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Community Circle: How do Younger Generations Perceive Brands as ‘Ethical’?
07 December 2020 / 16:30 UTC - 17:30 UTC

Millennials and Gen Z easily understand when a brand’s message or campaign is authentic, and when it is nothing more than ethics-washing or green-washing. They are very attentive and aware and so immediately unmask deceptive or inauthentic stories.

Join this circle for a conversation around the following questions with brands, agencies, and the younger generations!

  • What are Millennials and Gen Z looking for from brands?
  • How can brands take concrete actions?
  • What are the characteristics of the ethical dimension to get closer to younger Generations?

In conversation with: 

Anne-Sophie Damelincourt, ESOMAR Treasurer, Founder & Owner at Blue Lemon Insights & Consulting, France


  • Giulia Fabrizi, CEO, Almar Quality Research & ESOMAR Representative, Italy
  • Eveline Bettels, Consumer and Market Insights Director at L’Occitane en Provence, France
  • Vanessa Vachon, Consumer Health Care Global Head of Consumer and Market Insights, Sanofi, France
  • Judith Mizrahi, Founder and CEO, B12 Strategies, UK
  • Kristen Ball, Commercial Business Analyst, Kantar, US
  • Andrea Ascarrunz, Category and Shopper Development Analyst, Irving Consumer Products, Canada

To join this session, you will need Microsoft Teams Download Microsoft Teams