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For this 73rd edition we’re inviting thought leadership, debate and evidence that demonstrates how disruption (not destruction) inspires innovation, fuels growth and creates something better.

STOP..... and disrupt

Let go. Shake things up. Progress.

Stop Doing…
What needs to be stopped in the research and insights ecosystem (be it assumption, methodology, tool, process etc) to inspire positive change, unlock data-driven insights and fuel further innovation?
How do you encourage your team (or your organisation) to stop doing what has always been done and to try something new?
What evidence do you have that stopping something gave you better results?

Stop Worrying…
The total insights industry sits now at US$79.83 billion, a 6.2% increase from 2017 (ESOMAR Global Market Research 2019). What’s been your proudest professional moment… one that keeps you fast asleep at night?
Aside from your own winning stories, what else should the profession celebrate?

Share your hottest news! Here’s your chance to disrupt the very core of the committee’s programme plans and tell us something so surprising and different that they hadn’t thought of it. Something that will make the audience stop and insist they get a selfie and your autograph! (it really can be on any topic as long as it’s clear why it adds value).

PAUSE..... and disrupt

Time Out. Dream. Recharge. Make impossible visible.

Refresh & Recycle
Modernising proven methodologies to create new, exploratory approaches
Re-fuelling the insight engine to find new stories in existing data
Collaborating with other specialists and disciplines outside of research to inspire innovation and amplify value

Rethink & Redefine
Direction on media measurement and one unified currency
Combining data to offer one version of the truth
Assessing skillsets and redefining the insights team
UX/CX - are these the biggest growth opportunities for Qualitative?
A future without asking questions

REWIND..... and disrupt

Heritage. Time travel. Knowledge. Learning.

Back to the future
Market Research is built on a legacy of robust methodologies with high ethical and quality standards. In the current climate of growth-hacking and DIY, what do we need to treasure from the past to future proof the industry? Is there a compromise? Can approaches be less formal?

2020 – so were we right?
A quick search in ANA (ESOMAR’s AI tool) shows a collection of papers predicting the future of business, society and/or research in 2020. Back then, 2020 seemed to be the defining year. Were they right?

Ooops! Learning from mistakes.
Do you have a project or study you worked on, which with hindsight, you would go back and do/try differently? What did you learn?

FAST FORWARD..... and disrupt

Trends. Vision. Transform. Tomorrow.

The future is now
Disruptors stay ahead of the curve, harnessing tech for efficiency or to engage, reframe problems to create new opportunities. What evidence of the future do you already have? And/Or what predictions are you willing to bet on?

Is less really more?
MORE data sources, technologies, techniques, collaborations, accuracy, affordability, analysis, strategy. So will we be asking LESS questions? Will tech make it LESS costly and give LESS headaches? Will LESS time be spent on collecting data?

Business unusual
Here’s to the game changers. Insight navigators. Pioneers. Those who dare to enter new research frontiers, you’re invited to tell us what you’re doing differently that’s cutting-edge and future-proofing organisations.

Stop Destruction
Our planet is becoming overheated and divided.
Populism, Brexit, inequality, racism, bigotry, xenophobia seems to be tearing the very fabric of society. Can research help to re-stitch and restore?
Humanity’s disruptive effect on the climate and natural environment has led to movements such as Extinction Rebellion, Global Climate Strike, Greta’s School Strikes. We seem to be at a tipping point of awareness – but can insights and brands inspire real action?

YES (Young ESOMAR Society) Awards
Do you have NEW ideas to share, IMPRESSIVE work to show off and/or EXCITING innovations in the mix? We’re keen on receiving commentary and direction from the next generation of talented young innovators and leaders, academics and business theorists either as a content outline submitted here (by 31 January) or if you are 30 years old or younger – you can also submit for our YES Award (by 12 June) and perhaps you’ll be pitching your idea in Toronto. 


  1. We’re looking for original content that has never been shown before, and actively encourage alternative presentation formats that enrich, educate and entertain the audience!
  2. We welcome client-only submissions that inspire excellence and also outlines from young professionals and rising stars that brighten the future
  3. We wish to engage the broader data and insights ecosystem so if you feel your presentation does not warrant a full written paper, we are happy to discuss alternative ways to capture your ideas and bring them to life.
  4. We recommend you re-read your content outline and think “So What?” before you submit. With over 200 submissions expected for +/- 35 presentations slots, it’s important to be clear on why an audience of 1200+ professionals from 80 countries, plus 3600+ livestream hubs cannot miss it, and what they will learn from your presentation!
  5. In addition to the audience on the day – your work has the potential to reach an ESOMAR community of 40,000 professionals as well as an additional network of +75,000 marketers. Make your submission special.


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