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Community Circle: Research Eurekas (AM)
What have researchers uncovered about the COVID-19 pandemic?
21 April 2020 / 10:30 CEST

ESOMAR has been gathering unique insights and research from members across the globe via Research World, creating a one stop shop for innovative research during this crisis. This session is a chance to take a look at what the research has shown us so far, as well as to discuss your own insights and future possibilities with your colleagues in the industry. Join us to share your latest findings, advice, and innovative research projects you have in progress!

  • What findings are we uncovering that show similarities across continents?
  • What findings are we uncovering that show differences across continents?
  • Can we use these insights to take educated guesses about how societies will recover?
  • Recession or boom? What will happen once lockdowns are over across the world?
  • Are there any learnings from research that are surprising, unexpected, or earth shattering?