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We're on the hunt for speakers! Think of yourself as a game changer, an innovator or a thought leader in your field of expertise? Then we want you on our stage…

Important notice for those working outside of market research:
If you feel your submission does not warrant a full written paper, then ESOMAR is happy to discuss alternative formats to capture your ideas. Please indicate this in the “presentation format” field of the submission form.

Proposals can cover the following topics - (not exclusive to, but preferred):

Main Frame, Main Context

Exploring the role of the region in the global stage. Topics might include:

  • Multi-country studies, Latin and non-Latin emerging markets
  • Outsourcing in Latin America: advantages vs. disadvantages (examples)
  • Research zoom in: from global, to regional, to local market trends
  • New developments in opinion research and political marketing
  • Scenario planning: the role of research under critical circumstances (e.g. insecurity, violence, political unrest and polarization, social disturbance, narco-traffic, economic turmoil, etc.)
  • Social impact: understanding social polarization in Latin America
  • How to cover informal economies across Latin American countries
  • Trumpnomics: tracking the effects of Trump’s policies on Latin America
  • Main opportunities for Latin American cultures, values, products, or services
    “LATINASIA”: Asian influence in Latin America (products, processes, culture)
  • Cuba & Venezuela…what’s going on…what’s going to happen?
  • Political, social and economic impact of immigration in the region

Main Youth, Main Power

A space dedicated to youth, skills and entrepreneurship in the region:

  • Connecting with millennials and Latin youth studies
  • Examples of gamification and storytelling applied to Latin youngsters
  • The role of influencers, selfie obsession, emoji language, etc.
  • YES Competition? Submit your pitch here:

Main Consumers, Main Methodologies

We would like to showcase new methodologies, tools and techniques or, how to refresh traditional ones. We are looking for: new methods (e.g. fresh qualitative techniques, neuromarketing, biometrics, hybrids) that contribute to:

  • Understanding shopper behavior and purchasing power in the region
  • Advances in pricing modelsIs market research going “design thinking”?
  • New marketing and tracking trends in Point of Sale (POS)
  • Changes in Go to Market schemes: from retail to app-shopping
  • New approaches of consumer segmentation in the region
  • Consumer-centric solutions for the respondent engagement crisis
  • How to get into the non-social consumer profiles
  • The connected consumer and opportunities for "in the moment" research

Main Clients, Main Business

We are looking for case studies featuring clients, or agency and clients focused on:

  • Brand action (global-local) and multilatinas to the new business landscape
  • Competitive leadership: client-side application of market intelligence developing better business solutions to adapt and thrive in changing times
  • Clients running consumer-centric strategies across its organisations
  • KPI’s to measure effectiveness, cooperation and business success
  • Storytelling, reporting, dashboards, new metrics and KPI’s to activate insights
  • Insights ROI: How to estimate the ROI of research/market intelligence
  • Innovative research in specific industry sectors such as automotive, healthcare, financial, agricultural, technology.
  • Path to purchase research: exploring the multi-retail environment
  • Phygital research integration and action: How are we integrating the exploration of digital/E-Commerce and linking it to the physical traditional brick and mortar stores?
  • Purchase beyond consumption in the new Phygital context: exploring the shopper journey on a multidimensional space (actions/examples)
  • How to activate insights: from insights to business impact
  • B2B latest trends in the buying (research) process under behavioral perspective

Main Digital Fest!

Embracing digital technologies. We encourage “out of the box” ideas on:

  • Smart data developments and data-driven strategies for Latin America
  • Latin brand communities, panels and co-creationFusion research: how to combine digital and traditional consumer’s primary and secondary data? Big data sets, social listening, etc.
  • Mobile research and geolocation in Latin America: multi-country studies
  • Digital analytics and digital innovations in Latin America: what really works?
  • Developments on Digital Qualitative research
  • New developments in cross-media measurement in LATAM
  • Apps, digital devices, IoT and wearable’s designed to conduct research
  • Best practices to help startups, entrepreneurs and investors
  • Digital research start-ups: new ways of doing research!
  • How Virtual Reality is used in market intelligence?
  • Studies exploring (AI) Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning in LATAM
  • Agile research in Latin America: catching up with automation
  • Exploring the potential of blockchain technology in market research