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ESOMAR co-operates with national and regional research associations worldwide, to encourage, advance and elevate the cause of market research. At every possible opportunity, ESOMAR strives to collaborate with local and regional associations to promote the continued use of market, social and opinion research as an effective management decision-making tool in the public and private sectors. ESOMAR believes that the strength, local expertise and presence of National associations, combined with ESOMAR’s facility to compare, contrast and reinforce global best practices, provides an unbeatable means to strengthen and unify the entire market research industry. In this way, our industry can speak with one, consistent voice across the globe.

Associations from across the globe, at Congress 2011Associations from across the globe, at Congress 2011

Search for local, national, regional or international associations, or narrow down your search for associations that apply the ICC/ESOMAR Code:

  • By adopting the ICC/ESOMAR Code associations state that they apply self regulation according to the same rules as the Code.
  • By endorsing the ICC/ESOMAR Code associations state that they apply their national code which is similar and at least as restrictive as the Code.

  Associations that apply the ICC/ESOMAR Code

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