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Speak at an ESOMAR event

This comprehensive speaker pack contains important information to make your presentation a success at any ESOMAR event. Please review each step carefully. Our registration policies and paper guidelines also included. Whether you are an experienced speaker, or an amateur presenter, you will find very valuable tips on content and technical specs to ensure your presentation runs smoothly.

1. How do I become a speaker at an ESOMAR event?

ESOMAR regularly issues calls for speakers and papers. Papers are submitted through an online form on the relevant event page and final selections are determined by an event Programme Committee, who selects speakers through a rigorous peer-review process. Alternatively, you can send an email to events@esomar.org at any time and let us know about your areas of interest and expertise. Our conference team will contact you when speaking opportunities arise which may match your preferences. If you are interested in being a potential speaker at one of our global or regional events, be sure to subscribe to our updates to stay informed of upcoming events and activities.

This subscription will allow you to select your areas of interest so that you will be notified when a Call for Speakers for a specific event is launched.

2. Do I need to abide to the ICC/ESOMAR Code in order to present at an event?

Yes, any person presenting or showcasing at an ESOMAR event is asked to confirm that they abide by the ICC/ESOMAR Code.You will be asked to confirm this before submitting the synopsis form. Only then can your proposal be fully approved by the event programme committee.

3. Do I need to be an ESOMAR member to be accepted?

No, it is not required to be an ESOMAR member when speaking. However, ESOMAR members are highlighted as such in the event programme. Being an ESOMAR member signifies a commitment to the highest standards of ethical practice and integrity, and can add weight to your presentation.

Becoming an ESOMAR member allows you access to the people, information and tools needed to address business critical issues and grow your company. Membership also provides preferential rates for all ESOMAR events and publications. To find out more about joining ESOMAR contact membership@esomar.org or visit esomar.org/community/join-esomar.

4. Do I have to write a full paper?

Yes. As a benefit for ESOMAR members, all event attendees and as an industry reference, ESOMAR publishes written documents on the work presented by speakers at our events. Depending on the event, the best written piece will either win an award or will be eligible for the annual ESOMAR Best Paper Award.

5. Are there any guidelines for writing a document?

Please download the Guidelines for Contributors PDF (287 Kb) before submitting your written document.

Once you have reviewed the guidelines, you can also download the following award winning paper as a sample:
Getting into the real world of the Shopper (Congress 2010)

6. As an ESOMAR speaker do I need to register online for the event?

No, all authors will be automatically registered at the time their speaking outline is accepted by ESOMAR/Programme Committee. However, if there are more than one presenters, we would need to receive feedback from authors as to who will be attending the event and presenting on stage on the day (maximum two presenters) and who should be charged (if relevant).

All authors of accepted synopsis will receive communication from us informing them either, that they are registered free of charge or, as stated above, that we need to receive additional information to finalise registration process.
Please refer to Speakers' Policy point 6.

7. What is the registration policy for co-presenters?

Speakers' policy refers to presenters on stage (maximum two). Please note, ESOMAR will register all speakers/presenters.

  • If you are presenting alone, your registration fee is waived
  • If both presenters are from a research agency, ESOMAR will waive only one fee
  • If you are presenting a research client-provider paper, ESOMAR will waive the registration fee of one provider and one client (so both fees are waived)
  • If both presenters are clients* both will be waived.

* A client is defined as any individual or organisation that requests, commissions or subscribes to all or any part of a market research project. (ICC/ESOMAR Code definition). A client is not someone who sells research or consults.

Paying authors/speaker are always registered with Early Bird fee.
Of course all the other authors, who are not presenting, are welcome to attend and will receive the invoice if they will express a wish to be registered.

8. Am I responsible for booking my own transportation and accommodation?

Yes. Except for exceptional circumstances, delegates and speakers are responsible for booking their own transportation and accommodation for the event. To help defray the cost of attending an event, ESOMAR generally negotiates special reduced fees for our delegates (speakers included) staying at the event venue. A booking form (or link) is featured online in the venue tab for all global & regional events. It is the speaker’s/delegate’s responsibility to reserve discounted accommodation before the reduced fee room passes.

9. Does ESOMAR have any guidelines for creating presentations?

ESOMAR encourages lively and impactful presentations to ensure that the speakers engage and inspire the audience raising the quality of the event. Please download the guidelines for presentations (254 Kb).

