Insights Festival 2021

Insights Festival 2021

The Insights Festival is back and we're keen to be reunited!

While the pandemic has been a personal struggle for many, it's also created a professional opportunity for you to amplify and accelerate creative thinking, catalyse big business decisions, activate positive learnings and focus on returns-on-investment.

This Insights Festival's virtual edition features the collective wisdom of your industry throughout case studies, cutting edge methodologies, meaningful conversations and much more. We'd love for you to be a part of it!


Insights Festival 2021 - Insights in a Multicultural, Hyperconnected World Monday, September 20, 2021, 13:00 - 16:00 UTC

Title: Insights Festival 2021 - Insights in a Multicultural, Hyperconnected World

Date: Monday, September 20, 2021

Time: 13:00 UTC

Duration: 3 hours


This Insights Festival’s virtual edition features the collective wisdom of your industry throughout case studies, cutting edge methodologies, meaningful conversations and much more. Tune in as we kick off with a collage of industry leaders, YES award pitchers, a Diversity & Inclusion panel, and an exciting keynote.



  • Finn Raben, ESOMAR Director General

President's Address

  • Kristin Luck, ESOMAR President

Introduction to the Programme

  • Charles Wilson, Content Advisory Board member and Senior Manager, Consumer Insights and Analytics, New Balance, USA
Opening Keynote

In Pursuit of the Truth

The story behind the biggest collaborative journalism project in history

Special Guest:

  • Gerard Ryle, Director of the ICIJ - International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, USA

Join Gerard Ryle, Pulitzer Prize-winning director of ICIJ who led the worldwide teams of journalists that revealed the Panama Papers and Paradise Papers investigations, the biggest in journalism history.  In all, 4 terabytes of leaked data, 24.9 million files, 514,000 offshore companies, almost 40 years of records, investigated over the course of two years by two separate teams of more than 380 journalists from nearly 80 countries in 30 languages. 

Platinum Sponsor Presentation by Quest MindShare

Understanding Data Degradation

Research on research: what really happens with longer surveys?

  • Scott Worthge, Senior Director, Research Solutions, Quest Mindshare, Canada
  • Greg Matheson, Managing Partner, Quest Mindshare, Canada


  1. Increasing LOI can have measurable effects for survey results, decreasing engagement and reliability in specific ways.
  2. Understand how Quest’s first and second phases of research lead to some convincing arguments about Open-End Questions over 3 waves of data
  3. Watch for our continuation of exploring this universal survey topic, so we can arm researchers with data on survey “pain points”, like drop offs and overall disengagement
Diversity, Equality & Inclusion

Session chaired and moderated by: Nikki Lavoie, ESOMAR Vice Presiden

Business Talk: Diversity in Practice

  • Trixie Cartwright, Head of Europe & Global Client Organisation, Ipsos Interactive Services, UK
  • Vijay Raj, Executive Vice President CMI, Unilever, Singapore
  • Selin Cetinelli, Innovation CMI Global Director, Unilever, Turkey
  • Kyle Papanikolas, Global Insights Director, McDonald's, USA
  • Kim Smouter, Head, Public Affairs & Standards, ESOMAR
Festival Conversations

Building an open, inventive and collaborative culture to drive growth

Jon Derome discusses how culture helps Microsoft’s research team drive growth.  He’ll talk about the challenges and opportunities that culture change and a focus on growth create

Corporate Member Guest

  • Jon Derome, General Manager, Microsoft Customer and Market Research, USA

Conversation Firestarter:

  • Finn Raben, ESOMAR Director General
Final Words & Wrap-up
Insights Festival 2021 - Consumer Centricity & Data-Driven Insights Tuesday, September 21, 2021, 06:00 - 09:00 UTC

Title: Insights Festival 2021 - Consumer Centricity & Data-Driven Insights

Date: Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Time: 06:00 UTC

Duration: 3 hours


This track demonstrates how a beauty company and an airline are connecting insights and combining methods to intensify consumer centricity. Continue the session with two research approaches that combine social media and mobile data to understand consumption drivers and buying behaviour.

