Speak at an ESOMAR event

This comprehensive speaker pack contains important information to make your presentation a success at any ESOMAR event. Please review each step carefully. Our registration policies and paper guidelines also included. Whether you are an experienced speaker, or an amateur presenter, you will find very valuable tips on content and technical specs to ensure your presentation runs smoothly.

1: Submit an outline & and get accepted

1. How do I become a speaker at an ESOMAR event?

Start by checking out www.esomar.org/events to see which events we’re organising. If an event is open for speaking proposals, you should be able to submit your ideas through an online submission form under the Topics / Call for Speakers tab. Information on general requirements, a copyright clause, selection policy and registration fee policies are provided within the form. It is recommended to review some of the tips and tricks below before proceeding to a submission form.

This subscription will allow you to select your areas of interest so that you will be notified when a Call for Speakers for a specific event is launched.

You can also subscribe to newsletters (check the events box!) to hear when we’re looking for speakers.

2. Do I need to abide by the ICC/ESOMAR Code in order to present at an event?

Yes, any person presenting or showcasing at an ESOMAR event is asked to confirm that they abide by the ICC/ESOMAR Code. You will be asked to confirm this before submitting the outline form. Only then can your proposal be fully approved by the event programme committee.

3. Do I need to be an ESOMAR member to be accepted?

No, it is not required to be an ESOMAR member when speaking. However, ESOMAR members are highlighted as such in the event programme. Being an ESOMAR member signifies a commitment to the highest standards of ethical practice and integrity, and can add weight to your presentation.

Becoming an ESOMAR member allows you access to the people, information and tools needed to address business critical issues and grow your company. Membership also provides preferential rates for all ESOMAR events and publications. To find out more about joining ESOMAR, contact membership@esomar.org or visit esomar.org/community/join-esomar.

4. Do I have to write a full paper?

Yes – unless otherwise specified.

As a benefit for ESOMAR members and event attendees, as well as an industry reference and to give your ideas further exposure and longevity, ESOMAR publishes the work presented by speakers at our events. Depending on the event, the best written piece will win the event's Best Paper Award and/or will be eligible for the annual ESOMAR Best Paper of the Year Award.

More than 70 years of ESOMAR content, including papers, reports, presentation recordings, webinar recordings, etc. can be found in our digital resources libary, powered by ANA.