The screen ratio used for ESOMAR events is 16:9. To further assist you, please download the presentation template explaining the follow up steps for perfecting your presentation.

The video below might also provide some guidance to help you to create amazing presentations.

10. What is the best way to ensure success with my presentations?


Make sure your presentation is set up in a 16:9 format, as the screen will be set for these dimensions. Newer PowerPoint versions have this as a standard template. Please note, that if you are using a 4-3 slide set up there will be two black bars on the side of the screen.
When sending the PowerPoint presentation to ESOMAR with movies, make sure the presentation and the movie files are stored in the same folder. Movies are NOT embedded in your presentation so by keeping them together in one folder the links will stay intact (the same goes for audio files). For sending the presentation over to us, please be sure to “zip” the folder. Very likely the folder will be too big send via regular email, so use a standard digital file delivery service like YouSendIt.com or Dropbox for sending. Please notify the Programme Manager when doing this so that they will be alerted to look for your email.

PowerPoint (ppt)

When working with movies in ppt try to have your movies converted to WMV files. These files are the most compatible with different ppt versions and computer configurations. The presentations will run from an ESOMAR computer so bringing WMV movies reduces the risk of issues while presenting.

When inserting movies, do not select the 'on click' option for displaying. Please select the 'play automatically'. Please note that you will not have a mouse while presenting, however you will have a clicker (wireless remote control) for advancing your slides. If you want to show the movie (still) and introduce the movie before it plays, make a screen shot of the slide, add one slide before the actual movie slide and one after the image. The slide with the actual movie will start automatically.


When using keynote the most common and best working movie format is .mov (h264 is a commonly used codec for making the movie relatively light and reliable). Unlike PowerPoint, Keynote DOES embed the movie or audio files, however it is always good to bring / send the movies separately. Keep in mind that presenting from a Mac may mean that you will need to present using your own computer from the lectern (rostrum/podium). Therefore, if you then would like to walk around while presenting, bring a clicker (wireless remote control). Also, keep in mind that your settings, (eg power and display settings) need to be adjusted. You can change these in your system preferences. Additionally, make sure your wireless connection is set to “off” as well as any messengers that could pop up and embarrass you on stage.

When inserting movies, do not select the 'on click' option for displaying. Please select the 'play automatically'. Please note that you will not have a mouse while presenting, however you will have a clicker (wireless remote control) for advancing your slides. If you want to show the movie (still) and introduce the movie before it plays, make a screen shot of the slide, add one slide before the actual movie slide and one after the image. The slide with the actual movie will start automatically.


Make sure you make your Prezi presentation available off line. It is best to not rely on an internet connection while presenting. Also make sure you will be able to access your presentation for editing when onsite.


Please do not come with last minute changes because this can disturb the set up (preparation) of the presentation technician and the flow of the event. Due to the fact that the technician may also need to make some last minute “clean-up” on the presentations and formats, time is very limited and last minute changes may be refused.

Sound tips

Make sure you are on time before your session starts, so that the audio technician can properly wire you with a microphone. This can take some time and the tech team needs to be able to properly do this before it starts to ensure the audience can hear your presentation. Do not touch the on-off button of the device at any time, as it is set to the 'on' position by the technician and he or she is in control of the audio level. Also, do not forget to bring back the device after presenting as will be immediately be needed for the next session.

On stage

After being introduced by the session chair, you will be asked to come on stage to do your presentation. While walking onto the stage there will be an ESOMAR branded introduction slide on the screen. This slide will actually replace your introduction slide. On your first click, the technician will switch from the ESOMAR branded intro slide to your slide number 2. Don't click again if it takes a little while, the technician will be making the switch (with a little delay) and your slide 3 will appear.

In front of you will have 2 screens: one shows your presentation, so you don't have to look behind you to see on what slide you are. The other screen is showing you a countdown clock for time reference. Please be aware of the time on the countdown clock. We want all presenters to have the allotted time for their presentations, and any additional time you use, may cause delays in the overall programme agenda.

If you follow these simple but valuable tips your presentation will run smoothly and will be a HIT!

