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Lucid takes you to Taj Mahal

Lucid is proud to offer a complimentary Taj Mahal tour for all international attendees attending ESOMAR's Asia Pacific 2020 held in co-operation with MRSI.

When in India you cannot miss the opportunity to experience the Taj Mahal, wonderful by dawn, day or dusk. This perfectly symmetrical monument took 22 years (1630-1652) of hard labour and 20,000 workers, masons and jewellers to build and is set amidst landscaped gardens.

Please note - By registering to this tour, you consent to your registration details will be passed to Lucid the sponsor for further communications.

Make sure to register and do not miss the chance to visit the UNESCO World heritage site... powered by Lucid.


07:00 - 11:00
07:00 11:00

Tour departure

Pick-up from the Hotel and drive to Agra through Yamuna Expressway which is an 8-lane access controlled expressway, connecting Delhi with Agra. Distance to Agra - 200km.

11:00 - 11:30
11:00 11:30

Arrival at Agra

11:30 - 13:30
11:30 13:30

Taj Mahal visit

The Mughal emperor Shah Jahan built this famous mausoleum, to show his eternal love for his wife Mumtaz Mahal. The Taj Mahal is wonderful by dawn, day or dusk.

13:30 - 15:00
13:30 15:00


Buffet lunch at a restaurant in Agra.

15:00 - 16:00
15:00 16:00

Free time

Free time for shopping. Agra is a good place to buy Indian Souvenirs (Jewellery, Carpets, marble products with inlay work etc.).

16:00 - 20:00
16:00 20:00

Departure from Agra


Arrival at the hotel in Delhi

Timing may vary due to traffic conditions.

A quick rest stop will be taken on the way from Delhi to Agra and on the return.

08:30 - 19:00
08:30 19:00


09:00 - 11:00
09:00 11:00

Ray Poynter [Potentiate]; Shobha Prasad [Drshti Strategic Research Services]

This session provides a wealth of hands-on advice for presenting in Asia, and key tips on how to engage your audience. It will be led by Ray Poynter of The Future Place and Shobha Prasad of Drshti Strategic Research. This is invaluable advice that will undoubtedly contribute to an excellent presentation!

* Full delegates can sign up for this complimentary session as they register for the conference. Note that space is limited and places for this complimentary session are given on a first come, first served basis.


testimonial The masterclass was a great session for presenters at ESOMAR to brush up on how to make their presentation impactful. The tips on managing different audiences (native English speakers vs. non-native English speakers) were very useful for people like me who use English as a second language. It definitely helped me as a presenter to join the stage with confidence.
- Noriko Nakano, Nihon L'Oreal, Japan

Ray Poynter
Chief Research Officer for Potentiate, Potentiate, United Kingdom (GB)
Shobha Prasad
Director, Drshti Strategic Research Services, India


13:30 - 16:00
13:30 16:00

A survey design workshopJon Puleston [Kantar]

Getting participants of research to provide truthful answers is quite a challenge in many countries across Asia. In this workshop Jon Puleston will be examine the behavioral science of taking a survey in an attempt to understand how you can get more truthful and realistic responses from research participants.

  • Learn how to debias your research by understanding the underlying causes of bias
  • Learn how to write and design questions that will encourage more truthful answers
  • A look at the techniques you can use to circumvent people from lying in the first place
  • How to handle and analyse data from surveys where you suspect that some of the respondents have not been 100% truthful.

This will be a practical hands on where Jon will share some of the secrets he has learnt over the last 2 decades conducting research on research and designing surveys for clients around the world.

* Full delegates can sign up for this complimentary session as they register for the conference. Note that space is limited and places for this complimentary session are given on a first come, first served basis.