Consumer Centricity Powered By Curation And Crossovers

Session Chaired by: Ritanbara Mundrey, Global Consumer and Marketplace Insights Manager, Nestlé, Switzerland

Innovation Un-Paused - Case study

The power of curation to innovate for changing landscape of beauty in a post-pandemic world

  • Anupama Wagh-Koppar, L'Oreal Research & Innovation, Japan
  • Radhecka Roy, Ipsos UU, Singapore
Sponsor Splash by Quilt.AI

Leveraging Twitter to Better Understand Consumers

  • Angad Chowdhry, Quilt.AI, Singapore
  • Martyn U'ren, Twitter, Singapore

Transforming a Crisis into Opportunity - Case study

The power of fusing methods for actionable outcomes

  • Anjali Birla Taparia, TATA SIA Airlines (Vistara), India
  • Smriti Singh, Bhatia, InQognito Insights, India
Sponsor Splash by Caplena

Augmented Surveying

Enriching survey open-ends with online reviews

  • Maurice Gonzenbach, Caplena, Switzerland
Amplifying Human Understanding Through Data

AI-driven SEM for Scale and Efficiency - Client topic

Using SM data to innovate in CPG

  • Mario Coletti, iCoolhunt, Italy
  • Arianna Bertolino, iCoolhunt, Italy

Accelerating Access to Behavioral Data for Audience Insights - Methodological innovation

Finding the consumption drivers in CPG using Social Media Data and Structural Equation Models

  • Owen Hanks, Measure Protocol, UK
Sponsor Splash by EyeSee

Online Path to Purchase: A Behavioural Guide to E-commerce Success

Mapping out the best ways to extract insights along the entire online path to purchase is a complex undertaking – but it doesn't have to be so hard with the help of behavioural research.

  • Morana Kristek, EyeSee, Serbia
  • Mila Milosavljevic, EyeSee, Serbia
  • Milica Bogunovic, EyeSee, Serbia
  • Omnath Killekar, Swiggy, India
Festival Conversations

The Science of 'The What' and 'The Why'!

Zoe Ruffels discusses her global role at GSK highlighting how her team is a successfully integrated function bringing together the Science of the What and the Science of the Why, to provide a deeper level of human understanding to the business. 

Special Guest:

  • Zoë Ruffels, Global Head, Consumer & Business Insights & Analytics, GSK Consumer Healthcare, UK

With conversation firestarter:

  • Graeme Lawrence, InSites Consulting, UK and 2022 ESOMAR Congress Committee Chair
Final Words & Wrap-up
Insights Festival 2021 - The Art & Science of The Truth Seekers Tuesday, September 21, 2021, 11:45 - 14:00 UTC

Title: Insights Festival 2021 - The Truth Seekers

Date: Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Time: 11:45 UTC

Duration: 2 hours, 15 minutes


From using surveys as a springboard for greater insight to learning from a master moderator and qualitative trainer, this content track shows how to push further for the truth. Whether that’s embedding an additional layer of geospatial data to survey data, design thinking a CX measurement framework or joining invited guest Naomi Henderson who - after leading 6,000 focus groups and interviewing more than 60,000 individuals - is a wealth of inspiration and insight for any Qualitative Researcher joining the truth seeker trail.

Part 1 - Superior Surveying Through Design Thinking & Merged Methods

Session Chaired by: Alexandre Guerin, CEO, Ipsos France

The Power of 'Where' - Methodological innovation

Using location data to get more out of surveys

  • Jasper Grosskurth, Dalberg Research, Kenya
Sponsor Splash by Streetbees

Kicking the Recall Habit

How to do in moment insights at scale

  • Tugce Bulut, CEO & Founder, Streetbees

Beyond Surveys - Client topic

Let’s design think VOC programs for better client experiences

  • Jhumur Choudhury, ATB Financial, Canada
Sponsor Splash by Cint

Connected Data – The Endless Possibilities

A walkthrough of trends in the insights and MarTech spaces relating to connected data

  • Oscar Carlsson, Chief Innovation Officer, Cint
Part 2 - Festival Conversations

Secrets of a Master Moderator

Qualitative Lessons from the Past to Take to the Future

In this interview, hear from Naomi Henderson - one of the foremost authorities on qualitative research and the training one needs to do it well - on  what elements of qualitative inquiry and research design she has observed as enduring from the past that are likely to continue to make an impact moving forward, given the ever-changing landscape. Join us to hear directly from this pioneer in the field as we delve into the past, present and future of listening to one another.