11. Are ESOMAR speakers rated by the event delegates?

To improve the quality of our programmes, ESOMAR implemented a Best Presentation Award in 2010 to celebrate the most inspiring, effective and professional speakers at an ESOMAR event and their ability to deliver an impactful, authoritative and engaging presentation. Presentation standards are already extremely high, but we want to challenge you even further and encourage you to put as much effort as possible into raising the bar even more. The award is based on onsite delegate voting via mobile devices or printed forms. The top 3 presenters are featured at the end of the event and the winner receives the award during the closing session.

12. Are the speakers’ ratings disclosed?

Each speaker receives his or her presentation scores 3 to 4 weeks after the event. Speakers can contact the assigned Programme Manager at any time for more information.

13. How can I promote my participation in the event?

For each global and regional event, ESOMAR creates a package of promotional materials and text that can be used to highlight the conference and speaker participation. Ranging from easy to download digital web banners to print advertisements and promo cards – these promotional items can be found and downloaded from each event web page under the marketing material tab. Additionally, ESOMAR creates an exclusive speaker signature email banners for all speakers to help them promote their presentation. We kindly ask your support on using all of these tools to create awareness and to promote the event through all your suitable communications channels such as: emails, newsletters, press releases, website, news announcements, web calendar listings, etc.

14. How I can promote my presentation using Social Media?

There are several ways to spread the word about your presentation/participation in an ESOMAR event. If you have a blog, you can always provide pre-event promotion of your paper with a post or by adding digital web banners to your blog page. We also recommend the use of other major social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter. Below are a few tips to help you maximise your exposure in these platforms:


  • Each ESOMAR event has an event profile on LinkedIn. Be sure to select the “I’m attending” button to show you will be onsite.
  • Post a “content-oriented” discussion in the official ESOMAR LinkedIn group as well as other LinkedIn groups you belong to. Create a dialogue, gather feedback and generate reactions to your topic to raise interest in your session.

Local social media

  • Be sure to promote yourself in your local social media platforms as well (e.g. GoldenLine in Poland, Hyves in The Netherlands, vKontakte in Russia, etc.)


  • If you have a Twitter account, be sure to tweet about your participation using a link to the event page and the #ESOMAR and #mrx hash tags to reach the research community at large.
  • We encourage onsite blogging and tweeting. This gives your participation real time reach and allows you to inform your network and followers about the content, networking, exhibition and more!

15. Do I have to attend a speaker’s rehearsal?

In order to give our speakers and delegates the best possible experience, we have a compulsory speaker rehearsal for each of our events. Both new and veteran ESOMAR speakers are invited for a “ready to go” meeting the day before the event starts, to enable speakers to see each other’s presentations, to think about the questions they would like to be asked during the panel discussion for their session and to familiarise themselves with the audio visual equipment (with the help of a technician). The Programme Manager will communicate the schedule 2 months before the event so speakers can plan accordingly when organising their travelling agenda. The meeting should last for approximately 30 minutes and is focused on the technical side; therefore speakers need to rehearse their presentation timing before this meeting. A pre-event conference call (online rehearsal) may be organized with the speaker and the session chair to ensure the content direction of the final presentation.

16. Can I get extra tips/training for my presentation day?

ESOMAR has prepared a list of handy recommendations to ensure your presentation runs smoothly and that you deliver a truly successful and inspiring presentation.

17. When do I receive my badge and delegate pack?

Your identity badge and delegate pack will be ready to collect at the ESOMAR registration desk at the event venue. You will receive an update email with this and other useful information a few days before the event.

18. Can I get the presentation (besides the papers) after the event takes place?

Within a few weeks after the event, presentations are made available to all delegates who have completed the online event evaluation form. Please note that availability of session presentations is dependent upon speaker approval for distribution. We cannot provide access to slides when the presenter has not given permission.

19. Is it possible for a speaker to become an event sponsor?

ESOMAR has a strict policy to separate commercial exposure from the content. However if the speaker has already been selected by ESOMAR and the Programme Committee based on the quality of his/her submission there is no impediment for the speaker to contact our Busines Opportunities Department via business@esomar.org to explore the various options to promote their company and business needs.

20. Is it possible for a speaker to become a media partner?

ESOMAR has a strict policy to separate media deals from the content. However if the speaker has already been selected by ESOMAR and the Programme Committee based on the quality of his/her submission there is no impediment for the speaker to contact our Marketing & Communications Manager (Neda Eneva) to explore the best options via press@esomar.org

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