Jon Puleston
VP Innovation, Kantar, United Kingdom (GB)


17:00 - 19:00
17:00 19:00

Let’s CLlCK! (Clients Learning & Inspiring Clients with Knowledge)

Clients can indicate that they wish to attend this complimentary CLICK session by contacting the team at

19:00 - 20:00
19:00 20:00

Welcome Reception

Bring your business cards and prepare to network with over 600 data, insight and marketing professionals from more than 30 countries as ESOMAR and the MRSI connect you with new business partners and friends at this special collaborative edition!

Young ESOMAR Society (YES) Award
Caryl Anne Marcelo [Prestige Market Research Services Asia]; Prachi Jadhav [Kantar]; Sagorika Sen [Publisher’s Internationale]; Shatvisha Sengupta [Kantar]; Sneha Wankahde [Kantar]; Sudeep Raj Rajagopal [Ipsos]

Research - the Millennial Way
Sneha Wankahde, Kantar, India

It's All Happening in Real Time Now!
Rika Sen, Publisher's Internationale, Australia

Prachi Jadhav, Kantar, India

The Bahala Na Attitude and Psychological Preparedness
Caryl Anne Marcelo, Prestige Market Research Services, Philippines

Modern Ways of Data Collection
Sudeep Raj Rajagopal, Ipsos, India

Milo the Consumer
Neha Firdous, Diageo, India

What's in a Meme?
Shatvisha Sengupta, Kantar, India

Caryl Anne Marcelo
Business Development Officer, Prestige Market Research Services Asia, Philippines
Prachi Jadhav
Research Manager, Kantar, India
Sagorika Sen
Group Advertising Manager, Publisher’s Internationale, Australia
Shatvisha Sengupta
Research Manager, Kantar, India
Research Manager, Kantar, India
Research Executive, Ipsos, India
The Artificial Intelligence Drive - Part I

Driving Consumers’ Brand Perception and Engagement
A large-scale meta-analysis of video ads using Google machine learning x human codingKosuke Yoshida [INTAGE]; Minh Nguyen [Google]

Using two publicly available Google machine learning APIs, this research looks at over 700 ad creatives to identify what creative features can help to drive consumers’ brand perception and engagement.

Kosuke Yoshida
Digital Marketing Department - Communication Division, INTAGE, Japan
Minh Nguyen
Marketing Research Manager, Consumer Market Insights, Google, Japan

Presentation: Industry challenge

The New Face of Customer Experience
How AI is driving customer engagement and experience?Rajiv Lamba [Neurosensum International]

Turn customers into superfans!

Rajiv Lamba
Global Managing Director, Neurosensum International, Singapore

Presentation: Methodological innovation

Marketing Beyond Instincts
Delivering front end insights quickly, accurately and at a fraction of costDaphne Mavroudi-Chocholi [machineVantage]; Gigi Leung [Johnson & Johnson Vision]

Marketing beyond instincts - innovating discovery phase of campaign development through decoding language of the non-conscious mind.

Daphne Mavroudi-Chocholi
Director, machineVantage, Japan
Gigi Leung
Global Strategic Insights - Japan Lead, Johnson & Johnson Vision, Japan

Presentation: Case study

Indiaspiration To Drive Brand Growth

Computing the Crystal Ball
Can you predict trends before they occur?Barnava Nandi [Unilever]; Chandan Agarwal [Unilever]

Winning with trends by understanding current trends and predicting trends before they occur can be used to launch an on-trend product in the market, prepare the innovation pipeline to help businesses gain market share in the category and drive growth.

Barnava Nandi
Data Scientist, Unilever, India
Chandan Agarwal
CMI Director, Unilever, India

Presentation: Methodological innovation

Brand Track with a Flip
Priyanka Jain [Flipkart Internet]; Rahul Padia [Flipkart Internet]

Let's flip the traditional track into a behaviour led, action oriented strategy.

Priyanka Jain
Associate Director - Customer Insights, Flipkart Internet, India
Rahul Padia
Senior Manager - Consumer Insights, Flipkart Internet, India

Presentation: Methodological innovation

Integrated Pricing Strategy
Holistic leverage of pricing to drive short and long term competitive advantageArvind Sainath [Diageo]

How holistic is your approach to making decisions on the most important marketing lever?

