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Opening and welcome

YES (Young ESOMAR Society) Award

Five young professionals grab the spotlight and virtual mic at this year's Insights Festival to WOW you! Each has only 60 seconds to pitch their idea. Viewers are asked to vote and the pitcher with the highest rating will be invited back on stage Thursday to share their ideas in a longer pecha kucha presentation.

Media Matters

Seed Audiences - 'From Not Knowing You to Tapping into Millions Like You'
Leveraging hypertargeting to maximize media ROIAbhinav Mohan [InMobi]; Mario Dughi [Unilever]; Souvik Roy [InMobi]; Utsav Mamoria [InMobi]

Today, consumers are bombarded with marketing communication, making it very difficult for brands to differentiate themselves. Digital-first companies can rely on a variety and richness of datasets which is not always matched by more traditional companies. While market research has traditionally helped brands tease out sharp consumer segments, the same segments cannot always be deployed successfully in media executions. This is a story of how research, data science and media came together to maximise the return on precision marketing investment.

General Manager, InMobi, India
Senior Digital Transformation Manager, Unilever, United Kingdom
Business Manager – Insights, InMobi, India
Head of Insights, InMobi, India

Case study

From Accountability to Incrementality
How can ad measurement help businesses grow?Minh Nguyen [Google]

Stop! Is your methodology biased? Ad measurement provides 'Accountability' (to prove that ads work), however, we argue that measurement should produce 'Incrementality' (help businesses grow with ads). To measure true ad effectiveness - incrementality, we have to move away from the long-accepted methodology: pre vs. post-campaign or non-exposed vs. exposed. For this presentation we will redefine ad measurement and demonstrate how we measure it at Google with examples.

Minh Nguyen
Marketing Research Manager, Google, Japan

Methodological innovation

Deconstructing the Media Market, Constructing a New Way to Measure Ad Efficiency
Too many sources of data, one methodology to rule them allGerardo González [Netquest]; Miguel Anaya [The Nielsen Company]; Pamela González [Facebook]

In today's world it is well known that information comes from many different sources, simultaneously and in very different formats. In this context advertising can no longer be considered as one homogeneous platform, but as a separate unit within a media plan. Marketers need to think and do, faster than media consumption and for this reason it becomes increasingly necessary to recognize the role/importance of cross-platform campaigns for maximising the efficiency of marketing investments overall. Because, let's be honest, modern times require us to do much more with much less. With our presentation, we will share ideas about how to potentially increase campaign's reach and efficiency using a cross-platform marketing strategy.

Client Service Director, Netquest, Mexico
Digital Commercial Leader Mexico, The Nielsen Company, Mexico
Regional Partnership Lead Marketing Science R&D, Facebook, Mexico

Methodological innovation

Brand Love - Pulse 1

The New Brand-perception Battleground
Defining brand memories are the moments that matter for world-class service brandDavid Evans [Microsoft]

Despite the investment, most customer and user experience tweaks are completely forgotten according to Kahneman's peak end rule of memory. The stories that stick define your brand and decide your fate. We asked 3600 customers "What is your most vivid memory of this brand? We used AI to code the responses in terms of their positivity, touchpoints, and resulting perceptions. The results showed that being able to retrieve a defining brand memory was a significant and potent predictor of brand love and intention to increase usage.

Tracking brand memories clearly matters but you will need to join this talk to hear the full details on how it elevates brands in ways that impact strategy and budgeting immediately.

Sr. Manager Customer Research, Microsoft, United States

Client view

Post COVID19 - A Brand Blueprint for the Future
Greig Burnside [Green Light International]; Rossana Dell'Isola [Beyond Research]; Veronica Mayne [Faster Horses]

Get ready for the future!

As each of us has experienced in all parts of the globe, it's clear that after Covid-19 there will be no going back, for both consumers and companies, and more broadly, as society as a whole.
Quite the opposite, we will see a changed consumer mindset, with both consumers and brands sailing towards the future in unchartered, complex waters.

This demands that companies future-proof their strategies with a brand new set of skills and tools.
For this reason, 17 Countries and insight agencies from all around the world, spearheaded by Beyond Research Italy, have joined forces to offer you global guidelines to empower your brand. We have identified and bring to you 7 trends that will represent your fundamental dashboard to navigate the times ahead.

Research Director, Green Light International, United Kingdom
CEO, Beyond Research, Italy
Managing Director, Faster Horses, Australia

Thought leadership

Research Got Talent Global Competition
Bianca Marcu [ESOMAR]

The Research Got Talent Initiative is all about celebrating the work of young researchers in our global community - join us to learn more about how young researchers have been working together with Charities and NGOs in countries around the world, using market research methodologies to help them overcome significant challenges. This initiative could not have been possible without the hard work of our partner Associations - AMSRO in Australia, SIMAR in Czech Republic, APEIM in Peru, and OMi in Russia.

