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Individual Membership application

Thank you for your interest in becoming an ESOMAR member! To apply, please follow the instructions and:

1. Provide your details
2. Review details and order
3. Provide your online payment by bank or credit card. More information

Once your membership application has been completed and paid, you will receive a confirmation email.

Your membership will run for the next 12 months from submitting the application. The application review process takes on average two weeks and you will receive a welcome email once your application has been approved by the ESOMAR Council. Until that moment, non-member rates apply to any purchases you might place with us, except for events*.

*If you are applying to become an ESOMAR member to receive a preferential member rate for an event, then please fill out the event registration form – there you will be able to apply for membership at the same time.

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The ICC/ESOMAR Code requires that research companies (or research divisions/functions) are transparent in their dealings with individuals and do not misrepresent as research any activity that is outside the definition of research in the Code.

Therefore, whilst the collection and processing of an individual’s data is permitted for a research purpose, the sharing of individually identifiable information with a client (internal or external) for targeting or direct marketing purposes is not research, must not be described as such, and must follow the legal frameworks established for commercial activities such as direct marketing.

There must be a clear distinction within your company or division between the research and data analytics services on the one hand, and individual targeting/ direct marketing, and CRM services on the other - both in external communications, as well in all applicable terms and conditions.
The Notes on How to Apply the ICC/ESOMAR International Code and the Guideline on Distinguishing Market Research from Other Data Collection Activities provide more guidance on this topic.

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