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The Call for Speakers is closed

This is your opportunity to speak at the only truly global data and insights summit – the 72nd ESOMAR Congress - where innovation, creativity and insights collide.

Be brave, be provocative, be daring, be bold. Spark change.  Lead the TRANSFORMATION!

Six considerations before you submit:

  1. We need original content that has never been shown before, and actively encourage alternative presentation formats that enrich, entertain and exhilarate the audience!
  2. We want the participants to LEARN so much from you that they will want to take a selfie and ask for your autograph.
  3. We welcome client-only submissions that inspire transformation.
  4. We love receiving proposals from rising stars and young professionals who dream of changing the research and analytics world (either as a full submission here or via our YES (Young ESOMAR Society) Award.
  5. We wish to unite techies & innovators with the broader data and insights ecosystem. Therefore, if your feel your presentation does not warrant a full written paper, we are happy to discuss alternative ways to capture your ideas, and bring them to life.
  6. We recommend you to re-read your content outline and think “So What?” before you submit. With over 200+ submissions expected for 35+/- presentations slots, it’s important to be clear on why an international audience of 1200 professionals from 80 countries plus 3000+ hubs of online livestream viewers cannot miss it, and what they will learn coming from your presentation.

1. Provoke

We’re asking you to ignite our business minds, inspire our social souls and make our research hearts beat faster. Be brave, be provocative, be daring, be bold. Start a conversation. Spark change.

  • Share thought leadership that inspires and encourages debate.
  • Challenge the status quo (but also inspire us with practical examples of alternatives).
  • Tell us what trends keep you awake at night and what are the new business options that are making your dreams sweeter?
  • Show us what you have done to make the world a better place (that will encourage a global audience to do the same!)
  • Propose something new…A new currency for media measurement, a new business model… a different way of working….
  • Emerging, extreme and exciting. Which markets ignite new research thinking and approaches?
  • Can we stop obsessing on data collection and use AI to mine the information we already have to discover something new?
  • With the recognition of the irrational brain – do we need to rethink how we understand decision making?
  • Tell us something that will make the audience want a selfie and demand your autograph

2. Convince

Do you have compelling evidence that something new you tried has added value to the data & insight ecosystem? Then we want to hear from you! You’ll need to be practical and provide clarity of what you have actually done so the audience can learn from your experience. Any topic fits here – but here are a few to think about:

  • Which methodologies and/or technologies have enabled you to supercharge insight discovery?
  • What communication and engagement strategies have you tested that have had the most influence?
  • What is the combination of creativity and rigor that adds the most value for clients?
  • What proof do you have that fusing data sources and connecting the dots was worth it?
  • What new ways have you encouraged young graduates to join your MR team, or the wider profession?
  • What changes have you made in your team/organisation to deliver superior results.
  • In an era of Media Bubbles, Fake News, Post Truth – what evidence-based role can research play to determine and communicate the truth?

3. Create

This is a shout out to the creatives, entrepreneurs, gamechangers and transformers! Stun us with your imagination, designs, award winning ideas and prototypes.   Areas where your innovative thinking or NEW tech creations could have been applied include:

  • Branding, NPD, and design
  • Cross cultural, ethnicity and acculturation
  • Consumer engagement, customer experience, consumer decision making journeys
  • Media measurement, advertising effectiveness, digital marketing ROI

In addition, feel free to propose immersive learning experiences on other dimensions of CREATIVITY such as masterclasses on ‘data storytelling’, ‘co-creation & collaboration’, ‘How to Innovate’…
Get Creative with your topic!

4. Impact

You’ve challenged the status quo (topic 1), you’ve offered fresh evidence of what works (topic 2), you’ve created new value (topic 3) and now it’s time to share details of the transformation you have led.  Tell us about the journey and IMPACT of the transformation, whether it is in Business, Research or Society!

Think about:

  • Business and brand transformation driven by insights
  • Digital transformation fuelled by technology
  • Organisational transformation to deliver superior insights and impact
  • Social transformation where insight has improved lives or inspired positive change in the world

Note that in addition to this topic, in February ESOMAR will invite submissions for the 2019 Research Effectiveness Award