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Community Circle: 'Ethicality'; the new brand mindset in a New Era
12 November 2020 / 18:30 CET

In order to stay or become relevant to people, brands need a new mindset in this new Era.

Many brands have given incredible examples of how to be ethical, responsible and socially committed, on several topics: supporting people in times of crisis, environmental sustainability, gender equality, respect for supply chains, diversity and inclusion policies and many others.

When promoting a product/service or launching a new ad, these are the questions that a brand must ask itself and that market research can help to answer:

  • What are the values that guide the brand and how are they expressed in its products/services?
  • Are these the values shared and put into practice in the relationship with the internal community of employees, so that they are proud to work for that brand and become Brand Ambassadors themselves?
  • Are these the same values that consumers recognize to the brand and that belong to the consumers' way of living?

It is urgent to start playing a relevant role in society and to demonstrate the closeness to employees and consumers, through a 'people-centric' approach - join us in the first conversation as part of a series on this topic!

Anne-Sophie Damelincourt, Founder & Owner, Blue Lemon Insight & Strategy, ESOMAR Council Member, France

Giulia Fabrizi, CEO, Almar Quality Research & ESOMAR Representative, Italy
Mark Thorpe, Board Director, Truth Consulting, UK
Claudia Guardamagna, Consumer & Marketing Insights Manager, Samsung, Italy
Lucio Vesentini, Global Consumer Insight Manager, Pirelli, Italy

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