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Community Circle: Media and audience measurement research (AM)
19 May 2020 / 10:30-11:30 CEST

Record numbers are tuning to media around the world, desperate for information in these worrying times but also for distraction as swathes of the population are confined to their homes. How is the media measurement industry coping with the need to continue to produce data on viewing, listening and reading?

In April ASI conducted video interviews with a number of media clients around the world, along with the heads of the major media research companies, Nielsen, GFK and Kantar. We wanted to find out:

  • TV measurement usually means electronic panels, but how are radio and publisher surveys - typically reliant on survey samples - coping?
  • Many media research currencies have continued to use face-to-face interviewing and maintained large field forces who visit homes - does this now mark the death knell for face-to-face interviewing?
  • With the measurement industry largely funded by advertising, what will be the impact of a recession on budgets to fund media research and how does this vary by market?
  • What are they learning about new ways of working that may continue after the crisis is over?
  • To what extent are the problems and solutions of media research applicable to market research generally?

Recording of the morning session (.mp4)
Full presentation (.pdf)