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ESOMAR 2017 Hackathon: Hack the Future of Brand Strategy Verweykamer (level 1)

Verweykamer (level 1)

Offered by Microsoft

Calling all visionary insight professionals! We're giving 24 people (masked) data, computers, a room to hack, refreshment and a few mentors. All you need to do is hack at the data and create a winning brand strategy for one of three leading device brands!

Sunday and Monday you'll be hacking, Tuesday your team will need to present in The Dome in Exhibition Park A and then the winning team will receive their prize live on ESOMAR TV that afternoon. Join the Research Hackathon at the 70th ESOMAR Congress and let's create a truly visionary brand strategy #GLHF.

If you wish to join contact

Q: What kind of data analytical skills are needed?
A: An ability for team members to use Excel and R is ideal. Final presentation should be in Powerpoint.

Q: What experience level is this for?
A: The goal of the hackathon is to leverage multiple data types to generate brand strategy insights, which we believe is something that insights professionals at a variety of experience levels and career stages can accomplish.

Reed Cundiff, Microsoft, USA
Csaba Dancshazy, Microsoft, USA


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Let’s CLlCK! (Clients Learning & Inspiring Clients with Knowledge) Keurzaal (ground floor)

Keurzaal (ground floor)

A meet-up for research buyers (only) to network and share best practice in an informal private setting

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Welcome reception | Sponsored by Lightspeed and C&C Marketing Parks A+B (Exhibition)