ESOMAR and the Programme Committee are currently working on the programme of LATAM Insights Festival 2020, our virtual programme will consist of 3 episodes running on Monday 19, Tuesday 20 and Wednesday 21 of October. Overview of the sessions, timings and registration will be available in August. If you need more information at this stage please contact: thank you for your understanding.



Opening & Welcome



Introduction to the programme and session
Urpi Torrado [Programme Committee Chair & ESOMAR Representative for Peru]

Urpi Torrado
Programme Committee Chair Programme Committee Chair & ESOMAR Representative for Peru
Main Frame, Main Context

Innovate or Die! Or Die Innovating?
Innovation from the perspective of Latin American consumersNoelia Bellucci [Maru Matchbox]

Consumers love innovation, but most brand's innovations are not innovative nor relevant. Uncover how to successfully innovate by hearing consumer's perspective and thinking beyond your category.

Noelia Bellucci
Qualitative Director LATAM, Maru Matchbox, Argentina

Presentation: Firestarter

Hispanics Across the Americas
Evolution of the Hispanic culture in USA and the global impact of Latin America todayRachel Bonsignore [GfK Consumer Life]; Roberto Ruiz [Univision]

49% of Hispanics think the US is on the wrong track, an 18-pt increase since a record low in 2015. Yet, optimism is rebounding with their counterparts in Latin America despite instability. What will the future hold for Hispanics in the Americas?

Rachel Bonsignore
Senior Consultant, GfK Consumer Life, United States
Roberto Ruiz
Executive Vice President, Research, Insights & Analytics, Univision, United States

Presentation: Client topic

Havanna Reinvention
How to keep brands relevant in a volatile global contextAlan Aurich [Havanna]; Alejandro Alcedo [Havanna]; Fernando Moiguer [Moiguer Compañía de Negocios]; Magdalena Iocco [Moiguer Compañía de Negocios]

The case will present the work the brand and the organization did in order to turn the contingency into the central axis of its business strategy, and at the same time, the role the research and the consulting firm played in the strategic process.

General Manager, Havanna, Argentina
Gerente de Operaciones y Marketing, Havanna, Argentina
Fernando Moiguer
CEO, Moiguer Compañía de Negocios, Argentina
Senior Brand Strategist Planner, Moiguer Compañía de Negocios, Argentina

Presentation: Client topic

Regional Challenges & Opportunities in a Global Stage
An interactive debate with the speakers of this block


Networking break
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Main Customers, Main Experience

Marcello Garritano [MESH]

Marcello Garritano
Session chair Regional Director - LATAM, MESH, Brazil

From Customer Satisfaction to Customer Experience
From traditional satisfaction research to customer experience in a hybrid real-time modelFlavia Lage [Brain Brand Strategy]; Karen Russi [Banco do Brasil]

Customer Experience research approach at Banco do Brasil enabled greater respondents' engagement, gathered useful insights from multiple feedback channels in real-time, guiding decisions and boosting the Customer Centric culture in the organization.

Flavia Lage
Research Director, Brain Brand Strategy, Brazil
Karen Russi
Business Advisor, Banco do Brasil, Brazil

Presentation: Case study

Biometrics to Optimise Customer Engagement
How measurement of the non-conscious response facilitates brand relaunchAndres Botero [Synapbox]; Francesca Castañeda Fassioli [Belcorp]

We want to show how this type of measurement allows brands to connect with the consumer emotionally beyond the hard data when evaluating a proposal for the massive relaunch of the brand.

Andres Botero
Head of Research , Synapbox, Colombia
Francesca Castañeda Fassioli
Jefe de Insights - Ésika, Belcorp, Peru

Presentation: Case study

Monetising NPS to Drive Investment in CX
How monetising NPS helped LATAM Airlines take CX investment decisionsAndré D'Abreu [LATAM Airlines]; Shane Baxendale [MESH]

Customers are now able to enjoy more comfortable seating, tastier flight meals or more engaging in-flight entertainment, thanks to our monetised NPS calculator used to gain buy-in to $4mm worth of CX investment.

André D'Abreu
Head of Market Intelligence, LATAM Airlines, Brazil
Shane Baxendale
VP - Data Science, MESH, United Kingdom

Presentation: Case study

Exploring CCC: Customer Centric Culture
An interactive debate with the speakers of this block

YES (Young ESOMAR Society) Pitch Competition!

Hear BIG ideas, shared in only 60 seconds, from this year’s Young ESOMAR Society (YES!) Award finalists. There can only be one winner, so don't forget to vote!

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Main Clients, Main Brands, Main Business(case studies)

Patricia Grisolle [Yanbal International]

Patricia Grisolle
Session chair Market Intelligence Director, Yanbal International, Peru

Brands with Purpose
Taking advantage of social trends by defining a purposeItala Padilla [Datum International]

Brand purpose, Social trends: Consumer segmentation based on their needs, thoughts and values.

