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Content Outline Submission

Content outline submission

General requirements

Please read carefully the general requirements before submitting your outline:

  1. All outlines must give a clear and detailed picture of the proposed content so that the Programme Committee can judge the quality of the proposed contribution and to avoid refusal by the Committee due to inadequate detail.
  2. Please indicate if there is any risk that research will not yield the results foreseen or will not be completed in time for the written documentation.
  3. Avoid including any sales pitches.
  4. Synopses/outlines must be written in English.
  5. All submissions must be submitted by using the online form below.
  6. All submissions must be received before or by the deadline stipulated on the ESOMAR website. ESOMAR will confirm receipt of all submitted outlines by e-mail. If you do not receive confirmation of receipt within three days of sending, please call us on +31 20 589 7800.

Selection policy

The main selection criteria are:

  • Quality of content: contributions that are innovative, application-based and supported by live examples.
  • Originality: the written document/article should not have been published or presented elsewhere.
  • Client as co-presenter is preferred: the Programme Committee will require confirmation of the client as co-presenter in order to participate in the selection.
  • Use of case studies (joint supplier/client presentations; global studies with global clients) to demonstrate added value of the methodology and results achieved. As you will present to a global audience, studies that go beyond country boundaries and can be used in multiple country settings are welcome.
  • Relevant marketing applications.
  • Relevant outcome: demonstrates ROI and contributes to the success of the business.

Note: Content and outlines that are sales pitches will not be accepted.

Registration fee policy for speakers

For each written documentation/article accepted, ESOMAR will waive one registration fee. If there is more than one speaker, it is their responsibility to decide how the fee is attributed or split.

'Client(*)-friendly' policy:
In order to encourage the participation of research clients in the Programme, ESOMAR will waive both registration fees for any provider/client paper up to a maximum of two speakers per outline.

* Client definition: A client is defined as any individual or organisation that requests, commissions or subscribes to all or any part of a market research project. (ICC/ESOMAR Code definition). A client is not someone who sells research or consults.


As a service to speakers, delegates and ESOMAR members, and as a future reference work, ESOMAR will publish the written documentation/article from this event. ESOMAR may decide to publish the content and documentation/article for this event in any other form or make them available to the public by means of any other technique. In order to safeguard the contributors from unauthorised copying of their documents/articles, ESOMAR retains the copyright on each document/article presented at its event and exercises a control on any request for reproduction of the text in other publications.

Permission to publish one or more document/article from the event may be given provided that mention is duly made of the source. This is exclusively to protect the contributor’s rights and to make our publication as valuable as possible. Should you, following the event, wish to have your document/article published elsewhere, please make contact with us accordingly.

In order to ensure publication, we kindly request you to tick the Copyright Box below.


Lead Contributor

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By submitting an outline, the contributor(s) acknowledge(s) that:

The decisions of the Programme Committee regarding the selection criteria are final;

  • ESOMAR cannot be held liable for any inconveniences from the Committee's decision;
  • The Programme Committee's deliberations are confidential and the Programme Committee has no obligation to provide information concerning the reasons for selection or refusal to authors or other third parties;
  • It is his/her responsibility to ensure that submissions are received at the ESOMAR Office, in good order, before expiry of the deadline published by ESOMAR.
To be able to submit your outline, please affirm the following by ticking the boxes:

  1. the Publication has not been previously published in any form and is entirely original.
  2. in line with the ICC/ESOMAR International Code on Market and Social Research, I will notify those interviewed about the Publication and allow them to comment on it.
  3. I will do my utmost to ascertain and check facts mentioned in the Publication.
  4. the Publication will contain no infringement of any existing copyright, right of use or any other right of intellectual property owned by third parties.
  5. I shall indemnify ESOMAR and will ensure that ESOMAR is not held liable for any claims from third parties incurred by my failure to obtain such permissions, copy and usage rights.
In assigning my copyright, I am not forfeiting my right to use my contribution elsewhere. This I may do after having obtained permission from ESOMAR and subject to appropriate acknowledgement of publication by ESOMAR, stating the bibliographic data thereof.
You must select an (active) event to be able to submit an outline