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The well-being of our members and our event delegates is our first and foremost priority, and as such, ESOMAR is regularly and closely monitoring and following guidance from the ECDC, CDC, WHO and other global and regional health authorities regarding the on-going COVID-19 crisis.

We have set up a series of short, virtual events, that will allow us to continue to share news, knowledge and best practice to all our community, and they are all for free, so hurry up and register!

Do not hesitate to reach out should you have any questions or comments on events@esomar.org. Please stay regularly tuned to our communication channels for any further updates, news and changes.

June 2020

Virtual Academy 2020

15 June - 12 August

July 2020

Social Listening for Insights

13-15 July

August 2020

Application of Machine Learning Methods as a Link Between Data Science and Business

10-12 August

September 2020

Congress 2020: The Global Data & Insights Summit


October 2020

Client Summit 2020 - Autumn edition

Europe / November

Latin America 2020 - Insights Festival

Insights Festival / 19-21 October

November 2020

Asia Pacific 2020 - D.R.I.V.E.

New Delhi / 1-3 November

June 2021

Client Summit 2021 - Spring edition


Will you be one of the 15,000 data, research and insights global innovators joining us at our events this year?

Webinar 08 July Theory and Back Again: A Researcher's Tale
Webinar 09 July Community Circle [Africa]: Se préparer à la “Prochain...
Webinar 09 July Community Circle: Artificial Intelligence (Part 1) - ...
Event 13-15 July Social Listening for Insights
Webinar 17 July Leveraging Storytelling in a Digital World
Event 27-29 July Interactive Data Visualisation: Creating impact by th...
Webinar 30 July Community Circle: Artificial Intelligence (Part 2) - ...
Webinar 05 August Critical Thinking Skills to Go from Good to Great
Event 10-12 August Application of Machine Learning Methods as a Link Bet...
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