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For FUSION 2019 we want case studies (successful or not), new tools and methodologies, innovative ideas, industry calls-to-action, inspirational storytelling, hands on workshops and masterclasses, lively debates, interactive demos…anything and everything that inspires, teaches and utilises global qualitative or smart data (OR both!). Some suggestions are below, but as always, happy for other ideas! We look forward to your submissions.

Qualitative submissions

  • Connecting specialisms and leveraging sciences: behavioural, ethnographic, neuro, semiotics, consumer psychology, and beyond…
  • With the online and offline toolkits more established than ever, what are you doing differently or asking differently to add greater value?
  • What skill sets do you think help qualies and storytellers amplify the business value of emotional intelligence?
  • When engaging with stakeholders who want real-time results on low-cost budgets, is there such a thing as quick qual? How do you succeed without compromising rigour?
  • What's new? What's needed? What's next?

Data & Analytics submissions

  • Artificial Intelligence in the insights industry, what is new, what is next?
  • The impact of Data Scientists transforming the business intelligence landscape.
  • Exploring advances on Machine Learning, Chatbots, VR, Videometrics, IoT, CX and beyond!
  • Challenges and opportunities on becoming a data-driven organisation, from clients to agencies to startups.
  • Latest developments in DIY, automation and agile research in the data privacy context.

FUSION - Data + Qualitative (Fusion) submissions

  • The success stories and lessons learned from using hybrid/multi-method research approaches (think cost, speed, collaboration, innovation, design, insights, impact, etc.).
  • In-house or outsource? When and what and why.
  • In what creative and engaging ways can insights be presented to resonate and influence stakeholders?
  • The consulting skill set: from researcher to strategic business consultant.
  • Insight-activation through storytelling.

If you feel your submission does't warrant a written paper, ESOMAR is open to discussing alternative formats to capture your ideas. Please indicate this in the comments field of the submission form. For any other comments / questions please email us:

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