This presentation complements an interactive and insightful Fringe event on Tuesday 15th

Bianca Marcu
Moderator Senior Advocacy & Standards Programmes Coordinator, ESOMAR, Netherlands

Welcome to the Broadcast Day 2

Insight Tech & Accelerators [Episode 1]

Using Narrative Analytics to Win Customer Trust
Applying Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to hundreds of millions of digital expressionsJeff Marshall [Protagonist]; Rogier Verhulst [LinkedIn]

What drives trust (and mistrust) in tech companies? Learn how to use narrative analytics to understand the drivers of trust and win customers across the globe with better values, strategies and offerings. In addition to the Trust case study, the presenters will describe now they have used narrative analytics to better understand and appeal to target audiences and will describe how you can started with these techniques either with in-house tools or by partnering with providers.

EVP, Protagonist, United States
Sr. Director - Central Market Research, Operations and Product Marketing, LinkedIn, United States

Case study

Finding the 80% Rotten Apples in your Innovation Pipeline
How AI-based semantic analytics brought the break-through in early-stage product testingAlexander Falser [Tchibo]; Lukas Waidelich [Cauliflower]; Marco Walter [Tchibo]

"I fully trust the predictions of product pre-testing. It is well invested money!"
In a nutshell, that's the change in perception among CEOs which would delight us.

Imagine if you could test products before placing them in your sales channels in such a way that you could precisely predict whether the product would be a flop or not. Imagine if you could gather consumer feedback so precisely that you could understand exactly what consumers like and dislike about your product. And finally, imagine that there is a way to evaluate consumer feedback in a scalable and automated way to generate high pre-testing ROI.

But how to do that? We found a solution by leveraging the power of semantic analytics and combining it with classic closed-survey questions to a powerful predictive algorithm that enabled us to avoid millions and change our CEOs' perceptions.

Head of Market Intelligence, Tchibo, Germany
Cauliflower, Germany
Senior Research Consultant, Tchibo, Germany

Case study

ESOMAR Foundation
Making a Difference Award

This annual award applauds and rewards the best example of market research making a difference to the world's charities.

Insight Tech & Accelerators [Episode 2]

It’s Time to Talk
The role of a virtual assistant and AI in retail healthcareJeff Haselum [InSites Consulting]; Litthya Burgin [GSK]

In 2019, GSK started to explore the role of an AI Self Care Coach that you can interact with in a retail healthcare environment. An initiative ahead of its time and the foundation for a new digital and in-store strategic direction that is more important than ever before, in our increasingly contactless world. This is a story that will take you through our experimentation journey, where we played with different research techniques to get beyond the obvious stated Purchase Intent or Engagement and into the potential of technology in the store of the future...which is today!

Business Director, InSites Consulting, United States
Shopper Insights Manager, GSK, United States

Case study

Hello Alexa, Is There Any Survey for Me?
VAI (Voice Assisted Interview) as a way to stop chasing respondentsEnnio Armato [IFF International Institute for Field Research]

Sharing economy, cloud computing, AR in smartphones, AI in smart homes. But what is the next step to make market research "Smart"? Nowadays a consumer expects, rather than seeks, a direct dialogue with a brand through direct channels where they can share thoughts and experiences. We believe we must stop looking for respondents and stop looking for people driven by the reward intent. We must look for opinions and intentions in an authentic and transparency way. At the ESOMAR Congress 2019 we demonstrated that the 70% of smart speaker owners in the US are willing to be interviewed by Alexa without a reward. But would they join a panel? We ran an experiment to find out. Join us and be inspired!

Ennio Armato
Head of Branch, IFF International Institute for Field Research, Italy

Methodological innovation

Research Inspiration

Disrupting System 1 Thinking - Better Science for Smarter Marketing
Davide Baldo [Ipsos]; Manuel Garcia-Garcia [Ipsos]; Martin Schoeller [Ipsos]; Ornella Godard [Ipsos]; Rich Timpone [Ipsos]; Vinod Venkataraman [Temple University - Fox School of Business]

Since the publication of Daniel Kahneman's Thinking Fast and Slow in 2012, there has been an explosion of interest in System 1 versus System 2 thinking and its applications to research, marketing and public policy. But - what if we have it wrong?

In collaboration with academic partners in behavioral and cognitive neuroscience, we have crystallized the latest science into a new understanding of human experience and decision making. The proposed model disrupts the myths that have grown out of the prior generation of science, and addresses some of the most important marketing questions of today like: What causes effective marketing disruption? We will share this model and results from our research on how disruptive marketing and design influences adaptive decision making and changes behavior.

Global R&D Lead - Experimental Research, Ipsos, France
Global Lead of Neuroscience, Ipsos, United States
COO, Ipsos, France
Global Neuroscience Activation Director, Ipsos, France
Global Head of Data Science and AI & Global Lead, Ipsos, United States
Associate Professor, Temple University - Fox School of Business, United States

Thought leadership

Brand Love - Pulse 2

Harnessing Powerful Storytelling
A new framework to measure the method behind the magicCollin Leirvik [LRWGreenberg]; Renata Policicio [ESPN]

'Storytelling' can conjure up magical imagery. In research, our challenge is bringing a method behind the magic. Sports can bring out the best in storytelling: drama is built in; everyone can identify with the main characters. But not all storytelling is created equal.