Special Guest:

  • Naomi Henderson, Founder of RIVA and Co-Founder of RIVA Training Institute, USA

With conversation firestarter:

  • Nikki Lavoie, ESOMAR Vice President
Sponsor Splash by Dynata

The Transformation of the Market Research Industry

What Has Changed For Good

  • Nancy Brigham, Ph.D., VP & Head of Research Science, Dynata
Final Words & Wrap-up
Insights Festival 2021 - Rocketfuel For The Marketeer's Mind Tuesday, September 21, 2021, 14:15 - 16:15 UTC

Title: Insights Festival 2021 - Rocketfuel For The Marketeer's Mind

Date: Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Time: 14:15 UTC

Duration: 2 hours


Tune in to this episode if you’re passionate about insights that craft brands with this fast track tour of marketing trends and tools driven by the pandemic. With new thinking that illustrates the shift away from the globally connected generation, neuro-behavioural tools to understand design and creativity, the future of brand health tracking and what it means for insight specialists, including the unique and long-term implications of the new Retail landscape. An eclectic session of short stories to inform and inspire.

Chaired by: Tina Tonielli, Americas Lead Consumer Business Insights and Analytics, GSK Consumer Healthcare, USA

Re-tethering - Thought leadership / Call-to-action

The emergence of micro-identities and sub-cultural hoods around the world

  • Amrita Sen, Quantum Consumer Solutions, Indonesia
  • Sharanya Sitaraman, Quantum Consumer Solutions, Singapore
  • Indrani Ghosh, Danone, Singapore

Emotion Measurement Under Lockdown - Methodological innovation

How the pandemic has changed neuromarketing

  • Thom Noble, CloudArmy, Canada
  • Graham Page, Affectiva, USA
Sponsor Splash by Lucy

The Unexpected Overhead of Knowledge Systems and how to Avoid It

  • Scott Litman, Lucy, USA

The Future of Brand Health Tracking - Thought leadership / Call-to-action

  • Sjoerd Koornstra, The House of Insights, Netherland
  • Patrick Bruin, Ikea, Netherlands

Retail Rollercoaster - Thought leadership / Call-to-action

Riding the ups & downs of today’s omnichannel shopper landscape

  • Alison Chaltas, Ipsos, USA
  • Manuel Garcia-Garcia, Ipsos, USA
Sponsor Splash by Toluna

Power New Product Development with Agile Insights to Fuel your Success

  • Tania Page, Harris Interactive, UK
  • Ruari Grigg, Toluna, UK
Final Words & Wrap-up
Insights Festival 2021 - LATAM Insights Track [Spanish] Tuesday, September 21, 2021, 16:30 - 18:30 UTC

Title: Insights Festival 2021 - LATAM Insights Track [Spanish]

Date: Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Time: 16:30 UTC

Duration: 2 hours


Este episodio es un acelerador de innovación y amplificador de conocimiento para los profesionales de insights en América Latina, la diversidad de agenda comprende:

PRIMERA PARTE: Lo mejor de TalkIN edicion 2021

Moderador: Urpi Torrado, CEO, Datum Internacional, Perú

Retos y Oportunidades del Marketing Digital

  • Claudio Flores, Altazor Intelligence, México

Marketing Trascendental

  • David Zuleta, SL Insights & Archetypes Consulting, Colombia



Transformarse o Morir

  • Entrevista a Begonia Fafian, LATAM Human Insights Director, The Coca-Cola Co.
  • Entrevistador Alfonso Regalado, Productor Creativo de ESOMAR

Dentro de esta conversación escucharemos actualizaciones de la industria, sobre como se han transformado los profesionales de insights del periodo pandémico al post-pandémico, la evolución del “skills’ set” del investigador, así como una exploración de los retos y las oportunidades que han surgido en este entorno volátil, ágil y altamente complejo.

