We understand the data, research and insights industry like no one else

As the most renowned training event of the year, the ESOMAR Summer Academy is your go-to place for taking your career to the next level. For a decade, the Academy has brought together top data, research and industry experts from all over the globe, to develop and specialize your skills and knowledge. And this year's 10th edition is no different.

Offering 6 parallel workshops over the course of 3 days, the 2019 ESOMAR Summer Academy will allow you to tailor-make a programme of learning and personal growth in various topics and trends from global experts in their respective sectors and fields, that best fits your desires. Combining practical workshops, knowledge-sharing and presentations, and various networking and practice opportunities, the Academy offers a unique immersive learning experience in the iconic Public Library, OBA Oosterdok, at the heart of Amsterdam.

In the spirit of what ESOMAR does best, our Summer Academy offers you the best in training and professional growth and world-renowned experts. Don't miss it!

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