We wanted to test the theory that measuring storytelling effectiveness could directly influence business growth. We designed a new framework in the process establishing a new method for brands to evaluate storytelling effectiveness.

VP & Head of Human Quant, LRWGreenberg, United States
Vice President, Research and Insights, International Global Markets, ESPN, United States

Methodological innovation

Welcome to the Broadcast Day 3

ESOMAR Foundation
Making a Difference Award

This annual award applauds and rewards the best example of market research making a difference to the world's charities.

Research Fuel for the Innovation Engine

The power of defensive innovation through turning headwinds into opportunities
James McLintock [Analogue Strategies]; Kristin Hickey [kubi kalloo]

Let's turn innovation thinking on its head by introducing a new framework which showcases how military intelligence, social actuarialism, dynamic consumer ecosystems and cobra venom come together to define the rules of successful headwind navigation

Managing Director, Analogue Strategies, United Kingdom
Kristin Hickey
CEO, kubi kalloo, United Kingdom

Methodological innovation

How Design Thinking can Move Research from an $80bn industry to a $1.7tn Innovation Powerhouse
Solving cyberbullying with innovation by connecting insight and design thinkingAlex Wilman [Northstar Research]; Nicholas JianHao Lee [FigureFigure Studios]

The R&D sector is worth $1.7tn. Insight should be central to this. But currently, it's not. At best, we're a small component in the larger innovation machine. And often, we're completely ignored. This shouldn't be the case.

Learn how combining Insight with Design Thinking can elevate our industry to become the innovation experts and get a slice of the innovation pie. See how a tech giant's insights are being used to create an app that combats youth cyberbullying.

Research Director, Northstar Research, United Kingdom
Design and Innovation Consultant, FigureFigure Studios, United Kingdom

Case study

Brand Love - Research Got Talent Global CompetitionBianca Marcu, ESOMAR's Senior Advocacy & Standards Programmes Coordinator returns to our virtual MainStage to Announce the winners of The Research Got Talent Competition. This announcements complements an interactive and insightful Fringe event that took

Post COVID19
An update from the 'Brand Blueprint for the Future' teamGreig Burnside [Green Light International]; Rossana Dell'Isola [Beyond Research]; Veronica Mayne [Faster Horses]

The through leaders from Monday's presentation return to address your specific questions and brand challenges.

Research Director, Green Light International, United Kingdom
CEO, Beyond Research, Italy
Managing Director, Faster Horses, Australia

Thought leadership

The Power of Bad
Turning bad news into transformative stories for business and brandsGrant Feller [GF-Media]; Leanne Tomasevic [Truth Consulting]

Do we really remember the times we felt good more evocatively than the moments where we struggled? It's a question that goes to the heart of research and insight. Are we more likely to act on bad news or good? And if it's the former, how can we frame that bad news so that it inspires rather than depresses, so that it compels us to take positive action rather than resort to defensiveness? Join this presentation if you want to disrupt your thinking and adopt a newsroom mentality by using storytelling techniques to help with transformative writing.

Journalist, Consultant, Trainer, GF-Media, United Kingdom
Head of Truth Consulting, Truth Consulting, United Kingdom


Welcome to the Broadcast Day 4

Autobiographies of Change

From Change Management to Change Leadership
How I (accidentally) transformed a massive CPG insights organizationMichelle Gansle [Mars]

The T word (transformation) is actually creating a barrier to change. It makes it sound like it's a big, scary, finite task. The reality is the way we live, play and interact in the world is changing and so the way we work and interact with each other at work needs to change too. I will share through my own personal examples how I shifted a multi-billion dollar organization's insights vision, purpose, behavior, tools and processes to move from resistance to change and love for 'Best in class' to embracing change and experimentation.

Global Lead, Insights Transformation, Mars, United States

Thought leadership

The Consumer Matrix: How to Save the Humans
Placing humans at the heart of everything we doGabriela McCoy [Bacardi]

We want to quantify and categorize people, we try to create algorithms to predict unpredictable human lives and shove people into focus groups with two way mirrors, feed them crap snacks and hope to understand how they live their lives and how our brands can play a meaningful role in their lives. The root of evil comes from innovating against the business goal to fill business budget gaps versus innovating against human desire and needs.

I will share concrete examples of how Bacardi has "saved humans" from the Consumer Matrix through brave and human-centric research approaches.

Director Portfolio Strategy, Insights and Analytics, Bacardi, United States

Thought leadership

Research Got Talent Global CompetitionBianca Marcu, ESOMAR's Senior Advocacy & Standards Programmes Coordinator returns to our virtual MainStage to Announce the winners of The Research Got Talent Competition. This announcements complements an interactive and insightful Fringe event that took

ESOMAR Foundation
Making a Difference Award

This annual award applauds and rewards the best example of market research making a difference to the world's charities.

ESOMAR Research Effectiveness Award Winners 2020

This worldwide competition showcases the industry's best in demonstrating the tangible impact of market research. The finalists include all clients of research, in any market or field, who can prove the commercial or societal impact of their research investment (ROI). The award places particular emphasis on how research affects commercial performance in a measurable way.

Young ESOMAR Society (YES!) Award Winners

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