ESOMAR Best Paper Award 2017/2018

The ESOMAR Best Paper Award (formerly known as the ESOMAR Excellence Award for the Best Paper), presented each year at the annual ESOMAR Congress, is given to the overall best paper from all the ESOMAR events held throughout the year.

The nominees of the Best Paper award from each ESOMAR event, in the 12 months between each ESOMAR Congress are entered to win the overall prize of the ESOMAR Best Paper Award. All nominations are judged by an independent international jury.

Prize: EUR 4,000

(Wo)Man Vs Machine; From Competition to Collaboration
Choosing our battles; knowing when to think and when to automate
Samantha Bond, SKIM Group, Netherlands


  • The Future is Voice
  • The Thermometer
  • Can Chairs Talk?
  • The Agony and Ecstasy of Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks

ESOMAR Congress 2018 Award: Award for Best Paper Overall

The Award for Best Paper Overall (or: the Fernanda Monti Award), rewards the best paper in any field presented at the yearly Congress.

This award is judged solely on the basis of the written papers and not on the manner of presentation.

Prize: EUR 2,500

Finding Your Purpose: Learning Every Damn Day
How to interpret your world and find your IKIGAI
Vanessa Oshima, Starbucks, Japan


  • McNext
  • The Privacy Paradox
  • A New Generation of Craftsmanship
  • The Great Internal Communications Experiment
  • The Small Enterprise Blueprint
  • Taking the Bull by its Horns
  • Unifying Measures of Customer Experience and Satisfaction
  • Positive Gender Portrayal in Advertising

ESOMAR Congress 2018 Award: Best Exhibitor Award

The Best Exhibitor Award is designed to recognise the most inspiring exhibitor at the annual ESOMAR Congress, the one that truly stands out, based on presentation and overall value. We ask all attendees to vote with the special voting cards, to be handed in at the registration desk.

WINNER: Lightspeed

ESOMAR Congress 2018 Award: YES (Young ESOMAR Society) Award

6 young researchers take centre stage at the Congress to WOW us with their #Brilliance! Each has only 60 seconds to pitch their idea! Attendees will vote for the best pitchers, who will then be invited back on stage Tuesday to share their ideas in a longer presentation.

What Can We Learn from Tweets and Co. for Open-end Analysis
Selina Pietsch, FactWorks, Germany


  • In Technology We Trust
  • Where "The Hustle" is in Kenya
  • Research in a Voice-first World
  • Uncovering How Consumers Learn
  • What Can We Learn from Tweets and Co. for Open-end Analysis

ESOMAR Excellence Award 2018

This prestigious award recognises outstanding achievement and excellence in contributing to the market research industry at an international level.

Prize: 10,000

WINNER: Phyllis Macfarlane

ESOMAR Representative Awards

ESOMAR has created awards which honour ESOMAR country representatives. They are our ambassadors in their markets & countries and are an integral part of a global team of people who further ESOMAR's mission to encourage, advance and elevate the cause of data, research and insights worldwide.

Two Representative Awards are being offered:

  • ESOMAR Representative Award - Emerging Markets 2018
  • ESOMAR Representative Award - Developed Markets 2018


ESOMAR Representative Award - Emerging Markets 2018
Urpi Torrado, ESOMAR Representative for Peru

ESOMAR Representative Award - Developed Markets 2018
Giulia Fabrizi, ESOMAR Representative for Italy
Alberto Stracuzzi, ESOMAR Representative for Italy

ESOMAR Research Effectiveness Award 2018

The ESOMAR Research Effectiveness Award showcases the very best in demonstrating how market or social research has had substantial commercial and or societal impact. No matter how good a piece of research is, only if it produces not only insights but real actionable results with a clear benefit to either business or society can it be considered successful. The Research Effectiveness Award asks commercial and non-commercial entities to do just that, showcase their impact!

This is a prestigious global award given once a year and it is open for client-side research users (or users and their agencies) in any market or field who are interested in sharing their story about the commercial or societal impact of their research investment (ROI).

Prize: The Bronze and Silver ranked finalists will receive a trophy, and the Gold ranked submission will receive a trophy and a EUR 4,000 prize. The award winner, together with the finalists, will be widely publicised by ESOMAR on our website, in our magazine Research World, through the ESOMAR social media channels and to international press.
All of the finalist's submissions will be published.


  • The Merchant DNA - Gold trophy winner (1st place)
    Ross Delaney, Paymark, New Zealand
    Shaun Fitzgibbon, TRA, New Zealand
  • Taking the Guesswork Out of a Successful Strategy for McDonald's Malaysia - Silver trophy winner (2nd place)
    Ipsita Ghosh, Kantar TNS, Malaysia
    Xian Yee Chow, McDonald's, Malaysia
  • Jabong: Rising from the Ashes - Blue trophy winner (3rd place)
    Archana Pai, Myntra Designs, India
    Priyanka Bhargav, Myntra Designs, India