2 May | International Market Research Day 2020


Researchers: Are contributors to significant changes in the world, transforming data into knowledge, knowledge into insight.

Showcasing the Insights Makers, showcasing you

On the 2nd of May ESOMAR, in partnership with TUAD, the Turkish national market research association and the broader data, research and insight sector marks International Market Research Day.

Showcasing the contributions of our sector to our societies, our businesses, and our daily lives is at the heart of our campaign – made even more important in the context of the COVID-19 crisis.

Now more than ever, the role of data, research, and insights to inform decision-makers around the world is crucial.

Two weeks of community-driven, digital relay initiatives

This year’s campaign is about showcasing the global community.

TUAD will start the campaign off with a digital event on the 2nd May, followed by digital events throughout the world until their culmination in a global digital event on the 15th May hosted by ESOMAR.

Be a part of it! Because this campaign, is all about YOU…

Are you a data, research and insights professional or interested in what the insights makers produce?

Then join us and participate in the various activities foreseen during this community-driven campaign.

Have your say! Participate in the partner events

Join our social media campaign: One Insight for the World

Starting on the 2nd May and until the 15th May and from the comfort of your home office, tweet using the hashtag #IMRD2020, and your answer to our question challenge: “What’s your one insight for International Market Research Day?”

We’ll be retweeting and sharing contributions throughout the campaign.

Tweet a message, a graphic, a video with #IMRD2020 and nominate someone to submit theirs too!

Contribute to our understanding of the impact of COVID-19

Contribute to our ‘Research Eureka’ COVID-19 campaign by submitting your findings on our campaign page. We are sharing your findings with the rest of the world!

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Submit your research eureka

When the world is challenged and forced to make big changes because of COVID-19, it’s your time to be brilliant…

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