Arvind Sainath
Head - Marketing Analytics, Diageo, India

Presentation: Thought leadership

The Drive To Create A Better World

Purpose in Asia
What matters to consumers, and why it matters for brandsAnne Rayner [Kantar]; Vanessa Gibbons [Hilton]

90% of people in Asia want brands to do something about the issues they care about. But what do they care about? And what exactly do they want brands to do? Let us tell you more?

Anne Rayner
Regional Chief Solutions Officer, and CEO Cambodia & Myanmar, Kantar, Singapore
Vanessa Gibbons
Senior Director, Asia Enterprise and Honors Marketing Strategy, Hilton, Singapore

Presentation: Case study

Sustainability: Doomed If You Do, Doomed If You Don’t
Packaging insights for a 3-way win; consumers, brand and planetJayanth Narasimha [Brandscapes Worldwide]; Maitreyee Patki [Brandscapes Worldwide]

When you have the Thunbergs of the world to the Trumps, and many in between, how do you find a common ground for sustainability to win?

Jayanth Narasimha
Associate Vice President, Brandscapes Worldwide, Singapore
Maitreyee Patki
Director - Insights, Brandscapes Worldwide, Singapore

Presentation: Thought leadership

Next Gen Insight Professionals Lead the Way
How students from the University of Auckland make a difference for not-for-profit organisationsGeoff Lowe [Infotools]

Award-winning paper that shows how industry collaborations can create benefits for the greater good (not-for-profit organisation) and next generation of insights professionals.

Geoff Lowe
Executive Director, Infotools, New Zealand

Presentation: Case study

When Focus Blurs Vision
Resisting the temptation of being too purposiveNandita Singh [Purple Audacity Research & Innovation]; Sharmila Das [Purple Audacity Research & Innovation]

How purposive is too purposive?

Nandita Singh
Deputy General Manager, Purple Audacity Research & Innovation, India
Sharmila Das
Founder & Chairwoman, Purple Audacity Research & Innovation, India

Presentation: Qualitative inspiration

Research in the Wake of Tragedy
When qualitative research became “Emotion Work”Anjani Athukorala [Kantar]; Sandeep Dutta [Kantar]

A road map to understanding how to conduct research during emotionally turbulent times for a nation; and how to emerge successful despite all odds.

Associate Business Director, Kantar, Sri Lanka
Sandeep Dutta
Vice President, Kantar, India

Presentation: Qualitative inspiration

Understanding Market Research Growth

MASTERCLASS | 10 Things You Need to Know
The global & regional trends shaping market researchRay Poynter [Potentiate]

Ray Poynter draws on ESOMAR's Global Market Research studies to highlight 10 things you need to know about the trends that are shaping market research globally, with special reference to the Asia Pacific region.

Ray Poynter
Chief Research Officer for Potentiate, Potentiate, United Kingdom (GB)


19:00 - 22:30
19:00 22:30


MR Rocks
Join ESOMAR and MRSI for an evening of networking, drinks and dancing to the tunes from MR Rocks, a band of talented musicians from Market Research Industry in India and dinner.

Relax, meet old friends and make new ones and have some fun.
The Artificial Intelligence Drive - Part II

Giving Voice to the Voiceless
Conducting research with the disempowered through AI-powered voice survey technologyAnne-Marie Moir [Lewers Research]

Giving voice to the voiceless.

Anne-Marie Moir
Head of Innovation, Lewers Research, Australia

Presentation: Industry challenge

Using conversational AI to deliver consumer insightsGarreth Chandler [Evolve Research]

Surveys are yesterday’s insights technology. The future is about artificial intelligence and conversations with benefits for researchers, research buyers, consumers.  In this presentation, we look at the technology, its application and the evidence to show why it is the future of our industry.