Sponsored Case Study by Netquest

¿Quién está viendo Netflix? 

Un caso práctico de #DatosNetquest

  • Carolina Figueroa, Business Development Manager, Netquest, Argentina
SEGUNDA PARTE: Debate de Impacto Social

Mujeres Empoderadas: Mitos y Realidades del Liderazgo Femenino en la industria de Insights


  • Lina Roncancio, Consumer Insights Director Latin America, Netflix, México
  • Urpi Torrado, CEO, Datum Internacional, Perú
  • Begoña Fafian, LATAM Human Insights Director, The Coca-Cola Co.
  • Mariela Mociulsky, CEO TrendSity & SAIMO President, Argentina
Final Words & Wrap-up
Insights Festival 2021 - Research That's 'Good' & Best In Class Wednesday, September 22, 2021, 07:00 - 10:30 UTC

Title: Insights Festival 2021 - Research That's 'Good' & Best In Class

Date: Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Time: 07:00 UTC

Duration: 3 hours, 30 minutes


Courage. Bravery. Research that transforms lives. This social impact session features the ESOMAR Foundation, ‘Making a Difference Award’ and the winners of the Research Got Talent (RGT) Initiative.

Joining our social impact experts we welcome our ESOMAR’s Industry Reports and Professional Standards experts for a newsreel of Important updates (includes a call to action to establish international standards for measuring demographic and social class).

Session Chaired by: Gigi Leung, Global Strategic Insights - Japan Lead, Johnson & Johnson Vision, Japan

Research Got Talent (RGT) Initiative | The Winner

Hosted by Srikar Govindaraju, ESOMAR

The RGT Initiative is all about celebrating the work of young researchers in our global community. By joining today you can learn more about how young researchers have been working together with Charities and NGOs in countries around the world, using market research methodologies to help them overcome significant challenges.

The Future of Personal Data in Research

Join our expert panel for an essential session introducing new guidance from ESOMAR and GRBN to help researchers understand their ethical and legal responsibilities when working with personal data. Our panelists are:

  • Reg Baker, Consultant, ESOMAR Professional Standards Committee
  • Debrah Harding, Managing Director, MRS
  • Melanie Courtright, CEO, Insights Association
  • Judith Passingham, Chair, ESOMAR Professional Standards Committee
Measuring Demographics and Social Class

Fixing a 100-year-old set of problems - Industry challenge

Establishing international standards for measuring demographic and social class 

  • Jon Puleston, ESOMAR Professional Standards Committee
Sponsor Splash by Streetbees

Making sustainability sustainable

Follow a global brand on its search for sustainability answers including where to invest and what language to use

  • Komal Sahni Roy, Head of Client Strategy & Solutions, Streetbees, UK
Beyond Insights 2020

The Imperative of Imagination: The Future of Insights - Industry challenge

  • JD Walker, Kantar, USA
Research Excellence that impact Citizens

Insights Shaping National Public Health Communications in Ireland During the COVID Pandemic Outbreak - Marketing Society of Ireland Research Awards

  • Grand Prix winner Mary Sheahan, MCCP, Ireland
ESOMAR Foundation | Making a Difference Award

Hosted by John Kearon, ESOMAR Foundation President

This annual award provides an opportunity to applaud and reward the best examples of market research making a difference. Through these award-winning stories, the ESOMAR Foundation aims to raise awareness of the impact of great research on the world's charities.

Making a Difference - Exploitation of Children!

Understanding child trafficking and Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children in West Bengal, India - Knowledge, attitudes and practices among children, parents and community leaders in Bardhaman, Bankura and Birbhum

  • Sanghamitra Mazumdar, Seefar
  • Malvika Dwivedi, Sattva Consulting

Making a Difference - Period poverty and its effect on young women!

