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Deadline for speaking proposals: 27 September 2019

Six considerations before you submit

  1. We're looking for original content that has never been shown before, and actively encourage alternative presentation formats that enrich, entertain and exhilarate the audience!
  2. We want the participants to LEARN so much from you that they will want to take a selfie (and ask for your autograph)!
  3. We welcome client-only submissions, and news from data scientists that inspires excellence.
  4. We love receiving proposals from rising stars and young professionals who dream of changing the world and/or the research & analytics world (either as a full submission entered here by 20 September, or submitting for the YES (Young ESOMAR Society) Award by 6 December.
  5. We wish to unite techies & innovators with the broader data and insights ecosystem. Therefore, if you feel your presentation does not warrant a full written paper, we are happy to discuss alternative ways to capture your ideas and bring them to life.
  6. We recommend you re-read your content outline and think "So What?" before you submit. With over 100 submissions expected for +/- 20 presentations slots, it's important to be clear on why a regional audience of 700+ professionals from 35 countries, plus 500 + hubs of online livestream viewers cannot miss it, and what they will learn from your presentation!

1. Data. Research. Insights.

Focusing on the technologies, methodologies, and people that are amplifying value in the region's data, insight and analytics ecosystem.

New technologies, Techniques and Methodological innovations

  • NEW TECH | Full details that have enabled you to supercharge insight discovery
  • IMPACT OF TECH #MRX | Not only data collection and analytics, but also case studies that show both positive and negative impacts of automation in #MRX and its application in our industry. Measurable results of automation cost-wise and time-wise
  • AMPLIFYING VALUE | Compelling evidence that something new has added value for your client, news of interdisciplinary approaches to solve business challenges as well as discussion on sharing the risk (between MR firm and client) with methodological experiments
  • INSIGHTS WITHOUT QUESTIONS | Fresh thinking on immersive, ethnographic, cognitive neuroscience, behavioral economics, passive measurements...
  • #OUTOFTHEBOX | Details of methodologies inspired by other disciplines (psychology, sociology, anthropology, semiotics) and sectors (journalism, technology), as well as adjacent thinking and learning from other industries to discover new patterns of insight
  • MACHINE LEARNING | Stopping with the data collection obsession, and using AI to mine the information you already have
  • SMART DATA | Real cases of big data in action including comparisons and analysis of value of different data (for example claimed versus observed)
  • DATA INTEGRATION & ANALYTICS | Fusing data sources in a smart and agile way to connect the dots, and get closer to the context within which decisions are made

Fine-tuning the insight engine

  • RE-STRUCTURE | Organisational transformation to deliver superior insights and impact
  • DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION | Adapting the organisation's culture, skills, and experience to embrace tech
  • FUTURE-FORWARD | Coming from a legacy of robust methodologies, what does "more digital, more strategic, more global, more experimental" mean for the research team?
  • HR & RECRUITMENT | Best-practice to encourage young graduates to join, and stay in, your insights team
  • Working together - details of strategic partnerships with internal/external stakeholders that amplified results

In addition, feel free to propose learning formats such as interactive masterclasses on other research topics, such as 'data storytelling', "advanced analytics" "creativity" 'co-creation & collaboration', 'How to be innovative' ...

2. Vision.

#future #thoughtleadership #provoke #vision #learningfromfailure #solutions #opinions

  • VISIONARIES, MYTHBUSTERS & ENTREPRENEURS | Here's to the game changers. Thought leaders. Tech adopters. Navigators. Pioneers. Those who dare to enter new frontiers, challenge the status quo and drive the future of research in the're invited to tell us what you're doing differently that's cutting edge, brave, courageous and 'business unusual' - including START-UPS that have understood the consumer and grown their businesses.
  • THE FUTURE OF QUALITY | Demand for cheaper and faster MR solutions creates tensions, where the challenge is to balance quality with cost. What are you doing to future-proof the quality of research in Asia Pacific?
  • SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST | 60 years ago a company could expect to remain on the Fortune 500 listing for 65 years; now it's closer to 15 years. How is insight future-proofing enterprises?
  • IMPACT OF TECHNOLOGY ON PEOPLE | What impact is technology having on people and human identity? The way we think and the way we interact with each other? With research and with brands? And how will this evolve?
  • BACK TO THE FUTURE | Learning from mistakes: Is there a project you worked on that with hindsight, you would go back and do/try differently?
  • THE FUTURE OF... | Media measurement? Privacy? Branding? Customer experience? Opinion polls? Retail? Here we are looking for evidence-based thought leadership
  • SHOUT OUT TO YOUNG VISIONARIES | Calling all rising data stars and young insight professionals who dream of changing the world and/or the research & analytics profession. Either:
    • let us know about your ideas and work as a full submission here by 20 September or;
    • (if you are under 31yrs) Submit for the YES (Young ESOMAR Society) Award by 6 December

3. Excellence.

We're asking you to ignite our business minds, inspire our social souls and make our research hearts beat faster with your stories of excellence; be it in Business, Research or Society! Tell us about the journey you took to achieve it and give EVIDENCE of how EFFECTIVE it was!

Here's a selection of case study areas we thought of, but feel free to submit on any area where you - or your organisation - have achieved measurable excellence (be it substantial, commercial, and/or societal impact).

  • BUSINESS TRANSFORMATION | Client-side stories of business and brand transformation driven by insight, as told by brand owners, advertisers, retailers and research buyers
  • CX + SERVICE = DIFFERENTIATION | Research dedicated to creating excellent user experiences and services that differentiate the brand plus attract, retain and delight customers
  • RETURN ON INSIGHT INVESTMENT | Evidence that a greater investment in research enabled the company to either save a lot more money and/or deliver a higher return
  • SOCIAL IMPACT & SUSTAINABILITY | Insight which has improved lives or inspired positive change in the world. Research inspired actions that are making the planet a better or cleaner place to live. Also discussion on whether good deeds, philanthropy and socially responsible actions inspire people to chose one brand over another? Has work been carried out to advise fundraisers such as NGOs and charities on where best to invest their resources to guarantee the biggest impact?

Important notice for those working outside of market research:
If you feel your submission does not warrant a full written paper, then ESOMAR is happy to discuss alternative formats to capture your ideas. Please indicate this in the "presentation format" field of the submission form.

Deadline: 27 September 2019