Ana Sofía Hernández [Procter & Gamble, Peru]

Itala Padilla
Research Director, Datum International, Peru

Presentation: Call-to-action

Inca Kola Reconnection Strategy
Boosting connection with the Peruvian consumerFabian Jalife [BMC Strategic Innovation]; Tomas Gross [The Coca-Cola Company]

We designed a strategy of re-connection with the Peruvian consumer for Inca Kola in a highly challenging competitive context and a socio-political moment in which the Peruvian identity is in full reconfiguration.

Creative Director, BMC Strategic Innovation, Argentina
Tomas Gross
BDS Manager, The Coca-Cola Company, Peru

Presentation: Client topic

Future Proof Strategies
User-centered innovation for the cement marketGonzalo Roqué [ROQUÉ Marketing Insights]; Juan Ignacio Urani [Holcim]; Tomas L. Ortiz Ferrer [Design Narrative]

How to create a framework to discover a set of adjacent value spaces based on a motivational assessment of stakeholders of the cement value chain. The Holcim Argentina case understanding Latin America people ́s dream of building the first home.

Gonzalo Roqué
CEO, ROQUÉ Marketing Insights, Argentina
Juan Ignacio Urani
Head of New Business, Holcim, Argentina
Tomas L. Ortiz Ferrer
Founder, Design Director, Design Narrative, Hong Kong

Presentation: Methodological innovation

Money Talks: ROI (Return On Insights)
An interactive debate with the speakers of this block


Networking break
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Diversity Heroes!

Mariela Mociulsky [Trendsity]

Mariela Mociulsky
Session chair CEO, Trendsity, Argentina

Gender, Race and Power in AI
How do we ensure that the AI we utilize doesn’t produce bigger data gaps than it fixes?Kristin Luck [ScaleHouse]

AI is one of the hottest topics in the industry and its potential to enhance and improve data analysis could be considered unparalleled. But how to ensure that the AI we utilize doesn't produce bigger data gaps than it fixes?

Kristin Luck
Founder / Managing Partner, ScaleHouse, United States

Presentation: Call-to-action

Across the Rainbow
A qualitative dive into Mexico’s LGBTQ CommunitiesDavid Morse [New American Dimensions]

Researchers found the intimacy of qualitative methods helped them establish valuable trust as they interviewed LGBTQ respondents in Mexico.

David Morse
President and CEO, New American Dimensions, United States

Presentation: Case study

Networking cocktail
Get ready for an unforgettable FIESTA!

More details coming soon...

The Tourism TwisterA high-speed format of 3 presentations of 10 minutes each! Followed by a panel discussion with the presenters.

Mariela Mociulsky [Trendsity]

Mariela Mociulsky
Session chair CEO, Trendsity, Argentina

Sustainable Tourism
The next big opportunity for Latin AmericaJulia Fillingame [Euromonitor International]

The environment needs it, consumers demand it, governments enforce it and businesses grow from it - sustainability is the next business opportunity for Latin America!

Julia Fillingame
Associate Consultant, Euromonitor International, United States

Presentation: Firestarter

Discovering the Undiscovered Tourist
Reading travelers who enjoyed Lima City

The fusion of all data sources, allow us to have relevant information for developing the tourism promotion strategies, developed by PROMPERÚ, as well as to focus actions in the main segments into which the receptive tourism market is divided.

Walter Vizarreta [VP Intelligence & Tourism Forecasting, PromPeru, Peru]

Presentation: Invited capsule

The Power of Your Own Diaspora
Learnings about the use of online communitiesLaura Gomez [ProColombia]; Pedro Fernandez [ProColombia]

Ironically, in a world full of data sometimes it ́s not easy to find the right information at the right time and this is when the power of a strong and committed community comes to live.

Laura Gomez
Senior Researcher, ProColombia, Colombia
Pedro Fernandez
Vice President of Innovation and Sectoral Intelligence, ProColombia, Colombia

Presentation: Client topic

Tourism Talks
An interactive debate with the speakers of this block


Networking break
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MAIN FEST - Digital Transformation and Innovation

Nicolás Kiczij [Netquest]

Nicolás Kiczij
Session chair Commercial Director, Netquest, Argentina

Blinded by Technology
A future-proof CMI frameworkTom De Ruyck [InSites Consulting]

Technology is driving business transformation. This also in the world of Consumer & Market Intelligence where new technological developments are promising to get to insights better, faster and cheaper.
Yet, are we blinded by technology?

Tom De Ruyck
Managing Partner, InSites Consulting, Belgium

Presentation: Thought leadership

Insights 24/7
Understanding the consumer in real time: step to anticipate changeDamian Suarez [MEGA Research]; Sebastian Silva [Givaudan]

How can we know in real time what consumers want?
It is necessary to stop resisting change, to go with new contexts and forms of communication by transforming research methodologies into a 24/7 look.

Damian Suarez
Director & Founder, MEGA Research, Argentina
Sebastian Silva
Latam Consumer Insights Manager, Givaudan, Mexico

Presentation: Methodological innovation

Tracing the Path of Digital Transformation
The successful case of Banco Santander ExperienceCristóbal Mestre [Banco Santander]; Daniella Inostroza [Activa Research]; Rodrigo De la Riva [Activa Research]

We have lived the experience of digital transformation in research. Transiting and transforming our processes from manual to automated, enriching the team with new professionals and using all the resources that the wave of digital transformation.