UK Period Poverty and Stigma

  • Kate Whiffen, Opinium, UK
  • Melanie Thienard, Plan International, UK

Making a Difference - Supporting the financially excluded!

The Human Account - serving the financially excluded

  • Jasper Grosskurth, Dalberg Research, Kenya
  • other NGO speakers linked to this project TBC

Making a Difference - News from 2020 winner

Public Perception of Schizophrenia Across the Borders

  • Frederic-Charles Petit, Toluna, UK
  • Çiğdem Penn, Xsights, Turkey
Sponsor Splash by Quilt.AI

Leveraging AI Research to Generate Cause-based Impact

  • Anurag Banerjee, Quilt.AI, Singapore
Final Words & Wrap-up
Insights Festival 2021 - Tech Tools Tips & Tricks Wednesday, September 22, 2021, 11:30 - 13:45 UTC

Title: Insights Festival 2021 - Tech Tools Tips & Tricks

Date: Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Time: 11:30 UTC

Duration: 3 hours, 15 minutes


Whether you’re on the hunt for new AI tools to process customer feedback or predict design success, keen to learn about new camera possibilities for remote observation or you want to hear tips on how to detect a bot in your respondents – these tech talks are for you.

Session Chaired by: Gabriela McCoy, Director of Grey Goose, Patron & Agave Portfolio, SI&A, Bacardi, USA

Lives of Others you Have Never Seen Before - Methodological Innovation

Harnessing the power of camera technology to reinvent observation techniques and to overcome restrictions on in-person research

  • Jayanth Narasimha, MetrixLab, Singapore
Sponsor Splash by Cint

Making Automation at Scale your Secret Competitive Advantage

Programmatic, technology-driven sampling solutions that power faster, better and smarter insights to customers.

  • Indie Blackwell, Executive Vice President EMEA, Cint

Separating the Wheat from the Chaff - Client topic

Processing customer feedback - a talk about gluten-free pasta, enabling teams, self-service tools and text analytics

  • Maurice Gonzenbach, Caplena, Switzerland
  • Silvia Hofer, Dr. Schär, Italy
Sponsor Splash by Entropik

Making Consumer Research Emotion Driven, DIY and 4X Faster

Leveraging a self-service Emotion Analytics platform to gather deep human insights. Adding scalability and agility to traditional research methods while being emotion-driven.

  • Lava Kumar, Entropik Tech, India

AI Image Recognition - Methodological innovation

Predicting design success early & often

  • Sam Albert, Behaviorally (Formerly PRS), USA
  • Kalindi Mehta, Colgate-Palmolive, USA
Sponsor Splash by Bilendi

Bilendi Discuss

Generate insights into the real lives of customers through their preferred messaging apps (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Slack, LinkedIn and more). Get closer to consumers than ever before.

  • William Yattah, Bilendi, France

How to Spot a Bot? - Industry challenge

Four easy ways to cull bad respondents

  • Josh Rosenblum, Synqrinus, Canada
Sponsor Splash by InnovateMR

India is Headed Back to Business in Person

  • Sandeep Singh, InnovateMR, India

Inside the Researcher Mindset - A collaboration between WIRe, InnovateMR, Logica Research, along with G3 Translate and Nuance

Key Insights from the Global Study

  • Lilah Raynor, CEO, Logica Research, USA
  • Brittany Nicols, VP Marketing & Communications, InnovateMR, USA
Final Words & Wrap-up
Insights Festival 2021 - Show-stopping Talent & Storytellers Wednesday, September 22, 2021, 14:00 - 16:45 UTC

Title: Insights Festival 2021 - Show-stopping Talent & Storytellers

Date: Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Time: 14:00 UTC

Duration: 2 hours, 30 minutes


This closing session features, the winners of YES awards, the finalists and winners of the Research Effectiveness Award 2021, this global award rewards the industry's best in demonstrating the tangible impact of market research. Finally, the festival ends with a special guest and storytelling expert: JD Schramm, you cannot miss this grand finale!

