This is your opportunity to participate in the only truly global data and insights summit – the 73rd ESOMAR Congress - where innovation, creativity and insights collide. Be brave, be provocative, be daring, be bold. DISRUPT.

The ESOMAR Data and Insights Summit is at the forefront of showcasing data, research, and insight innovation.

1200+ attendees. 3600+ online livestream viewers. 80+ speakers. 80+ countries. 1 event. DISRUPT. GROW, INNOVATE. CONNECT. CREATE. TOGETHER.

Over four days, and across multiple tracks of cutting-edge, never-before-seen content, curated by industry-leading thinkers and professionals. When you attend ESOMAR Congress, you know we only ever put on stage what you truly want to see and hear, before you even know it.

If you thought previous editions were impressive, wait until you see what we have got planned for 2020…

“Billions of sensors and devices are forming massive streams of data, which are ripe for insight but remain largely untapped. Human profiles are evolving from basic demographics to the mapping of entire genomes. With these new worlds of data open to us, people and organisations are increasingly demanding control and privacy of their personal information. Insight creation is evolving from humans using machines to humans collaborating equally with machines. Businesses seek opportunities to deliver dynamic and customised experiences to their customers at scale, based on intimate knowledge of customers’ behaviours, wants and needs.
There has never been a more dynamic time for the insights industry!”

- Reed Cundiff, Committee Chair, 2019 ESOMAR Data & Insights Summit

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