Nothing about my life is lucky. Nothing. A lot of grace, a lot of blessings, a lot of divine order, but I don't believe in luck. For me, luck is preparation meeting the moment of opportunity. There is no luck without you being prepared to handle that moment of opportunity. Every single thing that has ever happened in your life is preparing you for the moment that is to come.

- Oprah Winfrey

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As the most renowned training event of the year, the ESOMAR Summer Academy is your go-to place for taking your career to the next level. For a decade, the Academy has brought together top data, research and industry experts from all over the globe, to develop and specialize your skills and knowledge. And this year's 10th edition is no different.

Offering 6 parallel masterclasses over the course of 3 days, the 2019 ESOMAR Summer Academy will allow you to tailor-make a programme of learning and personal growth in various topics and trends from global experts in their respective sectors and fields, that best fits your desires. Combining practical masterclasses, knowledge-sharing and presentations, and various networking and practice opportunities, the Academy offers a unique immersive learning experience in the iconic Public Library, OBA Oosterdok, at the heart of Amsterdam.

In the spirit of what ESOMAR does best, our Summer Academy offers you the best in training and professional growth and world-renowned experts. Don't miss it!

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Overall, I am glad that I joined your class although I had not used any of the tools before but was very curious to learn given the importance of Data Science for Insights professionals. Within a few hours I learned so much from you and by exchanging with the other participants that I was happy I had dared to attend as a beginner :-).
I really enjoyed the interactive parts where we thought about solutions together, e.g. when we collected ideas for data sources to solve a client request.
Also, I was - and still am - very much impressed how much you cared that everyone no matter what level of expertise in that field could follow. Your engagement before (preparation of all the materials & instructions), during (checking that everyone could do the exercises and answering all our questions) and after the class (following up on any further question) was simply incredible and much appreciated.
Would I recommend? YES, I did it already!

Irene Kowalenko, Customer & Marketing Insights

My company wants to automate the basic processing and analysis of data and leave only the most challenging part for researchers. Currently, we are building these processes. Therefore, I attended Preriit’s workshop at ESOMAR summer academy last year. I wanted to learn and get new ideas to support the task at hand.
What I really liked about the workshop, is that, not only did I get new ideas, but there were a lot of concrete tasks, that we did. So, it wasn't just theoretical, but also, for example, by doing some data mining, we learned one way to do it in practice. Some apps were also introduced, two of which we use in production now. Thus, the total value of the workshop was high!

Jaakko Roponen, TAK Research

A great experience in which researchers from both agency-side and client-side collaborated to improve their knowledge about new developments in market research.

Ana-Maria Badea, 360insights

For me, the workshop gave me a sneak peek on how data science can be used to gather insights more quickly, more efficiently, and lead to a deeper understanding of the market. In the emergence of big data, we're able to collect more data than ever before. I believe every insight worker should start thinking about how we adopt new approaches and technologies and make better-informed decisions.

Serena Li, Lesson Nine GmbH

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