International Market Research Day (IMRD) held on the 2nd May celebrates the positive contributions made by data, research and insights professionals to guide decision-making by the public, and decision-makers in businesses, charities, and public services. Originally initiated by TUAD, it is now a global campaign supported by ESOMAR and co-hosting national and international associations for data, research and insights.

Although the world is shaken by the global pandemic, the market research, insights, and data analysis community is committed to play its part in building a better future through insights.


Discover the events and initiatives organised by supporting national and international associations worldwide from 3 to 7 May 2021 (and beyond...)

Research and insights findings to help build a better future: Eureka!

Our members, organisations and professionals, around the world are helping to contribute to understanding how societies and organisations can build a better future by sharing the "Eureka's" discovered by them. Members can contribute to the #IMRD21 campaign by submitting findings to our repository to share with the rest of the world!

Research Got Talent

Showcases the best and brightest young researchers from around the globe, using their skills to support the work of NGOs and charities. Watch our 2020 entries below, and look out for Research Got Talent 2021 coming soon!


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