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China's Cybersecurity Law: in Conversation with TechNode, Shanghai
12 December 2019 / 10:00 CET

12 December 2019, 10:00 CET (Amsterdam Time)

For this ESOMAR Plus special edition webinar, we are delighted to welcome Shanghai-based Tech Reporter Eliza Gkritsi (TechNode) to talk through the key elements of China's Cybersecurity Law, its context and background, and where it fits in the global data protection landscape.

If you're operating or thinking about operating in one of the hottest markets on the planet, this is your chance to get a quick update the quickly evolving Chinese regulatory system.


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Why should you care?

The People's Republic of China enacted a comprehensive Cybersecurity Law in 2017 that could apply to all data collected about Chinese nationals. But crucial details have been rolling out since and many businesses are still perplexed as to how to ensure compliance. From a research and data analytics perspective, many questions arise but, in short: what do you need to be aware of before conducting a research project in China?


This webinar is made possible with the support of TechNode. TechNode was founded in 2007 by Dr. Lu Gang to tell the world what's happening in China's tech and startup ecosystem. Since, TechNode has become the center of a unique worldwide tech ecosystem, working closely with a global community of experts and acting as the exclusive partner of TechCrunch.

Join us on Thursday 12th December for a fascinating discussion on China's complex Cybersecurity Law, its key principles and differences to EU and US legislation and what you need to look out for as it is enforced.



Eliza Gkritsi

Eliza Gkritsi

Eliza is TechNode's community listening reporter at the Shanghai office. Eliza acts as the link between the editorial team and TechNode Squared members, the first global community bringing together both journalists and audiences to decrypt China's tech scene. Eliza holds two Masters from the London School of Economics and Fudan University and previously worked as a reporter in both Athens and London.

Bianca Marcu

Bianca Marcu

Bianca is ESOMAR's Senior Advocacy and Standards Programmes Coordinator, working to represent the data analytics and insights sector present in more than 130 countries. Bianca is a certified Data Protection Officer and leads the ESOMAR Plus umbrella of services, designed to guide members with designing and implementing their data protection and privacy frameworks. Bianca holds a Masters in International Law and Globalisation from Maastricht University and has previously worked in a variety of non-profit organisations, including for the United Nations.