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Community Circle: Marketing and Communications in times of crisis (AM)
17 April 2020 / 10:30 CEST

This session will focus on how best to communicate with partners, clients, employees, and the general public during the current crisis. As the business world undergoes global disruption, it is more important now than ever to ensure your communications are clear, focused, and work to sustain your business through the months ahead.

  • Many companies have stopped sales pitches altogether - is there a ‘sensitive’ approach to continuing to do business?
  • How should you communicate with your respondents?
  • What role does transparency play in aiding your employees?
  • How can you continue marketing effectively to find new business?
  • Should we follow retailers in offering rebates?
  • What can we learn from the global MRI community?

Findings of the meeting (.pdf)
Recording of the morning session (.mp4)