Garreth Chandler
Director, Evolve Research, Australia

Presentation: Methodological innovation

Actionable Truth
Revolutionising market research with mobile agnostic, voice recognition, AI and social research platformsGeorge Wang [Ipsos]

100 years of market research: from observation and listening in early 1919’s, back to a stronger focus of observation and listening of Actionable Truth.

George Wang
Executive Director, Ipsos, China

Presentation: Case study

How To Drive Growth

MASTERCLASS | The Rules of Growth
Learn how to boost your growth IQ Kristin Luck [ScaleHouse]

Kristin Luck
Founder / Managing Partner, ScaleHouse, United States


What Drives The Shopper?

Passive Measurement - Path to Purchase

Measuring the pre-purchase and purchase behaviour of both online and offline mobile phone buyersAbhishek Saigal [Google]; Prithvi Raj [Nielsen]

A first of its kind, completely passive analysis uncovering the pre-purchase and purchase behaviour of both online and offline mobile phone buyers on multiple online platforms including Google Search, Brand sites & YouTube & ECom Apps.

Head of Consumer & Market Insights, Google, India
Associate Director, Nielsen, India

Presentation: Methodological innovation

Solving the Paradoxes of the Mobile-first World!
Leveraging micro-segmentation for hyper personalised marketingAbhinav Mohan [InMobi]; Ashwini Bagkar [Swiggy]; Umesh Krishna [Swiggy]

How do I talk to you if I don't know you?

Abhinav Mohan
General Manager, InMobi, India
Ashwini Bagkar
Senior Manager - Insights, Swiggy, India
Umesh Krishna
General Manager - Brand Marketing, Swiggy, India

Presentation: Methodological innovation

Anecdotal Evidence for CX/UX
When listening to small data in India gave a double digit Million$ win WorldWide to AmazonNeha Arora [Amazon]; Sonia Pall [Karvy Insights]

Neha Arora
Head - User Research, Amazon, India
Sonia Pall
CEO, Karvy Insights, India

Presentation: Qualitative inspiration

Designing Innovations Differently in the Digital Environment
Design and forecasting for an exclusive e-commerce launch of a new brandArindam Som [GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare]; Vidya Sen [Ipsos]

5 Must-Haves for a new brand's Go-to-Ecom.

Arindam Som
GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare, India
Vidya Sen
Innovation Country Service Line Leader, Ipsos, India

Presentation: Methodological innovation

Brand Cluster
Decoding the characteristics of urban consumption for brand growthCan Hu [Dataway]; Wennan Wei [Dataway]

After deep learning and analysis of the brand preferences of different consumer categories, Brand Cluster revealed 18 clusters of brands and revealed the relationships between "allies" of brands providing the industry with new inspirations and new insight including whether a new city is appropriate for brand owners to expand into.

Dataway, China
Dataway, China

Presentation: Methodological innovation

The Artificial Intelligence Drive - Part III

Remaining Human in a World of A.I.
An insights professional’s viewRamanathan Vythilingam [Unilever Asia]

Remaining unashamedly, a human-insights professional in the world of A.I.

Ramanathan Vythilingam
Senior CMI Manager - Global Content Lead, Unilever Asia, Singapore

Presentation: Client topic

Can AI Bring Better Insight than Humans?
A comparison of insights from human versus AI workToshimitsu Sekii [Kantar]; Yohei Takeshita [Twitter]

Engaging drama have conflicts. Now many industries are in progress of such a drama to see how AI change the world, feeling some fears if AI steal jobs from us, human. Let's see the progress in MR if "Job to find insight" can be done by AI or not.

Toshimitsu Sekii
Head of Media & Digital, Kantar, Japan
Yohei Takeshita
Research Manager, Twitter, Japan

Presentation: Industry challenge

17:00 - 17:30
17:00 17:30

Farewell drinks

ESOMAR is dedicated to creating a welcoming, respectful, safe experience and environment for everyone:

ESOMAR is dedicated to creating a welcoming, respectful, safe experience and environment for everyone: