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Call For Speakers: Transformation and Trust
Deadline Extension
12 February 2021 /

For 2021, ESOMAR offers 4 global networking events as part of our online Flagship Series.
The first in this series will be held 31 March with the theme TRUST and TRANSFORMATION and we are currently looking for speakers who can share case studies of impact and excellence, fuel for business debates, news of methodological innovations as well as a stories that offer inspiration and practical advice. 

As many of our members will know, Edinburgh became the hotspot to explore the topic of TRANSFORMATION in 2019 (ESOMAR Congress). Since then the world has witnessed unprecedented change across the globe.  
What evidence-based TRANSFORMATION stories can you share? Be they in shifting consumer behaviours, adjustments to research approaches fuelled by Covid-19 or making a difference in business or society. We would like to hear from you,

In addition to the topic of transformation – Q1 welcomed World Privacy Day (28 January) so we are also inviting proposals on TRUST. We know that people can feel passionately about a brand yet they mistrust it. We wonder if perceptions of trust alter across generations? Do people love and trust one industry more than another and where does ‘market research’ sit on the trust scale? Will we become more or less trusting?

Our first global event in 2021 focuses on the themes of Transformation and Trust and comprises 3 distinct and unique episodes on 31 March 2021:
1). Asia Pacific 
2).  Europe & North America
3). Latin America  (Spanish & Portuguese)

If you wish to speak during this day on the topic of transformation and/or trust then submit your proposal online here by 12 February 2021.

Submit your proposal

Omar G. Aragon, Digital Marketing Capabilities Director LATAM, PepsiCo, Mexico
Fiona Blades, Chief Experience Officer, MESH Experience, UK [Corporate Member]
Diego Casaravilla, CEO & Founder, Fine Research, Argentina [Corporate Member]
Gigi Leung, Head of Strategic Insights & Analytics for Japan, Johnson & Johnson Vision, Japan [Corporate Member]
Jennifer Liu, Managing Partner, Answer Global Market Research, Taiwan [ESOMAR member and ESOMAR Representative for Taiwan]

Note that if you prefer to write an article on the topic, we offer opportunities to publish content on our Research World digital magazine. Please reach out today to the Research World Editorial Team to explore options to publish your content.