Assistant Manager Intelligence and Customer Strategy, Banco Santander, Chile
Daniella Inostroza
Key Account Manager, Activa Research, Chile
Rodrigo De la Riva
Manager of the Experience Research Unit, Activa Research, Chile

Presentation: Case study

The Evolution of Product Testing in the Digital World
How mix-methods AI, VR, AR, and social media enhance product experienceNikolai Reynolds [Ipsos]

Gaining a new perspective how new technology and consumer reality is changing the requirements for product development.

Anna Taranyan [PepsiCo, Russian Federation]

Nikolai Reynolds
Global Head of Product Testing, Ipsos, Germany

Presentation: Thought leadership

MAIN FEST - Digital Transformation & Innovation
An interactive debate with the speakers of this block


Lunch // Client Lunch by Toluna
room2 Expo lounge

room2 Expo lounge

Parellel lunches:


Client Lunch hosted by Toluna
An informal lunch for research buyers (only) to network in a private setting.

MAIN FEST - Tech Tools and Automation

Nicolás Kiczij [Netquest]

Nicolás Kiczij
Session chair Commercial Director, Netquest, Argentina

Talking with Machines
Chatbots as a powerful insights toolJoão Pedro Calixto [On The Go]; Mariano Garrido [Netquest]

How chatbots, as an innovative tool for online qualitative and quantitative research, can boost the conversation with consumers. Learn how to use it and combine it with an online panel for data enrichment.

João Pedro Calixto
Founder and CEO, On The Go, Brazil
Mariano Garrido
Product Manager, Netquest, Spain

Presentation: Methodological innovation

Augmented Reality
An ally for digital marketing researchCristina Leo [PepsiCo]; Francisco Calixto [Synapsis Research]

Just as marketing and advertising have made augmented reality a tool to enrich the consumer experience with brands, it must also become an allied for marketing research, especially in online studies.

Cristina Leo
Sr. Manager Market Intelligence & Consumer Insights, PepsiCo, Guatemala
Business Unit Manager, Synapsis Research, Colombia

Presentation: Methodological innovation

Artificial Intelligence in Telecom
Building genuine relations to improve customer experienceAndrea Maldonado [Entel]; Catalina Bonnet [Kantar]

When Artificial Intelligence like chatbots is developed to make genuine connections with humans' beings, it can make a real impact on customer experience.

Andrea Maldonado
Jefe de Desarrollo de Marca, Entel, Peru
Catalina Bonnet
Country Manager - Insights Division, Kantar, Peru

Presentation: Case study

MAIN FEST - Tech Tools & Automation
An interactive debate with the speakers of this block


Networking break
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MAIN Celebration - Social Impact and Awards

Finn Raben [ESOMAR Director General]

Finn Raben
Session chair ESOMAR Director General


SOCIAL IMPACT | The Healthy Priorities Project
A call to action for the Venezuelan health crisisAna Maria Mendez [Save the Children]; Diego Casaravilla [Fine Research]; Luca Bon [Toluna]

This probono projects shows how technologies originally created for MR, can be used to generate independent evidence of the dramatical health situation in Venezuela and at the same time support Save The Children mission in the border.

National Director, Fundraising and Marketing, Save the Children, Colombia
Diego Casaravilla
CEO and Founder, Fine Research, Argentina
Luca Bon
General Manager LATAM, Toluna, Brazil

Presentation: Call-to-action

YES (Young ESOMAR Society) Award Winner
The winner of the pitch competition presents in Pecha Kucha style!

LATINOVATION AWARD WINNERS 2019 | Agile Techniques in MR and Brand Positioning Routes
The case of Cremositas Bolivia

In market research, agility is being able to have the ability to be flexible and adapt to different contexts. In the CREMOSITAS case, it tells us how through qualitative online research a deep understanding of positioning territory can be reached; in this case, for the second most important cookie brand for NESTLE in Bolivia. In 72 hours through non-invasive techniques that preserve spontaneity, the territory was disaggregated, and action lines were generated for the brand. Flexibility, spontaneity and co-creation the main learning’s of the project.

Giselle Abugattas [Nestle, Bolivia]
Sebastian Arias [Captura Consulting, Bolivia]

Closing & Awards

Programme summary
Urpi Torrado [Programme Committee Chair & ESOMAR Representative for Peru]

Urpi Torrado
Programme Committee Chair Programme Committee Chair & ESOMAR Representative for Peru


Farewell drinks
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TalkIN event

We are delighted to announce that as part of the event's re-scheduling, APEIM will now host its TalkIN event on the third day, Wednesday 21st of October. TalkIN, the leading Peruvian Insights Event will circulate more information via APEIM Social Media Channels shortly.

On behalf of ESOMAR and APEIM, we wish you continued good health and well-being in these challenging times, and we look forward very much to welcoming you in Lima in October.

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