological innovation

Customer Immersion - The Experience Revolution

Using Technology to Drive Commercial Opportunities at F1 Races

Matt Roberts, Formula 1, UK

Insight from sensor technology used by F1 at 9 races in 2018 has significantly changed the way of thinking around how to maximise fan engagement and commercial opportunities at F1 races, and has led to improved attendance numbers and fan satisfaction.

Presentation: Business challenge

Standing Out From the Crowd
A global study to define the perfect music festival

Christian Kurz, Viacom, USA
Anna Taylor, Viacom, USA
Kerri Fortune, Viacom, USA
Ian Wright, Tapestry Research, UK
Ben Allen, Labrador, USA
Jo McIlvenna, Jo McIlvenna Ltd, UK

Looking beyond the hype and headlines to understand what consumers truly value about the music festival experience.

Presentation: Business challenge

Redefining Digital Excellence
The story of how consumers’ need for happiness can provide the bedrock for primary research

Nick King, AutoTrader, UK
Jon Beaumont, Join the Dots, UK

Revealed! The five consumer needs that are vital for digital retail success!

Presentation: Case study