Striking the Right Storytelling Style

Session Chaired by: Charles Wilson, Senior Manager, Consumer Insights and Analytics, New Balance, USA [ESOMAR member]

Hear from a group of storytelling superstars, as they share some of the most impactful ways to:

Tell a (data) story

Tell the same story across different cultures

Tell stories remotely

Then join in the discussion, and ask questions as we create an open space to explore further topics like the difficulty of challenging stories, how to best distill huge research, creating solid frameworks, communicating to colleagues versus C-suite, frequency of using storytelling to drive change...and more!

  • Colleen Funkey, Estée Lauder, USA
  • Leanne Tomasevic, Truth Consulting, UK
  • Pravin Shekar, KREA, India
YES (Young ESOMAR Society) Award 2021

Hosted by: Danika Smit, Global Events Senior Executive & YES Community Manager, ESOMAR

They pitched, and you voted. Find out which big idea was highest rated at this year's competition and support this year's YES Award winner by joining the session!

Sponsor Splash by Dynata

Market Research’s New Normal: 5 Considerations For Successful Evolution

  • Nancy Brigham, Ph.D., VP & Head of Research Science, Dynata
Research Effectiveness Award 2021

This session is hosted by Kristin Luck, ESOMAR President

ESOMAR welcomes the 3 finalists competing for the gold, silver, and bronze categories (listed in random order)

Social Satisfaction

Measuring Customer & Product Satisfaction Using Social Data

  • Bernard Brenner, Microsoft, USA

Serving Consumers in Africa with Purpose-Led Brands

Enabling Purpose-Driven Marketing by Understanding Mass-Market Consumers' Opinions across Africa

  • Stacey Grant, Unilever, South Africa
  • Bev Tigar-Bassett, Borderless Access, South Africa

MOT teenager's motivational month

A mental health campaign in Latvia

  • Rita Mihalovica, MOT Latvija, Latvia

The winners of each category will be unveiled after the showcase of the three presentations.

Best Paper of the year 2020/2021 Award

This award is given to the overall best paper from all the ESOMAR events held September 2019 - to August 2021.

The six nominated papers and award prize are announced here.

Closing Keynote
  • JD Schramm, Writer, Educator and Communications Coach, USA

Author of the book "Communicate with Mastery" and writer for several established media outlets including the Washington Post, the San Francisco Chronicle, the Huffington Post, and HBR Online, JD is a passionate storyteller - particularly on the subject of communication. As a lecturer at Stanford and experienced TED Talks speaker, he is a sought-after trainer and we're thrilled to have him with us to cap off this session!

Insights Festival 2021 Closing

With special thanks to the advisory board

Alexandre Guérin

Alexandre Guérin

Chief Executive Officer, Ipsos France, France
Charles Wilson

Charles Wilson

Senior Manager, Consumer Insights and Analytics, New Balance, USA
[ESOMAR member]
Gabriela McCoy

Gabriela McCoy

Director of Grey Goose, Patron & Agave Portfolio, SI&A, Bacardi, USA
Gigi Leung

Gigi Leung

Global Strategic Insights - Japan Lead, Johnson & Johnson Vision, Japan
[ESOMAR Corporate member]
Lina Roncancio

Lina Roncancio

Consumer Insights Director Latin America, Netflix, Mexico
Ritanbara Mundrey

Ritanbara Mundrey

Global Consumer and Marketplace Insights Manager, Nestlé, Switzerland
Shinichi (Shin) Hosokawa

Shinichi (Shin) Hosokawa

CEO, GMO Research, Singapore and ESOMAR Representative for Japan
[ESOMAR Corporate member]
Tina Tonielli

Tina Tonielli

Americas Lead Consumer Business Insights and Analytics, GSK Consumer Healthcare, USA
Urpi Torrado

Urpi Torrado

CEO, Datum Internacional, Peru and ESOMAR Latam Ambassador
[ESOMAR member]

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